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Publication numberUS1768301 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 24, 1930
Filing dateApr 15, 1930
Publication numberUS 1768301 A, US 1768301A, US-A-1768301, US1768301 A, US1768301A
InventorsWaiter P. Weber
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Fountain toothbrush
US 1768301 A
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June 24, 1930. w, P, WEBER 1,768,301

FOUNTAIN TOOTHBRUSH 7 Filed .Aprii 15, 1930 ZSheets-Sheet l v Inventor M/fer Z? Vlfele l /lf I Amrng June 24, 19am P. WEBER 1,768,301;

FOUNTAIN TOOTHBRUSH Filed April 15, 1950 2 Sheets-Sheet z y I j 2 b a q .9 v 5 w z 3 w Q Q Q z i Y Inventor u 7 I /mp2 m1 w dam.

Amrng rimsdJmzaleso "WALTER P. WEBER, OF WA'fERTOWN, WISCONSIN FOUNTAIN 'roo'rnrnusn Application filed April 15,

The present invention relates to toothbrushes and has for an important object to construct a brush with a hollow handle and provides the removable cover for the brush end thereof and to keep the same substan-v tially in simulation of a fountain pen, the cover for the brush being provided with a clip so that the device may be conveniently carried in the cket of a person. m Another important object of the invention is to form the hollow handle of the brush into a liquid reservoir for containing a suitable quantity of liquid dentifrice, mouth wash or the like and providing a. passage tirgehead of thefbifrusli and the T6881; voir or urpose o eedm g the li ui to the brush. P q

A stillfurther im rtant object of the invention to provid means for removing and rep the bristles of thebrush so t the same may be removed, from time to time, when d Another object is to provide separate com- .ents at the end of the device for the p of a tooth cleaning prepa- V ration in the tube. V p

A still further object is to provide an artido of this character which Is neat and attractive in ap ce, which may be con- 30 veniently carried about the person of .travellers and others, relatively inexpensive to man and otherwise well adapted to the purpose for which it is designed.

Other objects and advantages reside in the spesial construction, combination and ar- 1* n w of the various elements forming the invention as more fully hereinafter demibed and reference had to the accompanying drawings formmg part lmreof, like numerals refer to like parts throughout,-' which: n L

In the drawings: l

n 1 is a w i 've view of the 'deween-1 assembl position; V Figure 2 is a longitudinal sectional view Figure 3 is: side elevational view of the brushwiththecap removed; s c

Figure dis a fragmentary view in eleva- Qfimofthaupperendfithabarfel forming 1930. Serial no. 444,588;

the brush holder and illustrating the brush in verticalsection;

Figure 5 is a transverse sectional view through the cap taken along a line 5-5 of Figure 2, and showing the position of the brush bearing;

.Figure 6 is a transverse sectional view of the brush head taken along a line 66 of Figure 4, and I Figure 7 is a transverse sectional view through one of the compartments taken along the line7'-7 of Figure 2.

Referring to the, drawmgs in detail, the invention comprises a fountain toothbrush comprising a cylindrical barrel 5 having its upper end open and formed with a reduced upper end 6, internally and externally threaded as clearly shown in Figure 2 of the drawings.

A. cap .7 'is threaded onf-lhe externally threaded section of the barrel, and is adapted to enclose a brush head 8 having its inner end externally threaded for threaded engagement with the internal threads of the reduced and 6 of the barrel.

The outer end of the brush head is of a substantially flattened formation 1 and adapted to receive a plate member!) at one face thereof, said plate member providing a mounting for a set' of bristles 10, the!!!) bristles being threaded throu h openings formed in the plate as clearly i ustrated 1n V Figure 6 in the drawing in a manner for permitting the removal and replacement of thebristles when desired. I p

At three of the side ed as of the flattened portion ofthe brush hea a'gainst'which the plate 9 is' threaded, is formed a flange 11 disposed in outwardly spaced relation from the surface of the head and adapted to receive the edges of the plate between the flange and the head whereby vto retain the plate .in position thereon.

The outer edge of the plate 9 is formed with a recess 12 adapted to receive a shal- 9 -low projection formed intermediate the 7 ends of a leaf spring 14 secured by a screw 15 or the like, at the outer end of the brush head between the' flange and the flattened surface thereof.

The sprin thus prevents accidental dislacement o the plate 9 from the brush ad. The remainin -ed e of the brush head, not provided w1th t e flanges 11, is free to permit the sliding of the plate 9 into position for engagement by the flanges and the outer face of .the plate 9 adjacent such free edge of the brush head is formed.

with a'flange '16 in order to complete the flan e formation entirely about the edges of t e brush head.

into the channel. The fluid from the barrel and will accor g'ly-serve to facilitate the cleaning ofwthe teeth when the brush is in use. I g

Y The inner. portion of the cap 6 adjacent its outer end is formed with a transversely disposed'partition 20- forming the outer end will accordinglivnbe fed to the bristles. 10

of the cap into the compartment 21, open at its outer end and internall threaded about said opening for threade y receiving a plug 22. e

A similar artition 23 is formed adjacent the lower end of the barrel 5, the valve being open at its lower end and also internally threaded for threadedly receiving the plug 24. A compartment-25 is formed at the bottom of the'barrel which may be used .for carrying a tooth cleaning preparation in tablet 'form and the compartment 21 may be similarlyusedor'may be emploged for the purpose of carrying various me The cap 6 is formed with a plurality of vent openings 26 and is provided at its outer icinal pills or tablets."

rying the brush in the pocket are eliminated.

It is obvious that my invention suscep- -tible to various changes and modifications .in construction without departing from the spirit of the invention or the scope of the i appended claim, and I accordingly claim all such forms of the device to which I am entitled.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new is:

A toothbrush com rising a barrel member constituting a ban e for the brush and provided with a threaded opening at one end, a brush head threadedly mounted on the open end of the barrel, said head having one side of its outer end flattened and formed with a recessed 'face, an inturned flange formed about three sides of the recess of the head, one of the longitudinal edges of the recess being unobstructed, e duct leading from the recess through the head and communicating with the interior of the barrel, .a; bristle supporting plate adapted for insertion through the unobstructed side of the recess transversely of the head with its edges disposed under said flanges and constitutin a cover'for the recess, said plate also having openings formed therein communicating with said duct and said plate having one edge formed with a flange for closin the unobstructed edge of the recess when t e plate is mounted in position and a spring clip carried by the head and engaging one edge of the plate whereu to releasably secure theplate against transverse sliding movement.-

, In testimony whereof I aifix my si WALTER P. WEBER.

wall-with apoeket clip 27 for the purpose of securing the device in the pocket of a person.. -When the deviceeis assembled .in the manner indicated, thesame may be conveniently-carried in the ocket of a person and since the'brush. head is turned upwardl the fluid in the valve 5'w'1ll then flow there 'om.

Upon removing the cap 6 and reversing gnature.

7 are the osition'of the barrel a suitable quantity i of uid will flow therefrom through the bristles 10 and the brush will then be in condition for use. When brushing the teeth v {he liquid'ma'y be drawn through the brush sucking on the brush. The cap 6 provides 'means for maintaining the brush closed,.when not in use, and as clearly illustrated in Fi when assem led, present the appearance .0 a fountam pen and by reason of the ap-' re 1 of the drawingsthe parts

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