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Publication numberUS1768334 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 24, 1930
Filing dateDec 5, 1927
Publication numberUS 1768334 A, US 1768334A, US-A-1768334, US1768334 A, US1768334A
InventorsStates Pat charles Stein
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Charles stein and william m
US 1768334 A
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Patented June 24, 1930 UNITED STATES rarest orrrcs CHARLES STEIN AND W ILLIAM M. HELLER, OF ATLANTIC CITY, NEW JERSEY DOLL Application filed December 5-, 1927. Serial No. 237,838.

The object of our invention is to provide in very simple and yet very attractive form, a doll, especially an infant doll, having readily, movable members, especially head and arms, which by easy manipulation may be made ,to strikingly simulate the natural movements by a living infant of the corresponding member.

Our invention consists in whatever is described by or is included-within the terms invention shown in the drawings it comprises an infant doll and a bedwith pillow or a cushion upon which the doll appearsv to lie, with the upper part of the body, head and arms exposed above what appear to be covers for the remainder of the body, and such loose or flexible connection between. the doll and the pillow or cushion as to permit movements, corresponding to an infants .movements, of the exposed members ,or, parts, either by manipulation of the fingers thrust through an opening provided for that purpose inthebedor cushion, andinto contact or engagement with the head and arm members, as .well as by mere shaking, when grasping the bed or cushion by the hand.

Describing in detail what is shown in the drawings, there is the imitation of a bed or bedding and a pillow, the bed or bedding comprising a pad, 10 (which in a rough way may be considered as corresponding with a mattress) and a pad, 11, which may be considered as roughlycorresponding to the bed clothes or covering, and between these two .pads is placed the lower portion of the body of the doll, the portion of the doll from the waist upwards being exposed above the top edge of the-cover-pad, 11, the exposed portion including the doll head, 13, and the two 7. arms, 14, each of which terminates in an open hand, each arm up to the wrist being hollow and flexible, and the head being hollow and having in the neck a hole, 15, through which a finger may be thrust, the head being secured at the neck to a garment-like member,

12, of flexible material, so that although the head is of rigid material, the head may'nevcrtheless freely move, either in response to pressure from the inserted finger, or from the slightshaking of the pad-like supports for the doll, and in like manner, the arms with the hands may be moved in simulation of the movement of an infants arms and hands, by the thumb thrust in one arm and a finger thrust in the other arm, or the arms.

arid-hands with the head may be given the desired motion by grasping the supporting pads by the hand and shaking the same. In 7 rear of and extending above the doll head, 13, is a pad, 16, corresponding to a pillow, .70 and this pad, 16, may be a continuationof the lower pad, 10, a spaceor hole, 17 being. left or provided at the back of the doll, so that the hand and fingers may grasp the doll body,

and the appropriate fingers thrust in the/ hollow head and the hollow arms from the rear. Preferably, at the back of the structure and reaching from the top of the pillow downlto the bottom of the pad, 10, is

a loose, flexible cover or curtain,.18, which 30 provides a good finishlat the rear and conceals the back of the doll and the pads, 10 and 16, the cover or vcurtain, 18, being open at the bottom and sufliciently loose so that the hand may be thrust upward from the bottom inside the curtain or covering, when the movements of the doll are to be produced by the fingers thrust into the several members.

Secured by sewing or otherwise to the member, 12, below the hollow neck of the head, is a bag or sack, 20, of cotton or other suitable material so that it is flexible and within such sack is a voice-producing device, 21, of familiar construction comprising a metal box with a hinged front which upon pressure, emits the desired sound and thus contained within and supported by the bag or sack it may readily be grasped by the hand inserted atthe rear for manipulating 1 mits the ready grasping of the sound-prorsuflicient distance to thus safeguard'theheadf ducing device. It is net necessary that the sack contain anything but the sound-producing device, and no other filling is shown in the drawings. It will be noted that the front pad, 11, lies over the frontof the sound-producing.device and sufficiently high.

so that 'ifthe'doll head should fall forward (as indicated in dotted lines, Fig. 2) which t at front and back, and straight, soft edges it might do by reason of the flexibility of the sack or bag, it'will strikeionathecushion ing pad, 11, andnot be defaced or broken.

This would be apt to occur when the headis made of frangible material and the metal sound producing device -wouldbe in posi-- tion' to receive the blow. Again ifthe'toy is dropped to the floor, the head will be protected from def'acement or injury, because of the pad, 11, and also' the pad, 10, which together constitute -considerable bulk of soft, cushioning-material; and-such pads extend at thejfront, the bottomand at the sides on all three-sides, and, together with the location and weight of' the sound-producing device, place the center ofgravity of the toy suflicien'tly low so that tende'ncyto fall' with the head downward? will be ob'viated.- Of] course-the pillow?- pad,-l6, also-safeguards the head from injury. a a

It will he seen'that the 'saclc arrangement for containing. the voice'producing device and the location of the lattens'othat it may be readily caught hold of by the hand, pro

'vides a :bodyof "suificient stiffness for proper support of th'e tcy.' It will be seen that-the doubling of the pads at the front'and-back of the body, which in effect is :provi'ded b-y the sound producing device, which' doubli-ng is-over the-lower part; gives a' cushion or; pad. effect: and l appearance that is-of ad vantage structurally as a protecting means and in a1 pearancein simu-l-atingthe cushionor'bedding effect: 1

A: very convenient, inexpensive, attractive:-

means of attaching th'epa d and curtain p arts together is the use of small J safety pins; 22',

shown best in Fig-.1 8.

In Fig. 4 is: shown a very simple emb'odi:

mentiof our invention. In this case, the body or support, 200, is in the form of-arr oblong,i.rectangirlar sheetio-f fairly thickfmaterial, and-the pad,'in simulation of-beddingg is several loose-\plies,.l00.-and 110-, of blanket like fabric doubled or folded iupon front: and back ofith'e body, over th'e 'bottomnedge upward, as the pads, 10 'arein Figs;ll;to 3-, the top edges'ofthe folds'reachingito'the bottom? of the hole, 170, inzth'e bodyito the edges-0f which are secured the hollow, flexible; g-arment-like '1nember,x120, which conceals ethe hand when thrust through atherbody into :the

sheet of cellular paper board used for packing, and therefore soft and light, and somewhat flexible. pillow pad, 160. If desired, a curtain 180, (shown in dotted lines, Fig.4) may be used. In both forms of our invention the oblong rectangular contour is provided, which simulates admirably the conventionalbedding or cushion, and has mechanical" advantages, such as the doubling over'to provide pads on-which-the toy may stand in an upright position, when leaned against a vertical sup 50 port v I r VVhatWeclaim is: V 1; A toy figure thatcomprises a figure having a body, adapted to'be grasped by the hand, and'a flexibly supported hollow 'head'jg5 mounted above said 5 body, the. head having a neck with an opening: for thrusting a fin: ger into the head, said openingbeingsituw ated so that-it is accessible to an-fingeriofthe hand grasping the doll to :wiggle the 'head and pad means comprising portions that-re spectively extend from a point sirbstantially below'the head, and reach-downwardand laterally, and then upward- 'andf provide overlying cushion layers,a pad in rear ofithe tom-for thrusting the h'and betweenit and 1005 the-adjacent pad. Y r 2. A toy comprising amen'rberof substantially rectangular formflwith separated upperand lower parts th at constitute cushions, a

figuresimulating :the human headland arms,

situated between the uppers'part' an'd the lower part, said-parts adjacentth e head and' arms being'separate'd to provide an opening; a garmentdike: member to which the head fat 1 the neck is attached HlCl 'WlFlCll :GXtGDGlS tO- IIO the edges of the openingand itiis secured to r said par-ts; whereby thehead i is3 attached to said parts by said garment-like memberand by which' the head i isfleXibl-y connected tosaidirectangular member for movement, a

sack-like container; 7 a1: soundprodtrcirrg def vice. within such. container= adapted to "be grasped by the hand to manipulate said device, said device with said container: being I situatediinlreari of the, lower cushion part120* and :said container extending 1 from said de-- vice upwardiinto said 7 garment-like member; and me'ansi suspending said container from its upperiend; I I V 3. A toy comprising 'a-member of substan tiallyirectangularform with separated upper V and lower parts that constitute cushions, a'

figure simulating the human head and arms, situatedbetween thev upper-* p'art and the lower part, said parts adj acent the head zand Behind the head there is a 70 h arms being separated to provide an opening, a garment-like member to which the head at the neck is attached and which extends to the edges of the opening and it is secured to said parts whereby the head'is attached to said parts by said garment-like member and by which the head is flexibly connected to said rectangular member for movement, a sack-like container, a sound producing de- Vice within such container adapted to be grasped by the hand to manipulate said device, said container with said device being situated in rear of the lower cushion part and said container extending from said de- Vice upward into said garment-like member, and means suspending said container from its upper end, and a curtain reaching from the upper cushion part downward at the rear and over the lower cushion part and spaced from the latter whereby an opening is provided for thrusting the hand at the rear.

In testimony whereof we hereunto aflix our signatures.


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