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Publication numberUS1768767 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 1, 1930
Filing dateFeb 6, 1928
Priority dateMay 5, 1927
Publication numberUS 1768767 A, US 1768767A, US-A-1768767, US1768767 A, US1768767A
InventorsHenry E Hubbard
Original AssigneeAddressograph Co
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Printing device
US 1768767 A
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Ju y 1, 1930. H; 'E'." HUBBARD PRINTING DEVICE Original Filed flfiy 5. 1927 Patented July 1, 1930 entree STATES PATENT HC Tl HENRY E. HUBBARD, E CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, AssreivoE 'ro ADDRESSOGRAPH COMPANY,

OF WILMINGTON, DELAWARE, A CORPORATION OF DELAWARE ranvrine DEvIcE Original application filed May 5, 1927, Serial No. 188,938, now Patent No. 1,682,519, dated August 28, 1928. Divided and this application filed. February 6, 1928. Serial No. 252,158.

This application is a division of my application Serial No. 188,938 filed May 5,1927.

This invention relates to improvements in printing devices of that class Which com.- prise a printing form and an information card carried by a frame and adapted to be stored in accordance with a card index system, or stacked in a pile, and run through an addressing or other printing machine for taking an impression from the form.

The object of the invention is to provide the frame with means which can be easily operated for identifying or classifying the printing device temporarily or permanently ii.- for a special purpose, and which may be used alone or in conjunction with removable index tabs.

In the accompanying drawings I have illustrated the invention in a preferred embodiment in which,

Fig. 1 is a front elevation of a printing device embodying the invention, the card being partly broken away. a

Fig. 2 is a rear elevation of the printing f3 device.

Fig. 3 is a bottom edge View of the printing device.

Fig. 4 is a sectional view on the'line H of'Fig. 1 omitting the card.

Fig. 5 is a detail'view of the. tab.

Referring to the drawings, the frame 5 has one or more printing plates 6 and an. information card 7 removablymounted on the front thereof as more particularly described min my original application aforesaid.

A tab 8 is pivoted at 9 on the back of the frame to the upper portion and adjacent one end thereof and it has two arms 10,11, which are so disposed that by swinging the tab on itspivot one arm may be projected above the top edge of the frame and the other swung to a position below the top edge. The tab comprises a body and the two arms which are I spaced apart for separate use. The body of the tab may be punched tolprovide the in- Sometimes it is desired to identify a printing device temporarily without removing it from its position in the classification system and without disturbing its classifying tab. For example, if a publishers list is classified alphabetically and it is desired to notify those subscribers whose'subscriptions expire with the next issue the pivoted tab may be swung to project a certain arm which will indicate that an expiry notice should be mailed to that subscriber. Or the pivoted tab may be swung to indicate that this printing deviceshall be skipped in the addressing machine when the printing devices are run through the machine to print wrappers for the next issue. The arms of the pivoted tab may be colored or otherwise distinguished,

or their position alone may be sufiicient for F the purpose.

The invention maybe employed for many purposes other than thoseherein referred to, and changes in the form, construction and arrangement of parts may be made to suit different conditions, within the scope of the following claims. r

I claim:

1. A printing device of the character described comprising a frame, a tab pivoted to the frame adjacent the upper edge thereof and having spaced arms one or the other of which is adapted to be projected above the upper edge of the frame when the tab is adj usted, said tab having a laterally projecting finger engaging the frame to hold the tab in adjusted position.

2. A printing device of the character described comprising a frame, a tab pivotally mounted on the back of the frame adjacent the 11 per edge thereof and having two space arms one or the other of which is ada ted to be projected above the upper edge of t e frame when the tab is adjusted, said frame having a slot and said tab having a finger which projects through said slot and engages the front of the frame to hold the tab in adjusted position.


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U.S. Classification101/369, 40/342, 40/360
International ClassificationB41L47/02
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