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Publication numberUS1768800 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 1, 1930
Filing dateJan 14, 1928
Priority dateJan 14, 1928
Publication numberUS 1768800 A, US 1768800A, US-A-1768800, US1768800 A, US1768800A
InventorsJoseph C Steiner
Original AssigneeJoseph C Steiner
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Illuminating device for refrigerators, display cases, and the like
US 1768800 A
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July 1, 1930. J. c.. STEINER ILLUMINATING DEVICE FOR REFRIGERATORS DISPLAY CASES, AND THE LIKE Filed Jan. 14, 1928 i patented July 1 1930 1,76s,se

- f were 9 T-I Louis; ,ivussquagr 1' application fiiee January 14, is 2 s. Serial No. 246,804.

This invention relates to an improvement in illuminating devices for refrigerators, dis-.

play cases and the like and has for its primary objectthe purpose of, providing im-- 5 proved means adjacent the illuminating element whereby theheat caused by the element will not be effective inwardly of the refrigg ogf jv le dgesjl5 each ledgesbeing securedion a erator. g 7

Another object of the inventlon is in prom Viding an improvement in the housing of the illuminating element of the refrigerator whereby the heated air surroundin the element will be discharged from the housing thereby preventing heat being projectedinto 1 the refrigerator, I Other and further objects-will appear in the specification and bespecifically pointed out in the appended claims, reference be ing had in the'accomp'anying drawings, ex-

: emplifying theinvention, and in which Figure 1 1s a vertical transverse section taken through the upper portion of a refrig erator show case'showing this improved illuminating device and housing therefor;

2; Figure 2 is a fragmentary longitudinal section taken approximately on the line IIIIofF-ig. 1.

Figure 3 is a plan View of the cover plate I of the illuminating housing. a Referring by numerals to theaccompanying drawings 1 designates a portion of the front of a refrigerator show casehaving double glass walls 2 and adjoining said front portion 1 is the upper front rail 3 which forms part of the top 4 of the refrigerator,

the top 4 being ofthe usual construction of which glass forms the. major part thereof.

Transversely disposed in the top 4 between the front rail 3 and the rear rail 5is a com partment 6 having side walls which are formed of cross members 7 of the top 4, the

end walls of said compartment being provided by the front and rear rails 3 and 5 respectively, and formed in the front rail 3 1s a longitudinally extending bore or passageway 8 for the reception of electrical wlrlng 9.

MOuntedin the rail 3 transversely there-of is a bushing 10 which extends to the bore 8, said bushing being for the reception of a socket end 11 of an eleotriolamp bulb 12 partmen ue Qrae' p1 '1esa d hooid n i a dzs de m which the light emitted from the bulb 12 will direct \light rays fromthe bulb whi h i dj pose loas tud al ri r the 9m.-;

111 5 9m lwa sof theqmpar mee 671s qempri elof.ap i e SP c rl a pat ntala pl t s. panes/ 1? nd. a h urret wallofgthe, compartment is in tIieQfon-m of a coyer plate :14 which is supported {on a pair neet esr s e r, a Th Plat 1e i Provided With a Pa 9f] awe-m s d 1nen bers- ;16, said "members being spot-iweldi e-th Pl t eid em re abe q sei 111E? ppr ma e le gthQtx rla ele a d assure a 1 sa d mem e s the top of which is spaced from ,t

miemb rs pre idins: a pusi e e t e l ht bu v a -Fr'om an inspeetion ofi Fig 2 it will be noted ,that a the location .0f the side members 7 0 161 wi h efined? Q. the; Plat a p p vif lese a vertical channel 19 011 each side of the com; Pattme 6,"; ach. o sa d ch e s ha i outward c munica ion t meal -1 Pl te 1%, 5th Que-h t e ows f erer 2 a n rifee Plate. 1r adj nt-each a Side dge i Formed centrally in theipglateol l are a series of apertures v 21 which are in approximate ahnernent with theaapertures 22, which are formed in the vhood 18.

In the useof-refrigerator show cases, it is required that'some illuminating agent be efileotivein the showcase so as to display the; edible products contained therein. and

through .the glass plates 13 and into thesea frigerator and astheheat is radiated from 1 the-h lb eai W h -the o elfisiirrou t -fl ing the bulb on becoming heated will; rise and be discharged through gthe apertures v22 1 of the hood and through the apertures-21 d the platell Thisrdisplacement ofgheated air from the hood '18 will cause the -entrain-I mee qfgai itoipas hro ghi he w e ape rues 2Q i t-9 re p et vwh nn in t direction of the arrow shown therein ange, acemi e ai wi e n ra ne ene th th de end ng! idemem s ,lthe oweredge 23 which are elevated above the uppermost so 7 between the side portions thereof."

glass plate 13 and will enter the hood 18 and i i as the air surrounding the bulb 12 becomes This system of air circulating to and away I h ne from the bulb 12 within the housing 18by reason of carrying the heated air away from the bulb will consequently reduce to a minimum thee-mount of heat which will pass through the glass plates 13 intothe refrigerator." i y In additiontothe side channels 19, a channel 24 is provided at one end of thecompartment 6 between the endplate 25"which utts against the rear (end of the housing 18 and i t e 'end'of the side members 16 and the end wall 26 and formed transversely in the plate 14 in alinement with the channel24= is a series of a rtures 27. The channel 24 forms a down dra assageway -for air currents passing thea rtures 27. 7 From the escription ofthis invention it is obvious that a unique device is provided for eficiently carrying heated air from the light emitting element or bulb and in which the walls of the channels 19 and 24 as well as the bottom plates or glass panes 13 will be cooled by the fresh air currents being encured thereto intermediate of the width of aircurrents thereunder from thefirs't menterior of the deflector.


trained therethrough thereby assisting in maintaining t-hecooling efiiciency of the refrigerator, display caseor thelike and consquently conserving the cooling energy thereis to "be noted that a spacing is provided 7 between the top of the housing 18 and the iateli, this is for the purpose of preventing eat transfer from thehousing to the-plates.

- 1 What I claim is i 1. A refrigerator show case or the like hav- 1 in a compartment formed in one of-its walls,

a ight emitting element located in said compertinent, a housing having opposing side portions overlapping said element, air en trainingpassageways leading to the underside of said side portions, and air escapement means leading from the top of said housing 2. A refrigerator orthe like having a'compartment formed in one of its walls, a light emitting element located in said compartment, a closure late for said compartment, a housin depen ed from said plate mounted over sai element, a down draft passageway compartment.

' A refrigerator show case having a come artmentiformed in one of its walls, a hous- 'ing comprising a plate having a deflector se-

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U.S. Classification362/126
International ClassificationF21V33/00
Cooperative ClassificationF21V33/00, F21Y2103/00
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