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Publication numberUS1769147 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 1, 1930
Filing dateDec 20, 1927
Priority dateDec 20, 1927
Publication numberUS 1769147 A, US 1769147A, US-A-1769147, US1769147 A, US1769147A
InventorsBenjamin Lennon
Original AssigneeBenjamin Lennon
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Removable container label
US 1769147 A
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July I, 1930. B. LENNON 1,769,147

I REMOVABLE CONTAINER LABEL 1 Filed Dec. 20, 1927 INVENTOR 267mm Zennan I 99 it is obvious that modifications may be made a manner that when the label is applied, it 7 Patented July 1, 1930 i I r v I vireo PAT OFFICE, 7


REMOVABLE CONTAINER LABEL Application filed December 20, 1927. Serial No. 241,330.

My present invention relates to an imdents 33, Fig. 2, thereby forming subproved labelling means for containers, and stantially a pair of. vertical label engaging has for its main object the provision of means beads 4'4, Figs. 2 and 4. cooperative between the container and the These beads 44 which may be made of 5 label, together with specific means upon the any other suitable contour than herein shown,

label, whereby such containersmay be laform engaging'means for receivably mountbelledin a manner that will permit of ready ing and effectively holding a removable, change thereof as desired, and at the same springable label, such'as indicated at 5, Fig. time permit such labels to be rigidly affixed 8, the said'label in the present instance being H to such containers without fear of accidental made of any suitable material having resilient CU displacement thereof. qualities, such as sheet'metal, celluloid or the Another object of my invention is to prolike, and being curved as shown, in order, in vide integrally formed means upon containthe present instance, to fit the curved,recessed ers whereby when labels are placed upon contour 6 of the bottle or container, to which 1 such containers, as are hereinafter described, it isapplied. 61)

the label is located flush with the original The label 5 is of sufiicient Vertical width exterior contour or surface of the container. to snugly fit the recess surface 2which ter- These and other capabilities will be ascerminate at the upper and lower edges 66, of tained as the herein description proceeds, and the container, as indicated inFig. 1, in such in the structure'herein disclosed without deis substantially flush with the original con parting from the spirit of the invention or the tour of the adjacent front exterior surfaces scope of the claims. of the bottle 7, so that the label does not In the accompanying drawings: protrude from the front thereof or from Fig. 1 discloses a bottle in elevation, showthe sidefs88, so that when the label is ap T5 ing the label afiixed thereto. plied it is protected all around, and flush with Fig. 2 isa sectional view, taken on the the surface of the container. line 22, Fig. 1, looking in the direction The said label is also provided on its oppoof the arrow. I site sides with inturned bead engaging ends I 39 Fig. 3 is a perspective view of a label as 9+9, which are of such proportion as to conherein disclosed, and Fig. 4: is a fragmentary tourably engage the formed label engaging view, similar to Fig. 2, of the label holding beads 44 of the bottle, it being understood means in section. that the label, longitudinally, is made some- In my present disclosure, while it is pos what smaller than the dimensions of the 35 sible to provide other sorts of containers, spaced label holding beads just described, so made of difierent materials with my imthat when the label is snapped into position, proved device, the drawings disclose my new into the recess 2 of the container, the two ininvention applied to bottles, preferably turned edges 9 spring over and engage the molded of glass, although metal containers beads 4 and lock themselves thereon, thereby 40 may be similarly contoured andconstructed engaging holding the label in desired operafor the same purpose. tive position.

In any sort of container, without regard To remove the label it is merely necessary to the material from which it is made or its to lift or spring open either one of the ingeneral contour, but preferably as shown, apturned engaging edges 9, whereby the label plied to a bottle herein, one surface of the may be readily removed and, if desired, re-

said container such as a bottle, generally deplaced by another. noted by 1, Figs. 1 and 2, is provided with a In practice, the label while made of metal recess 2, 2, the outer ends of the wall or other suitable material, as previously deformlng saidrecesses being provided, as in scribed, may be provided with any kind of 39 the present instance,with molded-in side in-. indicting means printed or impressed thereon V for the ,purpose of identifying the contents of the container.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim is:

1. A. label holding means of the class described comprising a container, integral, recessed label holding and engaging beads vertically arranged in a recessed surface of said 7 container, and a resilient removable label having end means thereon for lockably engaging said label holding beads on the said container.

2. A label holding means of the class described comprising a container having a recessed surface, label holding and engaging beads oppositely mounted upon the outer edges of said container and arranged. in said recessed surface of said container, and a resilient removable label having opposed end means thereon for lockably engaging said label holding means on the said container.

3. On a bottle of the class described having a recessed surface, a label holding means comprising a pair of recessed label engaging beads arranged in. said recessed surface, of said bottle and a resilient label. having inturned ends engageably mounted to said beads whereby to engageably and removably lock the label thereto.

l. A container having a recess, including edge beads, a label receivable in said recess having edge beads adapted to detachably interlock with said recess edge beads, said label when disposed in said recess being flush with the Walls ofthe container.

5. A container embodying a recess having edge beads, and a label disposed in said recess having edge beads, adapted to interlock with said recess edge beads, forholding said label flush with said container.

Signed at New York, in the county of Bronx and State of New York, this 19th day of Dec, A. D. 1927.


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U.S. Classification40/310
International ClassificationG09F3/04, G09F3/06
Cooperative ClassificationG09F3/06
European ClassificationG09F3/06