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Publication numberUS1769627 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 1, 1930
Filing dateJul 30, 1925
Priority dateJul 30, 1925
Publication numberUS 1769627 A, US 1769627A, US-A-1769627, US1769627 A, US1769627A
InventorsAlbert C Fischer
Original AssigneeCarey Philip Mfg Co
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Construction material
US 1769627 A
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This application contains subject matter withdrawn from my application Serial No. 437,621, filed January 15, 1921, patented August 18, 1925, No. 1,550,310.

This invention relates to construction materials produced from bituminous material, vegetable material or other plastic substances, which can be pressed or rolled into sheets, which material is mastic or ductile and can be either produced with or without fibrous matter incorporated therein. The vegetable pitches are preferably those of cotton seed pitch and other gummy ductile substances of like nature.

Such sheets have an adhesive surface and require some protecting means to prevent the faces from adhering when rolled or otherwise packed in bundles so that they may be readily separated when unpacked.

I aim to coat the adhesive surfaces with a waxy layer so their faces may be brought together and later separated along the line of the waxy coating, said coating being in a filmy state and not heavy enough to interfere with adhesiveness upon pressure, causing a breaking of the film. The vehicle in this case may be a rolled or pressed sheet, cut in strips, and inasmuch as no mineral grit is used, which is customarily used for coating materials of this nature, which otherwise would present a tacky surface, it is necessary to provide some other means, and my invention relates to the coating of these strips with a waxy film. Waxes, such as beeswax, parafiine, Montan wax and numerous others, readily are brought to a melting point at a very low temperature, so that it would be a simple matter to immerse the strips in a waxy bath and have the film set upon the surfaces before any distortion of the strip 'could take place. The material should be dipped quickly so as to obtain a very thin film, and such sheets when set would be subject to packing and could be readily separated upon removing the packing wrapper or crate, as may be in use.

Likewise a softer mastic surface may be exposed, composed of a macadam binder, which is readily adhesive at room temperature, or one of the softer combinations of ad- 1925. Serial No. 47,168.

hesive matter, as disclosed in my prior patent. In such cases, should the film be pressed, when applied, to thin sheets, the surface would readily break and cause the mastic matter to ooze to the surface. the film would be preferable in certain in stances, and could readily be accomplished by using a lower melting pjoint wax for the purpose. 7

This same effect might be accomplished with a metal soap, which would be of a waxy nature, or it might be produced With an ordinary soap solution, in which case the waxy film could be applied in a cold state, thus placing a waxy film over the adhesive surface. i

I do not wish to be limited to the nature of the waxy film or to the intensity of the adhesive surface or coating on the vehicle, as these sheets may be either thin or wide sheets, depending upon the use to which the construction is to be placed.

I claim:

1. Sheet material having normally flowable adhesive surfaces coated with a non-adhesive film, sufliciently light and thin so that pressure upon same will cause a breaking of the film and allow the normally flowable adhesive to ooze to the surface.

2. Construction material having a surface area provided with a normally flowable bituminous adhesive substance, and a protective covering for said substance, said protective covering being readily destructible for releasing said adhesive substan e.

3. As a new article of manufacture, construction sheet material having upon its surface a soft adhesive coating capable of flowing, said adhesive coating having a waxy film placed thereover which is readily breakable by pressure for allowing the adhesive coating to ooze to the surface.

4. Construction material having a surface area provided with a flowable adhesive substance and a waxy film protecting said adhesive substance; said waxy film being readily destructible for releasing said adhesive substance.

5. Construction material having a surface area provided with a flowable adhesive sub- This form of stance, and a protective and confining cover ing therefor, said covering being readily mutilated for releasing the adhesive substance and permitting the same to flow over the said covering substantially as/and for the purpose described.

6. Construction material having a surface area provided with a: flowable adhesive substance, and a waxy'protective andacon'fining film covering said substance, said film being readily destructible for relasing the flowable adhesive substance and permitting the same to flow over thejfilm substantially as/and for the purpose described;

7.- The method of adhering constructional sheets characterized by coating the sheet with a normally flowable adhesive, covering the adhesive with a wax 1m, and pressing the sheet to break the film, thereby causing the adhesive to ooze to the surface for adhering the sheets.

.8. The method of adhering constructional sheets characterized by'coatin the sheets with a normally flowable adhesive, coverin the adhesive with a non-adhesive materia and ressing the sheets to break the film, there to the suface for adhering the sheets.

In testimony whereof 'I have signedmy name to this specification, on this 18th day of July, A. D. 1925.

y' bausing the adhesive coating to ooze ALBERT G.- FISOHER.

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U.S. Classification428/484.1, 428/489
International ClassificationC09J7/02
Cooperative ClassificationC09J7/02
European ClassificationC09J7/02