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Publication numberUS1769722 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 1, 1930
Filing dateJun 10, 1929
Priority dateJun 10, 1929
Publication numberUS 1769722 A, US 1769722A, US-A-1769722, US1769722 A, US1769722A
InventorsSutton Ruth
Original AssigneeKant Tip For Tots Inc
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Infant's chair
US 1769722 A
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July 1, 19 30. R. SUTTON 1,769,722


This invention relates to an infants chair; more particularly to an infants play seat and support.

It is an object of my invention to provide a device for infants, particularly those who are just beginning to learn to sit up so that they may be seated on the floor or the like and left to play by themselves without fear of their toppling over into a helpless position due to insufficient strength to support themselves. Another object of my invention resides in providing a play seat which will serve to develop the back of an infant, the device being of the character which may be placed upon the floor of a room or the like where the infant may be left by itself, without fear of its falling or hurting itself, thus providing ample room to have the child amuse itself. It is contemplated by my invention to provide a seat for infants which will act in the nature of a back strengthening' device and play seat, the seat including a stabilizing device to prevent theinfant from toppling over backwardly or sidewardly, inwhichever position the child may attempt to move, thus giving assurance that no particular attention need be given to the infant and that when left alone, it will not move about and possibly injure itself, or topple over into a helpless position.

Other objects of my invention reside in providing a-seat for an infant which will support it in the seated position upon any object or seat upon which it may be placed, such as the floor, ground or another larger seat, serving to adequately support the child, to strengthen its back and hold it so that it need not be watched while at play, the device including a stabilizing base to avoid movement and toppling of the infant seated thereon, backwardly, sidewardly or in any other direction, at the same time providing suflicient freedom to permit the infant to play and reach for articles plannedto keep it amused. a

Other objects of my invention reside in the provision of an infants seat and support which is easily manufactured, inexpensive and which may be readily accommodated to 1929. Serial No. 369,732.

various uses of considerable value in the care and upbringing of infants.

To attain these objects and such other objects as may appearherein or be hereinafter pointed out, I makereference to'the accompanying drawing, forming part hereof, in which Figure 1 is a perspective view illustrating my device in use Figure 2 is a plan view of a blank forming one element of .my device; Figure 3 is a plan View of another blan forming the base;

Figure 4 is an enlarged fragmentary, sectional detail view. I

Making reference to the drawing, my device constitutes generally a substantially semi-circular base 10, upon which is vertically mounted a body confining element 11 comprising a back portion 12 and side arms 13. These members. are preferably assembled from two blanks as shown in Figures 2 and 3, in which the base 10 is substantially semi-circular in outline and upon this there is first perforated the orifices 14, 15 and 1.6.

Thesethree orifices are :made to correspond substantially to receive the prongs 17, 18 and 19 of the blank 11. The curvilinear edge 20 is preferably beaded or rolled as shown in Figure 4 at 21, in which condition it is then bent to bring the prongs 17, 18 and 19 in alignment with the orifices 14, 15 and 16 of the base 10, along the dotted line therein shown. In this position, the prongs17 18 and 19 are upset sidewardly, as shown'in Figure 4 to join the two members together. Though this method is preferred, it will be observed that the member 11 may be atfixcd along the dotted lines shown by merely soldering the edge 22 to the surface of the base 10. when in the bent position, as outlined by the dotted line shown in Figure 3. At any event, I may use both thesoldering connection and the inwardly turned prongs previously described.

Interiorly of the back 11 and held beneath the bead 21 there is provided some fabric which will take away the cold feel of the metal in contact with the user. This fabric material is preferably some artificial leather any or waterproof fabric. Below the base 10 there is provided a sheet 23 of some fabric, such as felt, cork or the like, serving as a protective layer for purposes which will more clearly ap ar as this description proceeds. Across t e arms or side members 13 there is provided a strap 24, having at opposite ends hook members 25, arranged to enga ethe eyelets 26, riveted in the side arms.

"e device as described is now suitable for use as a seat for an infant, as shown in Figure 1, and when the infant is ositioned within the seat, the strap 24 is a xed in position to have the hooks 25 in engagement with the eyelets. In this position the infant will be heidstrapped a'nd cannot crawl away from the seat. The size of the seat or back 11 is sochosen as to support the back of the infhntand brace it by snugly engaging the infitnt; "Thus, when in this position the seat may be placed upon some flat surface, such as the floor, bed, ground or the sand of the beach and'the infant held to avoid getting itself into mischief or toppling over into a helplesls'posit'ion. The base 10 as formed with the edge 27 to the rear and sides of the seat serves tostabilize the member 11 and hold the same against tilting. It also serves to center the seat so that the entire device may be posi tioned upon a larger chair or the seat of an ranged to be disposed upon the floor or the like, a back and side arms extending upwardly from said base positioned substantially centrally of said base and of a size to leave aterally and rearwardly, extended rims, servin to stabilize the back and side arms, the sai side arms terminating adjacent the front of the base whereby the device may be used as a seat.

2. infants seatof the character described comprising a flat base member arranged to be disposed upon the floor or the like, a back and side arms formed of a single blank ,extending upwardly from said base positioned substantially centrally of said base and of a size to leave laterally and rearwardly, extended rims, serving to stabilize the back and side arms, the said side arms terminatin adjacent the front of the base where by the evice may be used as a seat and a confining strap for said arms.

In witness whereof I have hereunto signedmy name this 22nd day of May, 1929.


automobile or the seat of a train and during hitching or moving of the vehicle, will reire no special attention to prevent the inanthem toppling or rolling over-in a hel less position. The device may further e placed upon the floor of a room and the extenflion of the base 10 serve as a place to put says or other articles to avoid marring of the floor whenplaythings are dropped thereon and may also serve to prevent spilling of any contents over the floor or the article upon which the entire device is placed. The weight of the entire article is such as to prevent the infant from picking itself up and crawling 5W3); and getting into mischief, and is partic rly suitable when so arranged, when placed-upon a sandpile or beach, in which s'ition the base 10 may be slightly embedded the sand and held in this manner a ainst displacement by the weight of the san into wh n it may be slightly buried. elm-all, I have provided a device admirably suitable foruse in the care of an infant, in that it may be left to itself without requirrngany attention, when seated upon the demanna-will also serve, especially with in- Go young that they are just beginnin W lem-n went up, to help to develo an them in maintaining themseiyes in a seated position.

thus, described my invention and iIl tibti-ate ii its use, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

"l i -An 'infantsseat of the character debombed comprising a flat base member ariao

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European ClassificationA47D1/00, A47D13/08