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Publication numberUS1770643 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 15, 1930
Filing dateMar 23, 1928
Priority dateMar 29, 1927
Publication numberUS 1770643 A, US 1770643A, US-A-1770643, US1770643 A, US1770643A
InventorsGiambertoni Andrea
Original AssigneeGiambertoni Andrea
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Floor brush with electrical drive
US 1770643 A
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July i5, 1930. A. GlAMBERToNl 1370,643


#/15 fyrroew' f atentecl July 15, 1930 l NITE STA ANDREA QIAMBERTONI, F MILAN, ITALY FLQOR BRUSH WITH ELECTRICAL DRIVE Application led March 23, 1928, Serial No. 264,151, and ln Italy March 28, 1927.

The present invention relates to a new type of floor-brush, driven by an electric motor forming a part of the said Hoor-brush, to which it is applied in such a way as to maintain to the device the simple appearance of a rotating hand floor-brush.

The electrical floor-brush forming the object of the present invention is characterized by the fact that the electric motor, which is l0 mounted on a forked manoeuvring stick, is disposed inside a cylindrical drum carrying the polishing roller (brush, or the like) which drum surrounds the said motor and is driven by the latter through a suitable friction or gear transmission or by other suitable means.

The object of the present invention, which mainly concerns the internal position of the motor with regard to the polishing roller, will be easily understood with reference to the joined drawing, showing, by way of an example, one of the possible practical forms of the Hoor-brush.

In the said drawin Fig. 1 is a middle longitudinal section of the device.

Fig. 2 is a side view of the same.

According to the drawing: -lis the motor; S2- is the stick provided with a mission of the movement to the drum -12,

carrying the polishing roller; l0- is a 4 spring adapted to secure each planet frictionally to the driving .pulley and to the drum; -11- is the friction crown disposed within the drum -12.

As it appears from the drawing, the motor 1 is placed' within a cylindrical drum -12 and this is the main characteristic of the invention. The said drum --12` rotates on ball bearings -7- and is driven by a frictional or gear transmission formed by a conical pulley -8- connected with the driv- 5u ing shaft of the motor and by two, three or more conical planets (in the example shown in the drawing there are three planets) applied on the motor cover. The said planets, which preferably have the frictional surface covered with elastic material, transmit the movement to the drum, by rotating in frictional engagement with a conical crown provided inside the drum in correspondence with the said planets. co

The planets are kept in frictional engagement with the conical pulley of the motor and with the drum crown by a spring -10-.

On the said drum is fixed by any means the polishing roller which may be of e5 several types according to the use to which the device is destined. For example the said roller may be provided with bristles when it is used for waxing or glossing; with felt or the like when it is used for glossing only; 7o with scraping line or the like, for the scraping of the woodenfloor, and so on.

0f course the same object may be obtained by surrounding the motor with two cylindrical adjacent drums which in turn surround the two halves of the said motor, instead of surrounding the motor with one drum.

Detail of construction and form of the new type of Hoor-brush described may of course be varied from those ones represented and described without departing from the field of the invention.

Having now particularly described and ascertained the nature of my said invention and in what manner the same is to be performed,

I declare that what I claim is g a floor brush having an electrical drive in which the electrical driving motor is connected with a forked manuvring device and 9a placed inside a cylindrical drum carrying the brushes, means for transmitting the rotating movement of the driving motor to the drum carrying the brushes comprising a conical pulley connected with the driving shaft 5 of the motor, a plurality of conical lanets covered with elastic material arrange at one end of the motor and engaging said conical pulley and transmitting rotating movement to said drum.

1 In testimonynvvhereof I allix my signature.


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U.S. Classification15/52.1
International ClassificationA47L11/18
Cooperative ClassificationA47L11/4069, A47L11/18, A47L11/4041
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