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Publication numberUS1772697 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 12, 1930
Filing dateApr 13, 1928
Priority dateApr 13, 1928
Publication numberUS 1772697 A, US 1772697A, US-A-1772697, US1772697 A, US1772697A
InventorsBackmyer Christopher F
Original AssigneeMagill Weinsheimer Company
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Window display sign
US 1772697 A
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s- 1930. c. F. BACKMYER 71,772,697

WINDOW DISPLAY SIGN Filed April 13, 1928 y F 2. I 7V HANKSG|V|- ANKSGIVIN us: WHIITVIE us: warn:


fitter-rag f cnllgs I; cfiiis 1 Patented Aug, 1 2; i930;

CHRISTOPHER BACKMYER, or cHIcAGO, armors?453mm!m uq aumqr Application flied A ril 13,

i V My-inventionrelates to a device in'the form 7 detached.

Fig. 2 is a face view of the sign for a use. I 1 a 7 Fig.3 is a fragmentary view of a modified form. V r

The device consists of a sheet a, which may be of paper, pasteboardor cardboard, or other suitable material, upon which isprinted advertising matter, specifically announc-e ing the price at which certain products are to be, or are beingsold'. V V

a At the top of the sheet a runs. a strip of adhesive 6 such as gum, ofa suitable width," by which the sheet a is attachedto the glassf Near the bottom ofsaid-sheet a isasimilar Q line 0 of adhesive such as gum, butimuch' wider than b. Thereason is thatthefstrip of adhesive (3 inustserve twofunctions, which will be more particularly set forthin connec-j; play. There isfla third strip of adhesiv e d, of af suitable width, intermediate between band't'.

tion with the discussion bf'ej, 3314 Across the bottom of the sheet runs a row of figures e, iForconvenience'we have, rep

' resented the conventional ten digits, butthese may be varied to suittheneedsofthe user! This row of figures is separated by aperforation line from the rest ofthesheetai f When the user of the ldevice, has"" decided. upon the price to be displayedhe detaches the row of figures e from ther'sheet a, and with scissors. or some other-appropriate utensil cuts out or separates 'suchifigures'asvhe de 1 siresto'use from the-restifi-i He then attached the desired 1 Y rality of rldigitsthejlength 02f" s-t r the two strips of adhesive-cand d." The up-' perend of the figure is attached atitheupperjf edgeof the strip (of adhesive fd,approximately*a at the point indicated byth'e cross;f,while imam the'ldigits. i

the lowewendiot'th egfigureis attaclredito thed l V strip" of -adhesive 9, reaching approximately td the poi nt 'in-dieated by th-ererossagi.{Dhey attachment of the; figures" to" the sheet s; c:- cbrnplished by moisteningftlie adhesive Where 5 the lettersmake contact I 1, 1 The rest of the lineoff'ad'hesiverokislthelil available :for {attachmentto vthe in si de: of the wlnd'ow, .glass= door; onglass'showcaseaki Thei attachment Lw'o'uldbeaccomplished; by mois-i c0 3 toning the strips of adhesivefb and o andiif desired' theavailable portionsjof dr i F gure 2' howsrsuch a! sign I readyform sew . T lie lowerline of figures erhas beenksepa-ratedv from thesheet w, and :thedesirled; figures have? been-gselected to show thatzthe-wadwentised:ar ticle is'to besoldat the rprice ofw rfor25 1 f =Figure13ishowsavariationrof mly amen 1011,1 I giving a double line offiguresie andrd,:whbne"? I t i itniayibemdesired: to usea two figuresTgof the2L7o same order on the sign, suchrasefllsfion{QQItfii A warrant Of the-inVentibn might; be; used? in which 1101 advertising? matter: appears;0'11, the Sign; but only {the figures are used indie. cate the price'atrwhiche some article is: to abe, 5'

beihg spld,-:thesign' to be placedmeart o T ter or ini'proximityuto theldesigf littbd'i511M816 ;v V r .A sw'a new? articleofi manufacture; 5 dis 1 ignisadeapted trflabfe pasted to trans. arentisuppofrt, said fsi g n having supon onei face; advertising material and: having cm the samekfa c'e a plurality: l'ofaadliesive areas-,tsaidf 'signhaving detachably securlec'lither etoia plus: v

;rahtykof idigits'ihe length of' the di gits be a v d greater than 5 the jdistance separ jcenfia'dhesie areasn; I

:f'A afnew article ofemanuf play =s1g 5adapteditorberpastedit parent .isiu 'jpor t, Lsa' "sign having-1131113611; one

ffhce adyertisingi material and! having onqthb: if ,s'am'e iface anpluralityaofa adhesive a'areii'spsaidsw sign':havin idetachabliy securedftheretbga plusf thed-i gits being" greater; than the; distance spamming-radix; centaflhesiuerareaspthe plural ity ofrsai'd hesive areasi'being*arrangedfin the forrnro'f pnrmlllfaonesat'eiflieprsideiofl spacei adaptbi a itrans; K ,1 i i in relation to said support.

r 3; As a new article of manufacture, a display sign adapted to be pastedto a transparent support, said sign having upon one ace advertising material and a space adapted to receive an indication of the price, said Sifll havin detachably secured thereto a urality 9 digits, and having, on the same ace, a plurality of adhesive areas adjacent the price receiving space, the length of the digits being greater thanthe distance sepa ratin such adjacent adhesive area. a

4. is a new article of manufacture, a display sign adapted to be pasted to a trans arent support, said sign havingupon one a single sheet of material having upon one face advertising matter adapted to show through said support, a plurallty of adhesive areas on the same face, said sign havin a plurality of detachably secured digits a length reater than the distance separating two ad acent adhesive areas, said areas bemg adapted to secure said digits in relation to said sign to complete said advertising matter; it

Signedat Chic 0, county of Cook, and

State of Illinois, th1s th day of A ril, 1928.


ace advertising material adapted to show through said support and aplurality of s mbolsadaptedto be positioneduponythe iace of: said :signand to bevisible through said support and adhesive means for at the same time securing said symbols in relation to said.

sign and for securingsaid sign and symbols 5. As a new article of manufacture, a display sign adapted to be pasted to a trans arent support, said sign having upon one ace advertising material adapted to show through said sup ort and a plurality of sym- 6. As a new article of manufacture, a dis- I I playsign adapted to be pasted to a transarent support, said sign having upon one ace advertising material adaptedto' show througdh} said support and a plurality of 5 me bola upon the same sidethereof asthe ad pted to'be positioned upon the ace of said sign and to be visible through said,

supportand adhesive means for'at'the same time securing said symbols in relation to said and for securing said sign and symbols in: relation to said su port, said means in-j eluding a plurality o adhesive areas upon said sign, upon the same side thereof as the advertising material.

plaj-vsigradaptedto be pasted to'a transface ldispla materialadapted to show throughsai support, and a plurality of s bola adapted to be positioned upon the gi s ofisaid sign andto be visible through said support, and a plurality of adhesivesareas upon sign, upon the same side lthereoi as advertising material,.said adhesive o areas beingadapted to secure the symbols to, r

and the to the. transparent supfor display signsada'ptedtobe 1 r pasted to a transparentfsu'pport comprising; 1 w;

1. As a new article of' manufacture, a i

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