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Publication numberUS1772740 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 12, 1930
Filing dateJun 22, 1928
Priority dateJun 22, 1928
Publication numberUS 1772740 A, US 1772740A, US-A-1772740, US1772740 A, US1772740A
InventorsEugene Anderson
Original AssigneeEugene Anderson, Samuel C Dretzin, Walter Gilbert H
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Head or hat supported umbrella
US 1772740 A
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Aug. 12, 1930. E. ANDERSON.

HEAD OR HAT SUPPORTED UMBRELLA Original Filed June 22, 1928 by purchase.

Patented Aug. 12, 1930 UNIT D TA ES PATENT omcs v EUGENE ANDERSON, oE-Enw ironx, E. Y., AssIeNoR or PART INTEREST 'ro' nrarsELr,

H. WALTE ennEn'ns AMUELQ c. DRETzIN, Ann

SAMUEL o. nanrzm, AGENT oa w'swmmm UMBRELLA As everyone knows thereis a great need for what may' be called an emergency umbrella, heoauseas everyone knows from disagreeable experience, sudden showers and rains find one without the ordinary umbrellaand with no, means of obtaining an umbrella except ,The expedient has been tried of meeting thissitu-ationby hiringor renting umbrellas, but this maybe costlyljor in involves the return of convenient because it v the umbrella with the alternativeof .forfeiting thedepositrequired atthetimeof hiring.

The primary object of invention is-tolpro vide a shield or protector not only for the head gear, but for the nersonfand clothes which will be entirely efficient for the purnose of protectiom butjabove all (and this is a vital commercial requirement) capable of manufacture and saleat a very low cost,- as low, indeed, as ten cents. These shields or protectors to serve the emergency purpose must beavailable in stores, places of amusement, including theaters, base ball fields and the like, and this means that for carrying in stock orhandling at the places ofsale, the article must occupy the minimum lot space and be so compact as to permit readvor easy handling by the salesman, and yet this must be done without sacrificing or diminishing the ample area required for protecting the clothes and person when the article isinuse.

In producing the embodiment of myinvention about to be described andwhich is shown in the drawing, I have takenallof theseconsiderations, someof which are conflicting, into account, and have'producedan article which meets all of the requirementsi stated, as well as havingfotheradvantages whichwill beunderstood from a consideration; of such embodiment'of my invention. In the drawings? l v Fig. 1 is a perspectiveiviewfof a shieldor 7 protector embodying'my invention Fig; 2 is a similar view showing the article in the foldedor flatcollaosed state;

Fig. 3 is a plan viewof the'pape'r'sheet or blank in which formthe initial state'and before it is completed: I

For the sake of lightness and cheapness, I use paper whichis fairly heavy, but which by. one Qf hf.

. Referringto Fig. 1, it will article exists in its BenewedDecember 16,1929. i

inherently or in itself because of the size of the articlemust be for protective purposes, cannot stand up under the effect of rain, and therefore, reouires: to be braced to prevent collapse when in use. The emplovment of reinforcing or stiffening devices asthings article;objectionable for storage. Nobody would have an ordinaryiumbrellaif itshould asin a have discoveredthat by permanently. opened "condition; I giving to the sheet or Another blank a contour from which the shee anfbe formed into a pyramidal shape and provid lng scores or creases/radiating in straight lines from thef c enter out to the margin,- the articlewhen given'its pyramidal fform shape'as in use will'pos'sess all the stiflnessor rigidity required to serve its purpose as "a shield or pretectoreven against heavy down,

pours of'rain 'and yet'parafdoxically' as it may seem, the element of strength thereby-pro;

vided constitutes the means by which thearti into a fiat state.

To enable suchfolding or collapsing, the radial scores or creasesshould be renfin i r, andfl ui is n pa t s9 Ithat hey ei n m t ically across th arti l fi his p o esl fn ven number 7 o similar ,triangularsides for surfaces which when the' article is folded' lie flat, one upon the fother and thus in its folded state," the articl e'is and: of triangular form, and req r s 1 mor spa e e triangular sides.

'cle when not use may be collapsed or folded that represented r ,The p p 's li if ly awe we it water-resistantfor water-proof, although 7 whenfus'ed asa mere sun-shade, water-resistant' pi'operties jarenot "necessary;

be seen that'the compl ted or finished'fa'rticle when in use is of pyramidalfform, being composed of an even "'nu'mher of' triangular sides, "10, with i a straighfcorner, 1' 1,"extending5 from the apex of thepyramid' to thebase: Such-straight edges are produced by the radial scores or creases, 100, indicated in the blank shown in 100, in the Fig. 3. The blank shown in Fig. 3 is pentagonal with a cut or incision reaching from the center to the perimeter and with all but a narrow portion of the segment at one side thereof towards the adjacent score or crease, 100 cutaway to provide a triangular notch, this being necessary to enable the blank to be formed into-the pyramidal shape made up of fourstriangular sides, and to provide in the strip, 12 extending from the adjacent score or crease an overlap of the adjacent tri; angular side to unite the blank and avoid a cut or incision through which water might leak or pass. Although the scores or creases,

.ametricall'y extended, yet when the edges of the thinkare joined at the cut or incision, a radially extending crease or score at one side of the center alines with thelopposite crease or score and the two constitute a diametricall extending crease or score. It willthus e seen that by two folds, first, on one diametrically extending score or crease, and then onthe other diametrically extendin score or crease, the flat triangular state 0 the article shown. in Fig. 2 can be produced and-thus that compact stateimportant for stor e and handling for sale, can be-pro' duee or secured. a

Where the strip, 12, overlaps the adjacent triangular side, a suitable permanent connection is provided either by some suitable adhesive or by Wire fasteners at intervals. In order to simulate or resemble the usual umbrella appearance, the periphery of the blank and thefinishedarticle may be scalloged. r

t is, of course, desirable to have the=protector extending outward from a the person when resting on the head, as much as possible, to give protection from the elements equal to that of. the ordinary umbrella, and yet it is important that wearer be obstructed as little as possible, and that the conditions of wearingvthe article in crowds of persons be takeninto account so that undue space will not be required. The ordinary umbrella by reason of its circular form extends needlessly far in front of the user, and yetit is impractical to depart from thevcircular form of the-ordinary umbrella. However, with my article, I am able to deal with conditionsnot feasible with the ordinary umbrella. vI, therefore, prefer tomnke the articleso thatw'the base of the pyramid whenthe article .is upon the .head of the wearer, is shorter from. front toback than fromside to side, and I also make thefront edge extend not so low as the. rearqedge. Thusthearticle has all required. extent later a-llyto reach over the shoulders of thewearer and; rearwardly.to1reaclrover the back ofthe wearer -and iorwardly :without encroaching consistof ribbon or string or flattened out blank are not d1 the vision or view of the paper.

on space required for ones neighbor and without dangerously obstructing the view or vision of the wearer, either forward or to either side.

Of course, no handle in the form of astick as in an ordinary umbrella is provided, and none is necessary. The article rests upon the head orhat ofthewearer. It is desirable, however, to provide convenient means for holding it in place. Such means may advantageously cord, 13, Y which preferably is a single piece that is attached at its ends equidistant from the center or apex in the sidewise direction of the article so that when the article is on-the hat or head of the wearer the flexible holding member. will hang in a loop, in front ofthe face of the wearer and at the bottom of the loop, the thumb or fingers can be placed comfortably to hold the articlein place. I prefer the one-piece loop because it assures balanced pull on the article so as to maintain it in a proper, central position. The ends of the flexible loop are secured suitably to the underside of the sheet andin rear of the adjacent score or crease, so that nostrain will be localized on the score or crease, and so that there will be no tendency to lower the front of the article. I v

Byreason of its compact form when folded and the ease withwhich it may be opened out for use, it is feasible for a supply for sale to be supplied on buses which seatsffor passengers on the top or deck where they are exposed for protecting [the passengers and for that matter for passengers wherever seated who are obliged to leave the bus in a down-pour of rainythey can be conveniently carried in automobiles for emergency use eitherin riding in open carsor in going to and from the cars, and one in leavin'g his home when weatherconditions indicate rain, but'who does not wish to be bothered with an umbrella, may easily and inconspicuously carry one,- for in the folded state it is no bulkier than an ordinary news- They can be sold by the-use of slot machines andin ten-cent stores. Theycan be usedas attractive advertising devices so that containing advertisements they could be given away.

In use in rain, there is no tendency of rainwater to localize and run in streams, but there is distribution of the rain-fall, although without saturation, and this is animportant factor in avoiding collapse or break-down under wetting.

To facilitate-putting the shield on in the properposition, the word Front may be printed on the marginor edge at the front.

a It willbe observed that three of the four radial creases form hinges for folding only in one direction in'opening out andcollapsing the umbrella, and that the fourth crease which is at the back permits folding inboth provide directions, and as the connections between the cord or holding ribbon are on opposite sides I of the last mentioned crease, the pull thereon when the umbrella-is opened out and on the head, tends to produce and maintain the out-bending at that tain the same. 7

WhatIclaimis: 1. A shield for wear, above and'supported crease and hence, to susupon the head ofa person, comprising abody of sheet material of hollow pyramidal form,

having aneven number of triangular sides the adjacent triangular sidesof the pyramid .meeting and forming thereat an outwardly bulging corner that extends in a radial line from the apex of the pyramid'to the base, the

material being of sufficient stillness to resist collapse in the area from'side to side of each triangle, and saidbody being foldable along said corners to place one 'flat portion'thereof flat against another, the portions between the corner folds remaining in a flat state throughout their area; I 2. A shield for wear above and supported upon the head of a person'comprisinga body of sheet material that has a hollow taper form with an even number'of 'flat sides, saidxmaterialhaving suflicient stifi'ness to resist collapse in the area within the edges of the sides, and adjacent sides meeting in Jafstraight outwardly bulging ridge which provides a straight hinge on which such sides may fold to lie substantially flat against one another,

said sides when folded retaining their aforesaidflat form, and means by which the body sides, adjacent sides meeting in astraightouti wardly bulging ridge that constitutes a reinforcement that extends from theapex of the pyramidal body towards the base thereof from which edge such 7 and said edge providing a hinge upon which said adjacent sides tially flat against one another, said sides when folded retaining the same shape they have when the'body is in a hollow pyramidal form.


adj acent sides diverge may sub nf -y In testimony whereof I hereuntoaflix my

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