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Publication numberUS1773374 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 19, 1930
Filing dateJan 17, 1929
Priority dateJan 17, 1929
Publication numberUS 1773374 A, US 1773374A, US-A-1773374, US1773374 A, US1773374A
InventorsRichard Ruemelin
Original AssigneeRichard Ruemelin
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Adjustable portable folding sand-blast cabinet
US 1773374 A
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Aug.19, 1930. 5 R. RUEMELIN 7 3,

ADJUSTABLE PORTABLE FOLDING SAND BLAST CABINET Filed Jan. 17, 1929 Patented Aug. 19, 1930 7 I v i a *1 NI ,s'rArs arENT:to FrcE l i Brennan RUEMnLIN, cream, M fi L v ii y AiaJUs' AIiLE PORTABLE FoLnrnGjs-A A um My invention relates to a portable. and my portablenfolding sand .blastcabinet'as it folding sand blast cabinet designed topermit would appearlin use. -Y

/ the sandblasting of monuments and stones so Figure2illustrates a sideview-oi thesame, that'the Operator can easily set up the cabinet showing; the-cabinet adaptable: to difierent .-5whereverthestone is'located, and by means shaped stones, ;V e I i of the blasing; apparatus: any suitable design -,-Figure .3. is .a perspective view of: my c'ab- 1 inay rbe sand blasted "on the stone witha inet folded: up Xinto'a,compact-statefor carryminimum loss of blasting sand and confining ingn. J Y e. the dust of the sandblasting operationtwith- Figure 4 is a sectionalrdetail through the i0 inthe cabinetso that the-operator may more front-andslittedapron; r I easily accomplish the task ofsand blasting In the drawingszmy sandrblast cabinet A'l is theflstonei 1 designed with supporting'standards phav- 'A-feature of any invention resides in a 'ing bracketsu'pports ll which are adjustabl'y sand blast cabinet which is provided with held to the standards 10 by the set screws 12. anadjnstable :o'pening'adapted to fit up in The portable folding sand blastcabinetA 65 close relation to-th'e surface of the stone to is formediwithna body :portion Bofrca'nvas be out The adjustable nature-of the openor otherfsuitable.fiexibleimaterialto forma ing is suchthat it can be adjusted'to inclined fiexi'blezhood like body having -,a.ltop .or;roof or straight surfaces of the stone and thus 14, 81(16915, .afront I16 and aback portion 21? permit the cabinet to be-readily used to pro- 17: slhe sides,'front and back-converge tovide "an inclosure for sand blasting monugetherintoa flexible funnel-likeportion Gzso ments in the cemeteries of various shapes and as 9 r d lIltO a receptacle 18' for (:01- designs. i lecting thespent sand in operation. r

t- Ibis also a, feature: of ny inventiefi to The top 14: is [held adjustable {3130' 1311 Provide a sand blast icabinet'ad'justable in stmldal'dslo y 43116 a k m mbersi19-havheight and having a-sight screen forzthe opg- 786i? Screw "20- 1 The brackets 19' a1'e erator,ltogether with a slitted aproned open adaptedito support" th riI1 0r bM ing thronglrwhichthe sandblast nozzle is fi gb g h upp r-edge ofthe sides adapted to be projected in 3, manner so "that '15. 1A ZEI'OIIt lOELI' 22 extends YbGtWGBII'Z the it can befreely Operated in the 'dGSiIBdCllIGG brackts F19 g upperiedgeiifor 5 and d of the invention will belmore one;sideitothe'othersand.provide theupper tion. 7 v the front- 16. :JThe 'baISsQl extend virtually Myinvention includes means for collecting Irparallelgvandvzare' P'P i tQ upp the spent sand at the'lowerhportion of the a Pv fl T J5me 191ml P a blast cabinet I g g is-p votally connected-"the depending-sidebars The feature of my invention which includes Y h r h d l f the, collapsing of the cabinet, into a small M dottedmlflme i111 'lf'l'g res 1 ill q combact state is very desirable Permitting it so mh 'w bendl'ustecho confolimiwlth to be carried in a convenient manner and the SUIT-faceoffiheiwneisuch as E or 11.1118- h el eb v providing a portable'folding cabinet tmted in m' u wi g I uickl radii-Stable into 0 erative 25 of-the bars 24 1s adapted, to supportia A W 9. 1S 1s q 7 p 1 p transverse, rod 26 which supportstheupper posltlon or may b st r a m a small edgeof the back :17 .of,the flexiblebodywB COmPaCtiStat/Q- r L which formslthe hoodof the oa'binetA. Thus These features together wlthobher l the transverse rods 23 2L11d5'26u6X-t811d from fu ly and c e ly et f r h in-the specification andlower edges of the'opening 27;=illnstrated and claims. 7 i r in dotted outline inbFigure 1, rin thecabinet In the drawings forming part of this A,fwhich'isjplaced up-against-the, surface-28 specification: of the stonel E when it is=desired toublast the Figure 1 is-a perspective viewillustra'ting surfiacesof the stone. 1 The fopening :27 can 11.3..

be adjusted as illustrated in Figures 1 and 2 tobe placed against the surface of the stone, such as 28 or 29, of the stone F in Figure 2, so that the cabinet B will provide a closure about the surface to be blasted in a manner to collect the spent blasting sand and also the material which is'blasted off of the stone either E or F and carry it into the receptacle 18 through the funnel-like portion 0 of the cabinet A. The funnel C is flexible and may be adjusted into the receptacle 18. I provide a work front 30 which is made of sheet metal or any other suitable material to provide a more or less rigid working front portion for my cabinet A. The front 30 is provided with a sight screen opening 31 which forms the necessary opening through which the operator can view the surface of the stonewhich is being blasted. Below the screened sight opening 31 I form a suitable opening 32 whichis covered bythe slited apron 33 formed of the three overlapping layers33, 33 and 33, which cover the opening 32 in a manner to form'slits through which the blasting nozzle and hose mayextend, the lower edge of the slitted apron hanging free, and a multiplicity of overlapping strips of varying lengths and staggered being formed by the slitted apron 33 so as to thoroughly cover the opening 32 and protect the operator in operating the sand blast; The slitted apron 33 also permits the nozzle of the sand blast to be operated back and'forth in the opening 32 and the stripsof thegslitted apron tend to automatically close the opening in the apron as the nozzle is moved from side toside. ciently flexible to permit free operation of the nozzle. Y

' My portable folding sand blast cabinet provides a suitable'hoodwhich is adjustable to the height of the stone to be sand blasted and which owing to its portable nature may be easily operated in cemeteries or other places where the stone may be positioned, eliminating the dust cloud. and providing a clear vision to' the operator and accessibility together with quick'adjustmentand havingan opening which is adjustable to various shapes of stones, together with the collecting of the spent sand in a suitable manner All of these features are very desirable. The cabinet A may be quickly erected and adjusted, or it may be folded into a compact State making it easy to' carry. There is little or no waste in the blasting sand, thus providing a saving which is of importance in the continued use of my portable folding sand blast cabinet.

In accordance with the patent statutes I have described the principles of operation of my portable folding sand blast cabinet and while I have endeavored to illustrate the best embodiment thereof, I desire to have it understood that obvious changes may be made The members ofthe apron are suiii-' within the scope of the following claims without departing from the spirit of my invention.

I claim:

1. A portable folding sand blast cabinet including, a flexible hood, said hood having a blasting opening, mean-s to adjust said opening to the face of the stone to be blasted, one wall ofsaid hood having a substantially rigid front portion including a sight screen and a multiple stepped slitted apron work opening, and a collector funnel-like portion adapted to direct spent sand into a receptacle.

2, A portable folding sand blast cabinet including, a flexible hood, means including a plurality of rod members for adjustably supporting said hood to the surface of a stone to be sand blasted, and means for collecting the spent sand by said hood for reclamation.

3. A sand blast cabinet including, a flexible body portion, one wall of said body portion having a ri id front portion,standards for adjustablv supportingsaid body portion at various heights, said body portion having a blasting opening in one side thereof, means to adjust said opening to the face'of the stone to be blasted, a sight screen, and a slitted apron covered opening formed in the front ofv said cabinet.

4:. A sand blast cabinet including, a flexible body portion, one wall of said body portion having a rigid front portion including a sight screen and a slitted aproned opening for receiving theblasting nozzle, means for adjustably supporting said cabinet in front of a stone to be blasted, said body portion having a blasting opening,.and means for adjusting said opening to the surface of astone to be blasted, saidbody portion including a funnel-like collector portion adapted to direct spent sand into a receptacle.

5. A portable folding sand blast cabinet including, a body portion formed with top, sides, and a funnel-like bottom portion of flexible material, a sheet metal front having a sight screened opening, and an aproned work opening for the sand blasting nozzle,

and means for adjustably supporting said cabinet adjacent a stone to be blasted, said cabinet being foldable into a compact state when out of operation- I 6. A port-able folding sand blast cabinet for monument stones and the like including, a flexible hood-like body portion having a nozzle opening, a sight opening, an adjustable blasting opening, and a collector bottom portion adapted to collect the spent sand into a receptacle, standard means for supporting the same, said body and supporting means being foldable into a compact state to provide a portable cabinet.

7. An adjustable folding sand blast cabinet comprising, a flexible body portion adapted to form a hood-like inclosure and having a sand blasting opening adapted to fit against the article to be sand blasted, a screened sight opening, an aproned Work opening, and a funnel-like lower portion adapted to direct spent sand to a receptacle, and means for adjust-ably supporting said cabinet in operating position. 7

8. A sand blast cabinet including, ahood, a substantially rigid front Wall portion in said hood having an opening'for a sand blast nozzle, and a closure apron extending over said nozzle opening formed by a-series of overlapping slitted flexible members, some of said members bein longer than others. 7


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