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Publication numberUS1773820 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 26, 1930
Filing dateMay 9, 1929
Priority dateMay 9, 1929
Publication numberUS 1773820 A, US 1773820A, US-A-1773820, US1773820 A, US1773820A
InventorsWill Lysons Jay
Original AssigneeWill Lysons Jay
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Dispensing device
US 1773820 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Aug. 26, 1930.

J. W. LYSONS DI SPENS ING DEVICE Filed May 9. 1929 Patented Aug. 26, 1930 may WILL 'mrsoiv's, on NEW YORK, N. Y.

msrnivsnve DEVICE A pplication filed Hay B, i929; SerialNo. 361,637..

The object of my invention is to provide a shaving-brushappliance in the nature of a dispensing member for dispensing shaving cream from acontain'er to a shaving brush. 7 One object "of the invention is toprovid'e a device of the character described adapted to be attached to the end of a tube of shaving creamand provided with a valvemechanism for controlling the dispensing passage by a single rotating movement. Another object of the invention is to provide an adapter" nipple Wherebythe device may be attached to different sized shaving cream tubes or containers.

' Accordingly my invention is embodied in a brush appliance or dispensing device adapted to be attached to a tube of shaving cream and arranged as disclosedin the following specification read in connection with the accompanying drawing in Which v I Figure 1 is a. vert cal sect the device showing the valveclosed.

Figure 2 is a similar View showing the valve open. W

Figures 3 and 4 aresectional views taken I respectively on the lines 33 and i -4 of Figures'l and 2. p 4

Figure 5 is a sectional View of the adapter nipple. i My shaving brush appliance is adapted to be attached to the usual commercial tube 10 of shaving cream having a dispensing neck 11. Inasmuch as the dispensing end and neck of the tube may vary more or less in accordance With the designs of diflerent manufactures, I provide an adapter nipple Fig. 5, having a' flaring threaded mouth 12 adapted to fit a standard make of tube The nipple is further threaded exteriorly at 13 to fitthe shaving brush device virrespective of the dimensions of thettube. In other Words, the

'levice carrying or attaching portion 14" of the adapter will be standard, While the mouths Will differ depending upon the. dimensions of the tube.

In this manner the device'may be standard for all size tubes. 2 Referring now to the other figures, the

adapter supports a base member 15 havinga central passage 16 and formed with'a flange ionalview through 17 tl orming a trough. The base. carries a. tooth 18 and is recessed to recelve a base member 19 cemented or otherwise secured 111 the passage20 and a ninety degree circular slot or groove 21. The base memberis also formed with an annular fiange22.

recess and provided with an offset dispensing- The passage of creamlfrom the tube through the passages 16 and 20 are controlled by a valve head 23 to which there-is secured a sleeve 24'l1aving an annular flange 25 which rotates on the base 15 below the basemember valve head 23 has an offset passage 27 and a pin 28 adapted to move vin the aforesaid groove 21. The valvehead carries. a circular shaving brush 29. The valve head passage 27 leads to theinterior of the brushl Inassembling the device, the base member 19 is dropped into the sleeve 24, the flange 22 resting on the flange 25'. The member 19 is flange 22. The sleeve 24 hasa tooth 26. 'The a then placed onthe base and may eith'erlbe driven in tight in the recessedlbase .or, othervvise secured thereto "in*nonrotatable relatio'n; 'lhereafter the head 23islplacedWithin th e sleeve 24 with pin 28 Withinthe groove2'l, and the head and the sleeve/are then secui.'ecltogetlier in non-rotatable relation. j It will therefore be understood that after assembly th'ejhead23 and s1eev'e24n'10ve to gether asone part with respect to the base i and member-'19; Which-lattertivo elements locked tog'ether the flan es 22 and 25 and h'a'v'ea "relative rotary movement of ninety],

dowvnoverthetwoteeth26 fandtl8as shoivn in Figu es.) 7

From, the" foregoing it will be cle'ar'that the assembled device is attached'to the tube a constituteanother part. The two parts are al i denotes a cap ivhich I fits by'screv'vingthe adapter on to thefla'tterandl then sc'revvin'gthe'. device onto the adapter.

When thereafterthe head is turned so as w liri'ngthejtwolteeth into alinement,'the cap may be afiixed andpushed down into position,

the notch 31 titting over the teeth. In this position, Figure l, the valve head 23 is locked with respect to the base and the upper passage 27 is cut oil from the lower passage 20,

- consequently cream cannot pass into the brush the latter, it will be seen, the two passages 27 and 20 are in con'nnunication andcream may now pass to the brush.

In other \YOltlS, a simple ninety degrees movement closes the dispensing device or opens up a pass go for the cream to the ln'nsh. During use, the flange IJT prevents water from running from the brush down over the hand of the user. After use, the valve is closed and the cap put on to loci: the valve in closed position. v

In the appended claims I wish it understood that the two parts, the base 15 and the member 19, together are called a base, and the two parts, the head 28 and the sleeve 2%, together are called a brush holding valve member. Also that I reserve the right to make changes in the construction of the device without thereby departing from the scope of the claims.

I claim:

1. In a shaving brush device, a base having a dispensing passage, a valve head also having a dispensing passage, means for securing the said head to the said base, said head being capable of assuming two predetermined positions on the base in one of which the said two passages are in communication and in the other ot which position the said two passages are non-connnunicating, means,

for locking the head and the base in non-movable relation when the said two passages are in non-com1m1nicating position and means for securing the device to a container.

2. In a shaving brush device, an adapter for securing the device to a container, :1 base secured to the adapter and having an otl'et passage, a valve head ah-ro having an ofisv passage, means for mounting said valve head on the base in rotatable relation, means for moving said head on the said base to cause the said two passages to register or non-register at will and. a cap for locking the said head and base with their passages in non registering positions.

3. In a shaving brush device, a dispensing base having a tooth, a base member therein having an offset dispensing passage and an overhanging annular flange, a sleeve having a tooth mounted to rotate on said base memher and provided With an annular flange engaging under the flange aforesaid, a valve head secured to said sleeve and having an engage said groove, a cap adapted to engage the said two teeth when alined for locking the said. sleeve and head to the said base and base member with the said two passages in non-registering relation and means for securing the device to a container in dispensing relation thereto.

4. In a shaving brush device, a dispensing member having a dispensing passage, a head mounted on said member and having a dispensing passage, means for rotating the head on the dispensing member to cause the said two passages to register and for moving them into non-registering relation, a tooth on said member and on the said head, a removable cap For enclosing said member and for engaging the said two teeth to prevent the said. two passag res from r ring and an adapter for securing said dnspensing member to a con tainer having a dispensing neck of a given size.


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