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Publication numberUS1773972 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 26, 1930
Filing dateJan 9, 1924
Priority dateJan 9, 1924
Publication numberUS 1773972 A, US 1773972A, US-A-1773972, US1773972 A, US1773972A
InventorsFelix Eberhart
Original AssigneeAmerican Can Co
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Decorative container
US 1773972 A
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Aug. 26, 1930. F. EBERHART 1,773,972


assIGNon T0 Am an-cramming,


Application filed. January 9, 1924. S'eiia1 No. 685,119.

My invention relates to containers of decorative design, such as candy boxes and the like, and has for a primary object the provision of means for removably holding a picture, or decoration, in a panel in the cover.

Boxes of this character are ordinarily decorated by a lithographing or printing process, the cost of which for any individual picture or decoration would be prohibitive and it is, therefore, the purpose of the present invention to provide means whereby the user of the container may position in the cover a removable member bearing any desired design, inscription, or picture.

It is a further object of the invention to attain this result economically, both from the standpoint of the material required and the mechanical operations involved.

Numerous other objects and advantages of the invention will be apparent as it is better understood from the following description, which, taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, discloses a preferred embodiment thereof.

Referring to the drawings,

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a decorative container in which my invention is embodied; and

Fig. 2 is a transverse sectional view through the cover of the box and a portion of the body.

The box body 21 may be of any suitable or preferred form and design, the design being preferably provided by a lithographing or printing process. The cover 22 may also be of stock design and, in the present instance, is in the form of a slip cover having a rolled edge 23 on the flange adapted to contact with a limiting bead 24 on the body.

In the center of said cover there is provided a panel 25, surrounded by a frictional wall 26, which, near the top thereof, is formed with a shoulder 27, this formation being obtained by drawing the metal, or other suitable formative operation. A holding, or

' clamping ring 28 is provided to frictionally engage within the wall 26, said .ring being bent outwardly, as indicated at 29 and for-.

wardly, as indicated at 31, to provide a peripheral extension adapted to rest upon the shoulder 27; Beyond the line-ofbend-31, -the material of the ring extends-inwardly, forming a retaining flange 32 a p 3 p A display disk 33, bearingasuitable inscri-pti onor picture, whichin-Figur'e -1'is represented by the expression .Seasonsgreetingsii, is adapted to beseated upon the panel 25 and preferably a transparent covering 34, of celluloid, or glass, is positioned above said disk. The flange 32 engages over said cover- 1" ing when the ring is seated within the friction wall and it will be noted that said flange 32, as shown, is flush with the top of the cover. The retaining ring may be readily removed by insertion of a pointed instrument beneath the flange 32, or extension 31, and thus the display member, or decoration may be replaced at will. i

It is thought that the invention and many of its attendant advantages will be understood from the foregoing description, and it will be apparent that various changes may be made in the form, construction and arrangement of the parts without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention, or sacrificing all of its material advantages, the form hereinbefore describedbeing merely a preferred embodiment thereof.

I claim:

1. A decorative sheet metal cover for a container bent to form an annular depression with a substantially vertical wall and having a bent-up bottom panel, and a centrally open clamping member for holding an individualized decoration in place on the cover, said a member having means to hold said decora-' tion in place in said depression and having a substantially vertical depending flange engageable frictionally against said wall of the depression. I mo 2. A decorative cover for a container bent to form a central panel surrounded by a de pression provided with a friction wall, and a centrally open holding ring of sheet metal having a flange to fit said wall and bent outward and thence inward to form a retaining flange to extend over a display card, or the like, disposed in said panel.

3. A sheet metal cover for containers bent to form an annular depression having a bot- 109 tom supporting surface and an outer friction wall and an outwardly extending shoulder at the upper part of the same, a bottom panel Within the friction Wall elevated above said depression, and a friction ring having an upwardly and downwardly extending part insertible and engaging within said friction wall and having a flange extending inwardly over said panel.

.4. A decorative cover for a container bent to form a central panel surrounded by a depression formed with a friction wall, and

a holding ring adapted to be removably seated within and against said wall and toengage over a display card, or the like, disposed in said panel, said wall having a shoulder near the top thereof and said ring having an outwardly extending peripheral edge portion resting upon said shoulder and an inwardly extending engaging portion at the level of the top of the cover.


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U.S. Classification40/306, 237/8.00R, 206/459.5, 40/724
Cooperative ClassificationB65D7/02, B65D2203/00
European ClassificationB65D7/02