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Publication numberUS1774215 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 26, 1930
Filing dateAug 17, 1927
Priority dateAug 17, 1927
Publication numberUS 1774215 A, US 1774215A, US-A-1774215, US1774215 A, US1774215A
InventorsWeinthrop Adolph D
Original AssigneeSeaman Paper Company
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Display folder
US 1774215 A
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y The present invention relates to improve'- v ments .in a display folder and refers more particularly to'an inexpensive ,durable envelope or folder useful for displaying dif- E ferent size and grades of sheet paper.`

The Vfolde'i` of the present invention is characterized by being inexpensive and durable. In its preferred form, the folder is 'constructedA of a heavy weightiiexible pa er capable of withstanding wear.

mong the objects of the invention are to provide a display folder in which it is possible to simultaneously display sheets of Widely different sizes; to provide improvementsin. which the foregoing object is accomplished by causing the upper edge of the pocket in whichthe sheets are retained, .to be progressively cut away downwardly to accomplish said object; to provide a construction which can be very easily made up from a single blank of paper; to provide a construction which is inexpensive, durable and efficient in operation; to provide a construe'- tion 1n which a movablecover protects thev contents of the pocket from dirt, dust and Wear, and in general, to provide improvements of the character referred to. v In the drawings, Fig. l is a plan view of a single paper blank from which the folder of the present invention is made up.

Fig. 2 is a similar view showing the blank illustrated in Fig. 1 folded to produce a paper illustrated by Fig. 3 is a vieW similar to Fig. 2 showing the cover folded over fthe pocket.

. rectangular bodyfportion 2 having upper. and lower edges 3 and 4 respectively, and' -F ig. 4 is a cross sectional view taken on line 4 4- of Fig. 2.

ReferringA more in detail to the drawings,

l designates a paper blank cut toy form a vside edges 5. and 6 respectively.l From the lower edge 3 projects a tongue 7 of relatively short-Width, the edges of which may be cut inwardly'as shown at.8 from the oint of connection with the edge 3 to the ed the tongue. An extension flap 10 is connected to theV edgel -5 which extension flap 10 `is dividedwith the upper edge ge 9 ofl wardly for a purpose which will hereinafter As a featurev of 'the invention, this upperedge 1l is progressively cutaway down be more particularly apparent. To the opp0 reception and retention of sheets of paperv or other material designated 14, which it is desirable to display. y the cutting away of the edge llpermits the simultaneous and .unobstructed display of of widelyv different sizes, 'which featuge is particularl illustrated in sheets of paper Fig, 2. The union between 't e tongue 7 y and the extension l0 forms a close U shaped pocket 15 (Fig. 4), of the paper sheets the body portion 2 and extension 10. When the paper sheets 14 are not. being displayed, they may be protectedy from dirt, dust and Inutilatioljil byjfolding the cover 12 along the line 6 whereby the constructionl then assumesv the form illustrated in.Fig..3.

From the foregoing, it will-be apparent that-I have constructed a very inexpensive whereby the lower edges s1te edge 6 is attached an extension 12, whichlower edge 1.3 thereof the upper surface t is to be noted that blank, the tongue 7 .is i

maybe anchored between l but efficient and durable display' folder, 'I

possessin high utility'` and many advantages. T e space on the inside land outside of the cover, aswell as the space on thefouter surface of the` extension 10, and-the rear surface of the mainbody portion 2 may be Aused A for advertising urposes, if founddesirable.

l ofcourse, o not WishA to limit myself to the particular angle for the edge 11, as it will take different angles depending -upon the sizesto be displayed, and in addition this edge may be'rounded or curved, instead of being made straight, as should be obvious.

' able section,

The blank 1 comprises in general the main 7 and the extenbody portion 2,' the tongue Y sions 10 and 12 adapted to be folded and adhesively united as above described.

I claim as my invention:

A display folder formed from a single blank of flexible material consisting of a central rectangular section, a second rec:v

tangular section attached to one side thereof,

. a section' foldably attached to the opposite side of the central section, sively cut away from a point substantially at the top of the line of fold of the tvv/o sec'- tions to a pointnear the bottom of the foldand another smaller section attached to the bottom side of said central section, the latter two sections being foldable over the central section, and interconnected transversely of the sections toform a pocket for the reception of papers to be displayed, and the first named attached section adapted to be folded to cover the pocket thusformed.

ln testimony whereof I affix my signature.


which is progres-

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