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Publication numberUS1774775 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 2, 1930
Filing dateMay 9, 1929
Priority dateMay 9, 1929
Publication numberUS 1774775 A, US 1774775A, US-A-1774775, US1774775 A, US1774775A
InventorsJr John A Weitz
Original AssigneeJr John A Weitz
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Bracket for electric lights and flash lights
US 1774775 A
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Sept. 2, 1930. J w JR 1,774,775

BRACKET FOR ELECTRIC LIGHTS AND FLASH LIGHTS Filed May 9, 1929 Patented Sept. 2, 1930 JOHN A. wnI z, an, or EnDIcoTT, wAsIIINGToN BRACKET non ELncTnIc LIGHTS Ann FLASH LIGHTS Application filed May 9, 1929. Serial No. 361,756. 7

This invention relates to a light bracket and more particularly to a device of this character which may be applied to a bed post or similar support and carry an electric light to serve as illuminating means for a book.

or article being worked upon.

One object of the invention is to so form the bracket that a clamp which carries an electric light, such as a spotlight, may be moved in a circular path and also angularly adjusted and thereby allow its light to be projected directly upon a book or other article so that it will be well illuminated without a persons eyes being injured by a glaring 17 light." 7

Another object of the invention is to provide a bracket of this character formed principally of sheet metal and thereby produce a bracket which will be simple and cheap in its 2 construction and at the same time strong and durable.

form a ring constituting part of the bracket that a lamp holder carried thereby maybe easily moved about the ring or hoop and retained in a set position by frictional engagement with the ring.

The invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawing, wherein Figure 1 is a perspective vievv of the improved lightholding bracket, and 0 Fig. 2 is a L longitudinal sectional view through the same. v

This improved bracket includes ahoop or ring 1 which may be referred to as a body, a support-engaging clamp 2 and a lightengaging clamp 3 connected with-the body 1 bya clip-4: The hoop' or ring 1 is formed of resilient sheet metal and for a portion of its circumference is formed with a slot 5 dividingthe body into upper and lower strips J 6 and 7 spaced from each other by the slot. Theclamp 2 which is adapted to be engaged with a supportQsuch as a bed post 8; is also formed of sheet'metal and consists of a strip of-metal bent intermediate its length to-form jaws 9 joined at their inner ends by a bridge 10. The bridge is secured'to the body'or 5 hoop I by a rivet 11 passed through the hoop Another object of the invention is to so and bridge, as shown clearly in Fig. 2, and, 7

therefore, the clamp 2 will, be permanently secured to the ring or hoop but the ring and clamp allowed to be turned relative to each other about the rivet. A bolt'12 is passed transversely-through the arms 9 and carries an a? winged nut 13 so'that the arms which are normally spaced from each other may be drawn into tight gripping engagement about t the bed postor other support 8. It will thus be seen that the bracket. may be secured to '60 the bed post at any desired height andalso j moved about the bed post if found necessary.

The lamp holderor clamp 3 is similar in construction to the clamp 2,and consists of a strip of resilient metal bent intermediate its 05 length to form jaws 14 joined by a bridge 15 at their inner ends. A bolt 16 passes through the jaws 14 and carries a Winged nut 17 so that by tightening thenut the jaws may be firmly engaged about an electric light, such as the flashlight '18. j A rivet 19 connects the bridge portion of the clamp 3 with the clip 4 and, therefore, the clamp 3 may be turned about the rivet 1 9 in order toangularly adjust this clamp and cause light from the lamp 7 I 18 to be projected in a desired direction. The clip 4 extends transversely across the spaced strips 6 and 7 and consists of a strip of metal having its end portions bent to form arms 20 which engage against the inner faces of these strips. Therefore, the clip willstraddle the strips 6 and 7 and slidably mount the clip upon the hoop or ring. It should be noted that the dimensions of age clip'a're such that when it is applied to t e ring the strips 6 and 7 will ,be drawn \toward each other. These strips have atendency to return to their normal spaced relation and, therefore, a binding action will take place between the clip and the ring or hoop and cause the clip to be frictionally held in a set position upon the ring.

WVhen. the bracket is in use, the clamp 2 is engaged about a bed post or like support and firmly secured by tightening the nut 13. If 9 it is found that the bracket does not project from the post in the desired direction, it is merely necessary to loosen. the nut 13 sufficiently to allow the clamp to beturned about the post and when the nut is again tightened the clamp will be firmlyheld in a set posiand tilted to a desired angle relative to the tion.. By moving the clip 4 about the ring body.

the bracket 3 may be swung to a desired po- 5. A lamp support comprising a body havsition and by tilting the ring and clamp 3 ing an arcuate portion slotted longltudinally about the rivets 11 and 19 the electric light to form spaced strips, a clamp carried by may be set at such an incline that its light said body for engagement with a support, a will be projected upon a book or other arcllp slidable longitudinally of the arcuate ticle in front of a per on and au e it to b portion of said body and having flanges on- 'well illuminated without light shining into gaged about the strips to draw the strips toa persons eyes. I have, therefore, provided Ward each other and effect frictional binding a bracket for supporting an electric light between the clip and strlps, and alamp-holdwhich will be efficient in operation and may lng clamp carr ed by said clip, one of said be easily applied to a bed post and adjusted. clamps being pivotally mounted.

Having thus described the invention, I In tes ony w e e I a fi y slgn t claim: JOHN A. l VEITZ, JR. [n s.] at] 1. A lamp support comprising a hoop formed with a circumferentially extending slot dividing the same into spaced strips, a I clamp pivoted to said hoop at the opposite side thereof from its slot and adapted to grip a support, a clip slidable upon said hoop in straddling relation thereto and drawing the strips towards each other to efl'ect binding between the clip and strips and retain the clip in a set position upon said hoop, and a clamp pivoted to said clip and adapted to be secured about a light.

2. A lamp support comprising a body formed of resilient material and slotted to provide spaced strips movable towards and away from each other, a mounting rotatably connected with said body and extending transversely from the body and adapted to be secured to a support, a clip slidable upon the slotted portion of said body with the strips drawn towards each other and exerting frictional binding against the clip to retain the clip in a set position, and a lamp holder rotatably connected with said clip d xtending transversely. from the body whereby the holder may be tilted to support a lamp at a desired angle.

3. A lamp support comprising a body having an arcuate portion slotted longitudinally .to form spaced strips, a mounting pivoted to said body and extending therefrom for engagement with a support, a clip slidable longitudinally of the slotted portion of said body and engaged with the strips to draw the strips towards each other and create bindmg action between the clip and strips to frictionally retain the clip in a set position upon the body, and a lamp holder pivoted to said clip and projecting therefrom transversely of the body.

4. A lamp support comprising a body, a

mounting projecting from said body for engagement with a support, said body and mounting being pivotally connected whereby the body may be tilted to a desired angle aft-er the mounting is secured to a support,

and a lamp holder projecting from said body and being slidably and pivotally connected therewith whereby the lamp holder may be moved to an adjusted position upon the body

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International ClassificationF21V21/14
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European ClassificationF21L15/08, F21V21/14