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Publication numberUS1774934 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 2, 1930
Filing dateSep 25, 1928
Priority dateSep 25, 1928
Publication numberUS 1774934 A, US 1774934A, US-A-1774934, US1774934 A, US1774934A
InventorsMangin James
Original AssigneeMangin James
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Outlet box and support
US 1774934 A
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Sept. 2, l930. J. MANGIN 1,774,934 I OUTLET BOX AND SUPPORT Filed Sept.-'25, 19 28 3 Sheets-Sheet 1 5 Sheets-Shed 2 a... v \QQRQM w. i .4 Zwl x v 4/4 1Z7 WMWMM 1 Sept. 2, 1930.

III 'I frza'zzi'ar; James M 7 iziflr yq Sept. 2, 1930. J. MANGIN OUTLET BOX AND SUPPORT 3 Sheets-Sheet 3 Filed Sept. 25, 1928 which in turn is 130 basebofard'l v Patented Sept. 2,1930 l l +ibemmshrub- PPORT I K LA ppli c ati on filed 'Septefnber Serial- No; %134.

This invention relates" to outletTboxes, @fid is more particularly. concerned with a new.

and improved form offthe box andf'an ad 'justable support therefor, whereby it can be 5. moved; at will, Without preliminary measure 'ing, so that 'it willsbe flushwith either the. plastering or base'boar'd'of'a wall partition.

objectof the invention is to provide a V I p thestudding is secured directly to the joist, v.

' new form of outlet box. j:' V 10 Another objectnis't'o devise anew form of outlet box provided. with a newlform 'of' support,

Another object is to devise 'a new form of outlet box having anew form of support provided with air adjustable base meinbe'rwm Still another obj eot ist'o" devise a new f orm j of outlet box structure whereby. the outlet box can, at'jwilland without. preliminary meas- 0 ureinent, be placed either flush with the plas tering or withthe-b aselboardof a wall par- Yet another objectis to construct an outlet box Structure which canbefsec'ured at'will 5.12. to the'fioor hoards,= the studding for whatever else'may be desired; and which-is' adju'stable in -an'y of "those positions so that the-outlet boxcan without preliminary. measurement, be

placed flush with either the plaster; or .the

Other object'swill appear hereinafter; the drawings, in which there 'are i'llus' trated' two. formsgof myj' inveritionlan d in which the'preferre'd form is" shown .in' several diflerentoperablepositions, 7 1 F'g. '1; illustrates "in perspecti e,.an outlet box having *a bottom sidei on which there: is I eidepending" wivhie p holes Fig. 2 is a. p erispotitreshowihgof mt portingor angle flange f Fig. 3 shows a-ba'seplatewhich to both forrnsof-theiini ention;

Pl t eratin wi fth is common 'i'rFi'g; 4; is a;:PerSpectWeFShOwing term-of the outlet box; i

FigJ 5 illu trates an member therefor;-' V I M a i Figfi6 lea-sectional elevation; the "outlet box being showninfulllines as it would be ani ine mmi tioned flush" with: the plastering e see n'd beet e idew lnut which'iis ie ter d a ppo tin aw-18m at right anglesto theside wall l yet the lout l b 1- The Plate 8 1srrevi iw thae em 'gate d'slots 1 9which are adapted tofalignwith threaded holes20, 2,0 forrjuje when. pos itiohed flight .withfthe as bdard; l

ahdinjdottedlines asit would be whmposi- Fig, '7 showsthe outlet box, arrahg'edfto receive a switch and illustrates the supportgng'me'mber andbasememb'er as secured to.

the studding; I r

Fig. :8 illustrates an installation wherein r'ectly from the studdin g, while and wherein'the outlet box is supported ddi; Fig. 9 shows an installation similar jto ported by'sills which in turn are. supported bythe joist, the out-let box, here shown as in; vertedgflbeing' supported [from the stud'dingj'.

.liReferring more particularlyto Figs. 1+3, the outletbox 1compris zs the usual punched 3, aside wall of usual construction," and a second side wall 5 on whichl is integrally formed" a. supporting plate; 16; bent at i right provided with. number of "tapped; holes 7,

the I flange" 11 of'the anglefi'p'late" 10L isfpro wi d'ed with holes 16, .16 "adapted to align' with corresponding pairsjof. holes 15 in the base sheet bent to form e d wallsj; 2 and bottofn i. I Y

: anglesto the side wallbof the Outl 't' bO x l; v V i As ppbr gpl dep n ng ane .r

sir nilarto that showhf inIFig.l 1;,. As showhg it "comprises a' punched-sheet bentitdfforni end walls 2 2 and 'bottoi'r'i It has aside wall A;

of. mangl =platel2 2,fa{ rid; flange 23 of which is provi' "in one flangef2l d fwith a il ellongatedslot 24."

dedaperture13 if 1 flhe fiangegg f i providediwith holes 24 24*, adapted to align with the corresponding pairs of holes 15in the base plate 14. V "Fig. 6 illustrates the outlet box installed ina room partition for the reception of a base socket. A floor is illustrated at 25 to which is secured the studding of a room partition. The partition comprises the usual lath 26, 26'nailed to each s'ideo'f the studd'in'g, and a suitable body of plaster 27 applied to the lath. The baseboard at eachside of the partition is illustrated at 28. In this instal lation, the base plate 14 is secureditow the floor ;,boards 25 by suitable "means such as screws,

nails orthe like with -,0neof its edges aligned with one edge of the studding against the latch; The angle plate is secured to the base plate 14 by means of a screw 29 which 7 passes through the slot 12 inthe flange, 11. of

the slot 8 in thefflange 9jand secured in the threaded'ape'rtures 7 in the supporting plate the angle plate 10, and is secured in the threaded aperture 13 of the base plate 14. j

The outer edge ofthe flange 9 ofthe angle plate 10 is aligned with the opposite edge of the base plate 14, and thesupporting plate, '6 ofthe outlet box 1 is secured to the said flange 9 by means of screws30, 30 passing through 6.. The slots 8 providefor vertical adjustment of theboxll relative to the: floor 25 and to theopening 31 formed in the'baseboard 28 and theplaster 27 of the partition; With this i installatiomthe outer'edge 32 of the outlet bjoxjis. aligned with theouter face of the base board 28.; In cases where the outer-edge 32 of the box is to be aligned with the face 33 of of-horizontally.

v I Regardless; "of which positionthe angle plate 10, 'occupiesw'ith respect to the base "plate 14,- the pair of holes 16, 16' in each end or the, flange 11. wi11 align with-.two of the holes at each end of the base plate 14- for ftherreceptionof nailsor screws 37. This construction permits the properi-positioning ofythe edge. 32; alignment either with the ut'er face of the base boardr28 or the surtace 33jofthe plaster .27riwithout requiring the i & illustrates an the usual mea'suringin order that the edge .of-the box will (be?- properly llocat ed when inst'allation isbeing made.-

a v V installation wherein coring doesnfot run between the tudding, the fi dding 36 beingsecured dimay to the joist138.' Thisrinstallationisfor a floor .outletasi'milar tdithat illustrated in thiscase, base plate 14 1's secured to the studding 36, and the box 1 is secured to the flange 9 of the angle plate 10 by means of screws extending through one of the slots 8 in the flange 9 and secured in the apertures 7 7 in the supporting plate 6.

Fig. 9 illustrates an installation similar to that of Fig. 8, in which the studding 36 is secured to asill 39 carried on the joist 38. In this case the box 1 is inverted so that the plate ,6 thereof projects vertically; the base plate l4jbeing secured to'the box 1, and the angle plate 10 being secured to the base plate 14 in the {same general manner as illustrated in Fig. 6. I

' As will be readily'understood, the invention is susceptible to numerous modifications,

and it is intended that it be limited only by the scope of the appended. claims. a

.-I claim: 1.. In combination with a wall and base board, an outlet box, a supporting plate therefor, a base plate for said supporting plate and adapted to abut the back lathing of the wall, and means in said base plate for sliding said supporting plate therealong to any predetermined distance sothat the outlet box may quickly be adapted to be flush with either the wall or base board, thereby eliminating preliminary measurements for'properly locating the outlet box. 7 I

2 In combination with a wallpartition having a base-board, an outlet box, a supporting plate therefor, a base plate for said supportinggplate adapted to abut the back lathing of the wall, the base plate and supporting plate each having slots for sliding the supporting plate along the base plate so that when the base plate abuts the back lathing of the wallpartition, the two plates may be placed so that the outlet box lies flush with either the base board or wall, as desired, thereby eliminating preliminary measurements for properly locating the outlet box. 3. An outlet box having a side wall on which there is a depending flange, a supporting plate for said outlet box, andadjustably associated-with said flange, and a base plate provided with means for sliding said-sup porting plate therealong so that the two plates may be quickly and positively moved to'any desired one of a plurality of positions, thereby eliminating preliminary measurements forpro'perly locating the-outlet box. 4. An outlet box having a side wall on which there is a depending flange, said flange having a hole tapped therein, a screw in said hole,*an angle-shaped supporting member having a slot in one of its legs for the reception of said screw, apertures in the other of saidv legs for the passage of screws, a central 1 slot in said last mentioned leg, a base having a plurality of apertures for cooperation with the holes in said last mentioned leg, and having another aperture'for'the reception of a screwwhich ridesinsaid central slot.

5. An outlet box having a side'wall'on;

which there is a depending flange, said flange having a plurality of holes tapped therein, a v

- screw in said holes, an angle-shaped supportslot.

ing member having slots inone of its legs for the reception of said screws, ape'rtures'in the other of said legs for the passage of screws, a,

central slot in said last mentioned leg, abase having a plurality of apertures for cooperation'with the apertures in said last mentioned leg, and having another aperture for the rep ridesin said central ception of a screw which 6. Anoutlet boxhaving a sidewall on which there is a depending flange, said flange having a hole tapped therein, a screw in sald hole, an angle-shaped supporting member having a slot in one of its legsfor the recepa.

tion of said screw, the other of said legs, having apertures arranged-in a row, the apertures being a predetermined distance apart, said leg alsohaving a slot of length equal to 1 the distance between said apertures, a base member having a row of apertures, said aper-' tures being arranged the same distance apart as the aperturesin said leg, and having an:

other aperture receiving a screw which fits in said slot, the apertures of the leg fitting one set of apertures in thebase member Whenthe V screw is at the end of the slot, and fitting another set when the screwis at the other end of the slot.


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