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Publication numberUS1775270 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 9, 1930
Filing dateAug 17, 1928
Priority dateAug 17, 1928
Publication numberUS 1775270 A, US 1775270A, US-A-1775270, US1775270 A, US1775270A
InventorsBergman Jerome E
Original AssigneeBergman Jerome E
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Combination tool
US 1775270 A
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Sept 9 1930- J. E. BERGMAN 1,775,270

COMBINATION TOOL Filed Aug. 1'7, 1928 15 55 ff ff www; 70

I 1| LT1- l Il n Z? Ei AZ ZZ nven-ar; M 1y E'. fm,

Patented Sept. 9, 1930 UNITED STATES JEROME E. BERGMAN, OF BUFFALO, NEW YORK COMBINATION TOOL Application filed August 17, 1928. Serial No. 300,195.

This invention relates generally to improvements in combination tools but more particularly to a plier-like tool designed primarily as a terminal puller for storage batteries, a nut wrench and as a lifter for facilitating the insertion and removal of such batteries from their boXes or containers.

Its chief object is the provision of a simple, yefficient and inexpensive tool of this 1c :rharacter whose parts are so organized and arranged as to conveniently accomplish the operations above mentioned.

Another object of the invention is to provide a tool which will readily and with a minimum effort effect the removal of the terminal-clamps from the battery posts without straining the battery-plates or the post, and which can be operated in limited spaces.

In the accompanying drawings Figure 1 is a perspective view of the tool embodying my invention. Figure 2 is a fragmentary side elevation of the tool in the act of removing the terminal-clamp from a battery-post. Figure 3 is a similar view showing the tool in use as a nut wrench. Figure 4 is a top plan view of the parts shown in Figure 2.

bimilar characters of reference indicate corresponding parts throughout the several Views.

In the preferred embodiment of the invention shown in the drawings, the tool comprisesA crossed complemental handles 10, 11

pivotally connected adjacent their front ends, :as indicated at 12, and terminating forwardly of' such pivot in opposing substantially V-shaped jaws 13, 14. The jaw 13 of the handle 10 projects somewhat beyond the shorter aw 14 of the handle 11 and the contour of the gripping faces of these jaws is such that in their partially open position they are adapted to grip two adjoining faces on diametrically opposite sides of the nut 15 of the clamping bolt 16, which, in the example shown in Figures 3 and 4, serves to hold the terminal clamp 17 in place on the post 18 of the battery 19.

The longer jaw 13 includes a straight, serrated gripping face 2O which extends in a direction substantially lengthwise of the tool and which terminates at its .outer end in a lateral extension or tooth-like member 21 serving as a combined prying element and gripping face projecting in a direction toward the companion jaw 14 and disposed ap- 55 proximately at right angles to the adjoining serrated face 20. As seen in Figure 2, the free end of the tooth 21 is beveled to provide a knife-like edge for inserting it between the bottom edge of the terminal clamp 17 and the top face of the battery when using the tool to effect the removal of the clamp from the post. In cases where there is not sufficient space for the insertion of the tooth in this manner, it is allowed to bite into the side of the clamp adjacent its lower end to firmly grip it.

The shorter jaw 14 includes a serrated gripping face 22 disposed in opposing receding relation to the companion face of the jaw 18 and extending generally in a transverse direction relative to the corresponding serrated face 2O of the latter. At its outer end this gripping face terminates in a forwardlyfacing extension or tooth-like member 23 which is disposed at substantially right angles to saidgripping face and to the corresponding extension 21 of the jaw 13. The tooth 23 of .the jaw 14 is likewise beveled to provide a knife-like edge which is adapted to bite into and firmly grip the top face of the battery post 18 in the manner shown in Figure 2, when removing the terminal clamp 17 from the latter.

In the normal close-d position of the tool shown in Figure 1, it will be noted that the jaw 13 projects forwardly beyond the com-V panion jaw 14 and that the latter is of smaller dimensions than the former and is disposed as a whole opposite the serrated face 20 of the jaw 13. The serrated, nut-engaging faces 20, 22 of the respective jaws are outwardly inclined from the inner ends thereof while the tooth-like extensions 21, 23 of the jaws are oppositely inclined, and the sern rated face of each jaw is substantialy paral- 95 lel with the tooth-like extension of the companion jaw. By this construction and arrangement, when the tool is opened to the position shown in Figure 2, its tooth-like eX- tensions are properly disposed to engage the 100 post 1.8 and the clamp 17 to effect the loosening of the latter from the former by a prying or lifting action resulting from the pinching of the handles 10, 11, which assume a substantially upright position to conveniently operate the tool in the limited space usually available in the storagerbattery locations in automobiles.y Likewise, in usingvthe tool to tighten or loosen the 'nut 15 of the clampingy bolt 16, the disposition of the jaw elements lis such that they firmly grip the nut over eX- tended bearing faces and in tightening, the

shorter jaw 14 can be moved with a ratchet-'q like action over the corners of the nut without removing the -tool when taking a new bite. i .I claim as my invention :-y Y l 1. A tool for removing the terminal clamps from the posts ofstorage batteries, comprising a pair of crossed, pivotally connected handles terminating forwardly of the pivot in opposing jaws of unequal length, the tip ends of saidjaws being substantially sl-shaped on their inner sides'to each embrace two adjoining faces on diametrically opposite sides of a nut with the opposing rear gripping faces of the jaws converging rearwardly and the corresponding front gripping faces of the jaws Vbeing comparatively short and converging forwardly in a longitudinally offset relation, the front end of the shorter jaw facing edge'wise toward the front gripping face ofthe companion longer jaw and the free edges of said jaws bearing the frontgripping faces beingV slender. and sharply v tapered and' adapted' for gripping engagement with lthe top of the battery-postand the lower side of the terminal clamp,respectively, for exerting a lifting actionron the clamp relative to the post when the handles are vbrought together. e.

2. A tool for removing the terminal clamps from the posts of storage batteries, comprising a pair of crossed, pivotally-connected handles terminating forwardly of the pivot in opposing jaws, the tip'ends of said jaws having their inner faces substantially V-` shaped to embrace diametrically opposite sides of a nut, the free ends of such V-shaped iaw portions being in the form of sharp tooth- Vlike elements for engaging the battery-post and the clamp to effect a prying action of the latter relative to the former.

3. A tool for removing the terminal clamps 'from the posts of storage batteries, comprising ia pairN ofv crossed, pivotally connected handles terminating forwardly ofthe pivot in opposing jaws extending in substantially tliesamefgeneral direction as their respective 1candles, said jaws being shaped at their tip ends and atthe opposing inner sides thereof toeach embrace adjoining faces on diametriy callyl opposite sides of a nut, the free ends ofthe jaws bearing the foremost nut-engaging faces being tapered to*k .provide sharp tooth-like elements disposed at substantially right angles to each other, one of said toothlike elements facing forwardly and the other CII

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