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Publication numberUS1775718 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 16, 1930
Filing dateMar 5, 1928
Priority dateMar 5, 1928
Publication numberUS 1775718 A, US 1775718A, US-A-1775718, US1775718 A, US1775718A
InventorsRichard Garvey
Original AssigneeRichard Garvey
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Mouth-closing device
US 1775718 A
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Sept. 16, 1930. GARVEY 1,775,718

MOUTH CLOSING DEVICE Filed March 5, 1928 I/VVEA/T'OR Flaw/m0 GAR v5 1 firroxelwsv.

Patented Sept. 16, 193d UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE RICHARD GARVEY, 01' LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA MOUTH-CLOSING DEVICE Application filed March 5, 1928. Serial No. 259,151.

This invention relates to mouth closing defriction clasps 9 through which the ends of vices for preventing breathing through the the strap 3 are extended and may be drawn mouth and snoring. I for lengthening or shortening the strap loops The general object of the invention is to 7 and 8 and for effectively securing the ends of provide a mouth closin device of improved the strap together with said loops adjusted to construction which will eli'ectively maintain the proper length to fit over the ears of the itself in position'over the mouth of the wearer wearer, with the mouth piece 1 over the mouth and keep his mouth closed so as to prevent of the wearer and the rib 4 between the wearbreathing through the mouth and snoring ers lips, holding the mouth piece over the 16 while the wearer is sleeping. mouth against upward or downward displaceea A more particular object is to proi-ide a ment. I

device of the characterstated which will be The mouth piece is thus efiectively held in simple, practical and inexpensive. I position over the wearers mouth and the Other objects and advantages will appear wearer eflectively prevented from breathing 15 hereinafter. through his mouth or snoring while sleeping.

The invention is illustrated in the annexed I claim as my invention: I drawing which forms a part of this specilica A mouth closing device comprising a mouth tion and in which, piece, a pair of loops near each'end of the Fig. 1 is a perspective view of my invenmouth piece, a pair of straps, the ends of each tion shown in operative position over ones strap extending through a pair of said loops mouth. i and forming strap loops to fit over the ears Fig. 2 is an enlarged perspective View or" of the wearer and clasps for adjustably conmy invention looking at the outside thereof. necting the ends of the straps together for Fig. 8 is a fragmentary enlarged perspecvarying the length of the strap loops to fit 25 tive of my invention looking at the 'nside over the ears of the wearer.


Fig. A is a transverse vertical section of my 7 invention taken on line l l of Fig. 8.

Corresponding parts are designated by the 30 same reference characters in all the figures. so

'My mouth closing device comprises gener ally a mouth piece 1 of any suitable material and a pair of securing straps 2 and 3 on which the mouth piece is adjustably mounted. V V 35 The mouth piece is impressed inwardly 7 from the outside to form a rib l on its inner side which conforms to the shape-of ones closed lips and is adapted to fit between the closed lips to prevent the mouthpiece from V slipping above or below the mouth and una covering the mouth.

The mouth piece is formed on its outside near one end with a pair of loops 5 through which the ends of the strap 2 extend, and v y the mouth piece is formed on its outside nearits other end with a pair of loops 6 through which the ends of the straps?) extend, the straps 2 and 3 being bent intermediate their ends in the form of loops7 and 8 respectively. 7 The ends of the strap 2 are connected to

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U.S. Classification128/848
International ClassificationA61F5/56
Cooperative ClassificationA61F5/56
European ClassificationA61F5/56