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Publication numberUS1775947 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 16, 1930
Filing dateMay 3, 1927
Priority dateMay 3, 1927
Publication numberUS 1775947 A, US 1775947A, US-A-1775947, US1775947 A, US1775947A
InventorsJoseph Robinson
Original AssigneeRoy M Wolvin
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Electric vaporizer
US 1775947 A
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l macinate vPoBIzEn Application mea may s, 1927. serial 1ro. 188,559.

My invention relates to vaporizing devices for holding medicinal compounds which are electrically or otherwise heated to produce vapors for inhalation, and the general object is to provide a'device of this character for individual use which may .be freely handled without any possibility of being burned, and which is sanitary and very` effective and so simple'that anyone can use it. Instruments of this character heretofore provided are quite intricate and invariably become so hot that they cannotv be comfortably handled. In them the important element of sanitation is neglected, and they are diiiicult to clean. To change from one compound to another without leaving particles of the previous compound remaining in these prior instruments isslow and diliicult. The vapors cannot be, by the act of inhalation, quickly lifted out of them, and the result is that the vapors are not delivered to the aiiicted parts hot enough or in sufficient volume to lbe fully eifective. In myinvention these essential requirements are eachvfully provided for in a manner that produces an extremely simple vaporizer which extended use has demonstrated to be of great effectiveness -in the treatment of the aiictions for which its use is intended.

In the drawings, Figure 1 is a sectionalside elevationl of my invention showing it supported froma suitable hanger.

Figure 2 is an, enlarged sectional view of a part of my improved vaporizer.

Figure 3 is a sectional view on the line 2%#3 of Figure 2.

Figure iis an enlarged sectional elevation of a part of the heating element inthe preferred form of my invention, and v Figure 5 is a sectional sideA elevation of a modification of my improvement.

Myinvention comprises a suitable hollow handle 7 of any desired material over the upper end of 'which I mount a suitable ferrule 8 to reinforce the handle. This end of the handle is providedl with an opening which leads to the hollowv chamber 9 inthe handle. Into this opening I rigidly mount a seamless tube 10 of suitable material, preferably such as may be nickel plated or silver plated, and

over this I press a thimble or seat 11,made

of the container 14 and the base '11, so that it will at all times be liquid tight, I provide a gasket 15. The upper end of the container 14 is suitably provided with threads, and also with a reinforcing ,or protecting ring 16 of suitable material, which ring is pressed over the end of 'the container or is otherwise mounted thereon or therein and the ring may, if desired, carr the threads which I have shown as being ormed on the walls of the upper end of the container. The ring 16 or the upper end of the container forms a seat for the base of the nozzle 17, which is threadingly' or otherwisemounted in this end of the container. The nozzle is provided with anl extension or shank 18, and an opening which extends through thernozzle and the shank. The shank is adapted to form a fluid tight joint with the upper. tapered end of the tube 10, as shown especially in Figures 1 and 2, when the nozzle is screwed down into tight engagement with the upper end of the container 14 and/or the ring 16. The threaded portion 19 of the nozzle is cut away at opposite sides, asshown at 20.111 Figures 2 and 3, to provide the entrance of a current of ai'r into the container at the moment of inhalation.

To protect the' container 14 against lateral ymovement relative to the tube410 I either extend the thimble or seat 11 a substantial vdistance alon v the container or I mount'on the `upper en of the tube a spider or guide ring 21 having spaced projections 22 which l engage theinner walls of the container and -form a support for it.

Within the tube 10 I mount a heating coil A, Figure 4, comprising a strand or strands of suitable wire 23, wound around an asbestos or other suitable core 24, and provide it with y an outer covering of asbestos or other nonheat conducting material 25. This coil is 'doubled or loo ed, as shown in Figure 4,

tainer on inhalation. The coil extends beyond the lower end of the tube 10 and is connected' to a suitable electric switch 26, preferably of the plunger type shown, mounted in the lower end of the handle 7, and from this switch to the electric cord 27, but of course ','of contact with the walls ofthe handle or l to thecord if desired. As

4the. connection may be suitably made direct zpears in Figure 1,- that portion of the coil which projects out of `the lower end of the tube is surrounded by a covering or core 28 of asbestos or othernon-heat conducting material to protect the handleor base 7 against heating and Athus render the instrument comfortable to handle. Further protection against heating of vthe handle ma be provided by kmaking the number of coi s on the core' 24 greater per inch from a point between the bottom of the container 14 tothe upper end of the tube 10,

than from the bottom of the container to the switch 26, or such protection may be had by surrounding the lower part of the tube with an asbestos covering,or the tube may be made rigid with the ferrule 8 and by it held out vbase 7.

VOn the lower end of the handle I suitably mount a metallic 'ferrule' 29, to which is secured, in any desired manner, as by threads,

a -metallic cap 30 carrying an :insulation ring 0r button 31. The lower end of the handle` or base 7,- and of course theferrule 29 also are slotted to receive the plunger 32 of the switch 26, around which switch an insulation covering 33 is provided, whennot in use.

In operatlon, the container 14 is filled, with any compound desired to be used, to a point about even withthe top of the ring 21, although more or less .or the compound may be put in if desired. The current is then turned on through the medium of the switch t'ainer jsufc'iently. to permit, on inhilation, a

26 and when the compound is heated to the desired temperatu re, preferably quite'hot, the` nozzle 1'?y is screwed upwardly in' the yconcurrent of air to passin along thesides ofthe nozzle, as indicated by arrows in'Figure 2,

downwardly into contact with the compound (the air is heated as it takes'this course) and thence upwardly through the shank 18 and -r the nozzle 17 carrying with it an abundance of the hot vapors and delivering them, while still hot, tothe 'ailicted parts. -If desired,

the heating capacity of the coil Amay be' such that it will not excessively heat the comv pound regardless of how long the electric cur'- rent isleft on, and for some uses this maybe preferable, but of course when the com- 1n any event, be turned ofi'. By placing around the tube `10 an outer tube or shield into which the compound mayenter only slowly, preferably near the base, forming'a film on the tube 10, jvapors-may be morequickly produced.

W'hen not in use my improved vaporizer 'is pound is properly heated, the current should,

supported from the wall of the household" `medicine cabinet, or other place, by a suitable spring'hanger 34, orfot'herwise as by an eye or hook 35, Figure 5, later described.

A*It will be obvious that variousI mbdilications and adaptations of the essential ifeatures of myinvention may be made Without depart.A

ing from its spirit or 'scope. The tubelO v and coil A may for instance be wound around the outside of the containerl4. and by simplyy enlarging the containerfand the heating ele.

ment comprising the parts A and 10, my improvement may be used to generate steam forthe treatment of throat a'well'as headA aliictions. In Figure 5 I show a specific modiication of. my improvement, w 1ch ada-pts it for use where electricity is not avialable. The handlev36 in this modification is hollow and forms a magazine in which is carried a series of fuel discs made of suitable material such as Sterno heat, or a suitable liquid for heat-v ing may be carried in the ma azine if preferred. The cap 37closes the ottom of the magazine and is secured in place in any suitable manner as by threads. On the upper end of the handle I mount a metal ferrule or stove 38.11aving a metallic bottom 39 between which and the upper end of the handle 36 I'mount an "asbestos, or other non-heat conducting ring 40. I provide a= cone-shaped hood or supporting member 41 and suita ly secure it to opposite .sides of the ferrule or rigidly mount a container 42 made of suitable material, su'ch as glass, the .upper c nd of which vcontainer is provided with a nozzle 43 and air passages similar to the construction shown iii-Figure 1. T o position the container in respect to the stove38 I provide it with a stop 44. In operation, one of the discs 45 is placed in the stove Iand lighted to heat the compound in the container;` Vents 46 are provided in the hood 4l to create a draft to draw the fiames up aroundv the, bottom of the .115 `stove 38. Into this'hood I'removably or container. This modified form otmy in- 've tion is convenientlyhung on a nail or ho k by means ofthe perforated lug 35, and

of course the form of `my invention illustrated in Figure 1 may be likewise equlpped as aforesaid.

' It will be observed that the form of my invention illustrated in Figure l may be said to comprise an elongated transparent container 14 the lower end of which is secured,

, so as to be fluid tight, tothe upper end of a hollow Wooden handle 7 out of the upper end of which handle an elongated heating element 10 projects into said container and into the medicinal compound carried therein, the

. upper end-of the container being provided with a nozzle i7 through which the' fumes oithe compound that are generated by the heating element are carried on inhalation. This l carries the heating element is always a substantial distance from the users face, rendering the instrument most convenient and comfortable V`for use.

What I claim is:

l. A vaporizer for generating vapors for inhalation, comprising in combination, a. container for holding a medicinal compound, a nozzle through which the vaporsare drawn by ,the act of inhalation, a seat arranged at one end of said container and forming therewith a fiuid'tight joint, an elongated'handle carrying at one end an electric heating ele.

ment, said element including a tube rigidly mounted on the upper end of said handle and extending away from said seat into said container a substantial extent, the connection between said tube and said seat being rigid and fluid tight, a deviceon said tube and in said container for preventing undue lateralmovement of the containerrelative to said tube, whereby the container is protected against lateral strains, and a resistance coil extending well into said container and surrounded by said tube and protected from the air and the compound within said container by said v 2. A vaporizer for generating-vapors forinhalation, com rising in combination, a container for hol 'ng a medicinal compound,

j said container -bein .sides where it joins said nozzle, .saidnozzle v being adapted on being tion to" form a fluid turned 1n onedirectig t joint with said container and said heating element thereby closing said vents and said opening, and on being turned inthe opposite directionl to open the' said vents and said opening.

3.' A vaporizer for generating vapors'for inhalation, comprising in combination, a container for holding a medicinal compound, an elongated hollow handle on the upper end of which said container is mounted, means for preventing undue heating of said handle, a fluid tight tube extending out of the upper end of said handle into said container and said compound a seat rigidly mounted on said tube and into which the lower end of said container is mounted in a luid tight manner, means to relieve the container of lateral strains, a loop 'resistance coil in said tube and held out of contact with the air and the compound in said container by the tube, said coil comprising a wire wound 4around a core of low heat conducting material and covered with an outer casing of similar material, a perforated nozzle at the upper end of said container andprovided with a shank, vents at opposite sides of said shank whereby on inhalation currents of air enter into said vents and pass downwardly into contact with said compound and thence upwardly through said shank and nozzle carryin with them the vapors generated by said resistance coil, a switch in the hollow of said handle for controlling the admission of electric current to said coil, a d means for maintaining said switch and coil in place.

4. A vaporizer device of the class described comprising ,a container for holding a substance to be vaporized and the vapors thereinto including means having a discharge passageand disposed to direct the air to a point for admixture with the heated vapors as they enter the discharge passage and cooperative with the heating element to control the exit of the mixture incident to adiustment of the air supply.

5. A vaporizer device of the class described comprising a container for holding a substance to be vaporized and the vapors therefrom, a heating element for vaporizin the substance, nozzle means cooperating wit the container so as to rovide an air inlet, and a discharge conduit so arranged as to effect an admixture of the air and heated vapors at a point adjacent, the heating elcm'ent, said conduit being adjustable relative los ils

to the heating element to control the exit of- Y Y the mixture.

. 6. A vaporizer appliance comprising a container for holdinga substance to be vaporized, a heating elementfor driving oi vapors from the substance, a vapor discharge conduit lhaving its entrance disposed` closely adjacent to the heating element, and means for shiftingsaid conduit in relation'to the heating element to control the operative area of its entrance. l

7. IA vaporizer appliance comprising a cont'aine'rA for holding a substance to be vaporized, a heating element extending longitudinally of the substance holding container to ya point between its ends, and a nozzle member having a tubular extension al so extending longitudinally and into-cooperatlve' relatlon l with the heating element so as to provide a more or less restricted entrance to said extenslon. l .v A.

8. A vaporlzer apphance com'prlsmg a container for holding a substance to be vaporized, aheating element extending longitudimore or less restricted entrance to said extenslon, and means for eilectlng movements lso nally of the lsubstance holding container to a point between its ends, a nozzle member having a tubular extension also extending longitudinally and into cooperative relation with the heating element so 'as to provide a of the extension toward or from the heatingl element to regulatethe operative area of the entranc to said extension. f

9. A vaporizer appliance comprising a container for holding a substance to be vapor- 124. In a vaporizer device of the class dec p charge of its contents. l

In testimony ywhereof I hereunto aiiix my signature.


ized, a heating element for driving off vapors l from the substance, a vapor discharge conduit having its entrance disposed closely adjacent to the heating element, and means for shifting said conduit in relation to the heating element-to control the operative area of its l' entrance, said means constituting a nozzle with which the discharge conduit communicates. 10. A vaporizer appliance 4comprising a container'for holding a substance to be vaporized, a heating element mountedat one end of the container andextending longitudinallyl thereof to a point within the same, said element beingconstructed to provide a seat at the end thereof, and nozzle means mounted at theother .end'of the containerand having a discharge passage therethrough the entrance to whlchis adapted to cooperate with the seat Yon the heating element to regulate the vapor 1 discharge'from the nozzle.

container for holding a substanceto be vapor f 11. '1A vaporizer. appliance' comprising a ized. la heating element mounted at one end I'of the vcontainerand `extending longitudinally'thereof to a point within the same, said element being constructed to. providel a seat l nt the end thereof, nozzle means mounted at v the other end of the container and havinga discharge passage therethrough theentrance to which is adapted to cooperate with the seat Ion the heating element to regulate the vapor discharge from the nozzle, and means I for effecting adjustmentof the nozzle to adl mit air ,into the container and regulate the A. ,..;\.f,`dair admixture discharged through l,

loov l'

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