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Publication numberUS1776182 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 16, 1930
Filing dateDec 29, 1928
Priority dateDec 29, 1928
Publication numberUS 1776182 A, US 1776182A, US-A-1776182, US1776182 A, US1776182A
InventorsHarry A Cook
Original AssigneeHarry A Cook
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Advertising device
US 1776182 A
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Filed Dec. 29, 1928 Harry/Q (20/? .NVENTOR ATTORNEY WITNESS:

Patented Sept. 16, 1930 UNITED STATES HARRY A. COOK, OF DIXON, NEBRASKA ADVERTISING DEVICE Application filed December 29, 1928. Serial No. 329,162.

This invention relates to advertising novelties of the illumined type.

An object of the invention comprehends a lightin element.

Anot er object of the invention comprehends the provision of an expansible element adapted to accommodate the lighting element.

More specifically stated the lighting element is provided with an injector tube adapted to facilitate inflation of the expansible element.

An additional object of the invention consists of a switch member for the lighting element to control same exteriorly of the exansible element.

With the above and other objects in view, the invention further consists of the following novel features and details of construction, to be hereinafter more fully described, illustrated in the accompanying drawing and pointed out in the appended claim.

The illustration of my invention partly broken away discloses the various elements and the especial connections therebetween to produce the device, as mentioned in the foregoing.

Referring to the drawing in detail, wherein like characters of reference denote corresponding parts, the reference character 10 indicates the tube or shell of a flash light having a closure cap 11 threadedly engaged with the outer side Walls of the tube upon one end. The inner side walls of the tube are lined with insulating material, such as indicated at 12, whereby the walls of dry battery cells 13 may be insulated therefrom. The cells 13 are adapted to be arranged in end to end relation within the tube whereby the contact of one cell will engage the bottom of the companion cell.

The closure cap 11 carries a compression spring 14 adapted to engage the end of the adjacent dry cell to form the means of resiliently retaining the cells in position for use and also for closing the circuit betweenthe cells and a switch member, such as indicated at 15, conveniently located upon the outer side walls of the tube. A contact member 16, slidably mounted within the tubular member 10 in oppositely disposed relation to that of the closure cap 11 and operable by the switch member 15, is adapted for selectlve contacting engagement with a ring 17 carried by a dielectric plug 18 within the adjacent end of the tube.

An extension 19, projecting from the dielectric plug 18, is provided with a lamp socket 20 within its outermost end and adapted to accommodate the socket end of an incandescent lamp bulb 21. The shell of the lamp socket 20 is connected with a lead 22 having connection at its opposite end with the contact ring 17. The central contact end of the socket end for the incandescent lamp bulb within the lamp socket 20 is adapted for contacting engagement with a disk 22 carried upon the outermost projectlng end of a wire 23 passed through the longitudinal centers of the plug 18 and the extension 19 therefor. A disk member 24 of the configuration shown, as at 22, for the I central contact included upon the innermost end of the lamp bulb socket end, is adapted for engagement with the central contact ii of the adjacent dry battery cell.

A novelty balloon, such as indicated at 25, and having the neck 26 therefor passed over the incandescent lamp bulb 21 and the extension 19, is adapted to be retained against displacement thereon when the aforesaid neck is stretched over an annular bead 27 embossed or otherwise provided upon the outer side walls of the extension.

A mouthpiece 28, including a ball check valve 29, is laterally projected from the plug 18 in the manner shown. A passage 30 within the extension 19 is adapted to establish the means of communication at its ends with the mouthpiece 28 and the interior of the 9 novelty balloon. Obviously the outer surface of the balloon may be colored and print ed with any suitable advertising matter. The balloon can also be inflated after being applied upon the extension 13, through the use of the mouthpiece 28. Back pressure through the passage 30 and mouthpiece 28 being checked by the ball valve 29. The switch member 15 is then slided longitudinally of the tube 10 toward the socket member 18 to cause contacting engagement between the contact finger 16 and the ring 17 whereby the circuit between the batteries and the incandescent lamp bulb will be completed and closed. The means of illumination will immediately cause translucent illumination of the advertising matter included upon the outer surface of the balloon'incident to the construction and characteristics of the bal- Icon or expansible element per se.

The invention is susceptible of various changes in its form, proportions andminor details of construction, and the right is herein reserved to make such changes as properly fall within the scope of the appended claim. Having-thus described the invention, what is claimed is I An advertising device comprising in combination a flash-light having an insulated ex-, 20 tension, a lighting element carried upon the outer end of the extension, a conducting Wire passed through the extension having connection with the lighting element and energized from the flash-light, an inflatable element carried upon the light carrying end of the extension, a mouthpiece arranged upon the flash-light, and said extension having a passage establishing communication between the interior of the inflatable element and mouthpiece. In testimony whereof I atfix my signature.


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U.S. Classification40/555, 362/278, 116/63.00R, 446/220, 362/812, 40/214
International ClassificationG09F13/00
Cooperative ClassificationG09F13/00, Y10S362/812
European ClassificationG09F13/00