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Publication numberUS1776331 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 23, 1930
Filing dateAug 22, 1927
Priority dateAug 22, 1927
Publication numberUS 1776331 A, US 1776331A, US-A-1776331, US1776331 A, US1776331A
InventorsLee Charles A
Original AssigneeLee Charles A
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Engine-operating device
US 1776331 A
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gc, A. .LEE 1,776,331 ENGINE OPERATING DEiVIGB Filed Au'g. 22. 1927 3 Sheets-Sheet I 2 IVNVENTOR Q. Teef /y ATTORNEY Sept. 23, 1930.


ENGINE OPERATING DEVICE s sheds-sheet 3- Filed Aug. 22, 1927 INVENTOR @a/J@ da,

- ya/LW /i ATTORNEY Patented Sept. 23,

CnnRlLns ALLEE, or KANSAS ccrv, italiensK4 Y kfMy inventionrelatesto Aimprovements in 4 Y ,f f enginei operatingA devices;

j It isparticularlyf welli adapted for use'in .f connection with explosive engines.

fOne of the objectsjof myl invention is g to provide, in .aniengine having a 'reciprocative piston, novel means fori converting the' reciprocating movement yof thepiston into ro- "tary movement; yi .l v

My invention:providesxfurther ,a novel 'spiral'.driving' mechanism. .x

:v z.My .invention .provides further; novel drivingV4 means :by which the speed of, a `driven shaft may' bev increasedy without. increasing the piston speed, makingy the invention. par-` `Jticnla'rlyiwell` adaptedaor automobile or. air

` planeengines; '-1

. f "Still another .f obj ect of invention vto durable,v not liable 'to get out of'lorder, 1 and whichis eiiicient; in its operation.

` 1 Thegnoveltfeaturesof my"inventionjfarel4 I .Y hereinafterfullyfdescribed and claimed. uf

v f,Invtheaccompanying drawings; lwhich illlnstrate the preferred embodiment 1 of any fin- 'V f mvention, i Y

*Flgail'lsasectlon, partly broken away, on

alena-e 1]*-1 of rin.I 2,

' .j vFig 5 vis a section on "1 Fig. 7 is a top view, enlarged, of one of the 1 :driving rings.

g showing my improved Y engine,gof the' vexplosivey type. f i

Fi'gfZfsa section of the same,fpartly broken e laway, onthe .1linej2-2 offFig. 1

- Fig;` 3 isv'an i enlarged side elevation, part- Y v`vlyl broken away,of oney of .the pistons andA d npartsiconnected therewith. i

. 35. Fg. 4 is an-elevation of oneof gr'oove'd shafts, .tliebevfel gear'thereon beingy y ythe spirally yshown in section-IV v e the lined-50i 3, the spiral shaftbeing omitted. l p

^ Fig. 6 isa section on the line-6 6 of Fig. 7.

- lFig. 81 is a crossl'section; on the line 8-8 andspring beingf removed.

i Similar reference characters designate f `sirnilar parts inthe kdifferent views. V'l`he5inven`tion-Y illustrated comprises atwo jCylinO- ler engine,"the':cylinders being desigthe casing 14, l 4 l a view to Figli-*5, the pawl nlvciilvir ern RarinefnnvlonL estimation vmea Augst 22, 1927. seriali No. 214,602;

ynated by 1, 2 the body, 3 the cylinderhe'ad having mountedVA therein :the nsnalintake valvesy 4 and exhaust valves 5 provided with the usualclosing springs 6. 1 'a i designates the usual rocker` farms for openingthe-valves, and 8 the liftrods which il actuate the rockerk arms `7 and are adapted to crank shaft -13 rotatably mounted in the ybe lifted by anyv suitable known valveioperatj lng 4means which is operable bythe engine' body 2 below the cylinders l, Figs. 1 and 2.

v 14 designates the'crankease, and 15 afhor'ifzontal driven ,shaft `rotatably mounted inthe body 2'and extending through the` crank case 14. 16y designates a fly wheel which is fastenedon the shaft` 17, designates the two Apistons respectively reciprocative-'i'n' the cylinders 1, which v are respectivelyconnected by connecting `rods 1.8

to two cranks 19 ofthe horizontal ycrank shaft 13 which is disposed at onesideof the kcentral vertical plane-of the cylinders.r Rotatably mounted in the body 2 respectively located in the longitndinal centers ofzsaid pistons, are two driving 4shafts 15 at the outer side o'f and re;V i spectively extending into the pistons 17, and

20, each of which is providedjwithespiral driving r"means, A,which may "comprise a pe-y ri heralspiralgroove 2l. i

lliespectively rotatably mounted in the cylindersl are two ring driving members 22, which respectively encircle the driving shafts two balls igs. 5V tof), whichare` mountf ed,4 1n and have` traveling engagement ywith thegroojvved portions 21 of the shafts 20.

y2O, and yin each of which arerotatably seated 1 C ARespectively secured on `the lowerfendsof y the drivingshafts 2O are .twoV bevel` gear wheels 24, which respectively mesh` with bevelgearwheels 25, ofcorresponding diameters to the wheels 24;, and which a're'seclur'ed on the4 Ydriven.fshait15. The latter has SQL l l;

`cnred on it aspriocket wheel26, which is con,-

"nectedby chain ybelt 27k with a sprocket wheel 28 secured'n on the crank shaft 18 and",V

of twice the diameter of the sprocket wheel When either piston' 17 moves downwardly, it'will carry withrit adjacent driving rin g Y turning olockivisdas vieWedroin ab`ove,rbiit" can rotatefoounter-clockivise7 when the piston inoves upwardly. l

17, and the Vupper end otwhich bears'agai iist member VV22, the loallsQt of which, by engagL Y ing the adj aceiit drivingshaft 2O in the right ,y

' hand spiralgroovefQlyvvill c'ause'the shaft 20 A' to turn Counterfclockwise, as yviewed fronti above,v the ring member y22 beingheld from "rotation, on the down-Ward movement fof the ,piston, -byapawl or clutch-meiiiber 2.9'hav- 'ing on 'its'u'pper' side a tooth- 30, Which' is *jadaptedto enter a recess 3l in the lower side` 1(.)thfe' tooth SOfand recess Slis such? that 'the of the ring member 22. The dispositioiiof ring member` 22 is Aheldi'by j the vpawl 29' fromV TheSpaWl'29 `has' atits loiver eiidfa stein 32, livliich is vertically slidableina vertical holeiiithepistomFig. 3.,A

'Encircling thestern82 the lower` end" of AWhich, bears onthezpiston t the ui'iderI-fside of the Vpaivl 29 and normally *if forcesY the Ypa'wl into` engagementA with :the v ''ring member 22.1-Y The paWlQQ has opposite vLas latYverticalesi-des which slidably engage.y opposite sides of arecess 34in thepiston, Where-y Y bythe payvl is held from turning.

i the spiralggroove 21 of `each piston havin-g valead,y as shown, such that with a full downstroke of the piston7 the adjacent v,shaft eters, and` the: sprocket'` vWheel Y 28 i twicey j the diameter ol' the sprocket Wheel; 26,-tlie driven .shaft l5 'Willrmake two completerevolutions to one revolutionV v of the crankshaft 13 'and one full reci'procationofl the piston lVZ-,lvvlierebyvvithout increasing the pistoir speed3-`the Y Vspeed jothemajchine driven by the-:shaft 15 p 40. s l t flliecranks I9' of the crankshaft Y two cylinder engine;asshoW-ii,V vare YdisposedV diametrically opposite to'each other,Y softhat when one piston 217 is f moving inf one direction, the other piston will be moving inthe Y opposite direction] The Vfunction of*V the i YVcrankshaft 1 3 is toforee the pistons upwardly Y 'on the exhaust strokes. and downwardly on f other pistonupwardly.f

Y YY theintakestrolies# YiWheii either cylinder has a chargefired in it, the Vpistoniri.'said-'cylinder vvilllbe forced Yby the vrexplosion- 'dov/nivardly j VYin the usual manner,Y and through5 ftlieii'iter-Y m'ediacyjof thecrankshaft 13, vvillforcethe hen the pistonsY 17 ringfmembersQZ,during such direction ,of

rotation of the latter.

f "1 135' designates tWov usual sparkiplu'gs' `With v i t Y kwhich'tl'ie cy-linders'inay be provided respec- Ido not limi Y shown and descrrbed,vas many modifications, Y`

yIn testimony :'YvvliereoifY .naineYt-o this specification.. A Y.

, move' upwardly fthe Y f QOIWill .rotate the lringin'eiiiloerg@ 22" Counieticckwisslas viewers rigira i V4l'ab-ove, the'springs-B yeldingtopermit the u i `pavvls 29 to Vbe moveddownwardlybyjthe shovvmjinay be yconnected to vand operated the crank shaft 13'. V Y

While I have shownan vengine'havingk two i cylinders; it Will be obviousthatthis number'. may bevaried: j r

t iny invention tol the Vstructure` Within elastomer-the appended Cities, may

bemade Without departingfromthe spirit of luy invention- Y Y;

yVhat l' "claiiii isz-ei f i., l, linY an'A explosive enginethefcoiiibination.

with' areciprocative piston and a rotary shaft having spiral driying'means; of, aring drive t ingl member reciprooat-ive- With "and, rotative relatively .to said pistoni `and longitudinally' movable on Aand havingdrivingengagement l Y with. saidshaftandfhavinginf onefeiid a fre-1 Y cess, ap'aWlhaving a'stem'longitudinallylslidf held from" rotation in anliby said :pistonaiid being adapted toenter saidirecessffjor holding Y i said'ffriligfmember from rotation in one diieotiomYwhenf'saidpiston. ismoving on its I YV "power stroke,v and yadapted to, be forced 'out of Vsaid recess' by said ring membergivhen said 'piston isgmovinginthe opposite directiom-'J iaridresilieiit nieaiisfor normallyforcing said paWl into* lockedV engagementwvithsaid ring. Y

'ineiiiloer;I I Y, 2.1In'anexplosiveenginethecoriibinatioii` with a reciprocative plstonanda rotaryshaft having spiral :driving meansyofafringldrivlf Y i ing; member reciprocativeV Y Withv fand rotativev relatively to vsaid pist-onv and longitudinally i', i, movabley orian'dliaving drivingengagement a with said shaftfa'pawl longitudinally `"slid- 1 V"ably ittedfin and heldzfro'inrottioiibysaid iston andY havingfmearisadapted. to engage Y and hold-said ,ring member iroinrotation iiiY ingYeiigagenient,V i .r

mr, one. direction whensai'dfYpistonisfon itspovver -f 'i stroke and forced'by 'said ringl 'member from l "suchengagementzwheir,thegpiston -is moving liii theloppositeldirection, andresilientme'aiis i i V, Viloeariii'ggon'said pistonaiidagainst saidpaivl im for normally forcing said paWl YVtoapositioli Vin-#Which the pa'vv'lispadaptedffor suchhold- Y,

Iv havey signed my Y i A

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