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Publication numberUS1776433 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 23, 1930
Filing dateJul 28, 1928
Priority dateJul 28, 1928
Publication numberUS 1776433 A, US 1776433A, US-A-1776433, US1776433 A, US1776433A
InventorsWilliam H Harstick
Original AssigneeWilliam H Harstick
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Order indicator
US 1776433 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

sept. 23, 1930.l

W, H. HARSTICK ORDER NDICATOR Filed July SCM / I bbounup y Patented Sept( 23, Y1930 y i l i 1,776,433,f

i UNITEDSTATES :OF-FI'C'llff y WILLIAM' n. .nnnsmrcm o'r"BEi:orr,wrscoNsIN- y l ORDER INDICATOR e f Application filed my 2s, 192s.' semina. 215,921., e

The invention provides a device whereby thelarticlesilistedl,w Each of tliediscs l"is i y 4 the housewife may post an order for visiting provided witha knob 8 which is, mounted in, vtradesmen without the necessity of having to an opening` Q i The knob 8 is llutedor rough#V write a list of the articles desired and the cnedA to'` enable the hand toobtain a firm grip j amount of each article ordered. thereon. )The knob-8 is hollow and' prefer- 55k A VThe invention consists of a base, bearing a ably formsfapartfof the disc, beingpressed list of articles generally delivered from'a 4outwardly therefrom; An" open.' helical wagon or other conveyance, and a movable springt) is disposedwithin e'achfof the knobs indicator associated with each item of the list Sand exerts anoutward pressure thereon to lo to designate the amount and incidentally .the normally maintain the disc in contact with 60 articles wanted. t y f lthe;rearwside ofv the/front. 1'.; Each of.` the While the drawing illustrates a vpreferred discs 3 risprovidedl with" numbers which are" embodiment ofthe invention, it is to be ungrouped' about the knob y8 so asfto: registery f derstood that in adapting the means to meet with the fooenin'g 7 'for observation e there-V specific needs and requirements,- the design throughnl penings 10y are formed'in' the 65 may be varied and changes in the minor de- Quter yinargiinal` portion of eachfoffthe discs tails of construction may be resorted to with- 3,' and aref` equidistantly spaced and' are in the scope of the invention as claimed, adapted` tor* register with projections 11V without departing from the spirit thereof. plfeSSelIelrWaIdly l` the OH; 1- III this For a full understanding ofthe invention manlief Casual displacement ofthe discs isf 70 and the merits thereof, reference is to be had prevented." The springs 9 bear against 'the to the following description and-the drawing back 2.and exert' a forward pressure uponthe hereto attached, in which discs Sthereby holding the projections 11 in Figure l is e front View 0f anorder `indiengagement With the Openingslo. The proat01--emb0dyng the invention, jCIl0I1S ll are lOCllled OllWIClly from the 75 .Figure 2 is a vertical transverse'sectional numbers provided upon the discs thereby view on the line 2 2 of Figurel 1 looking in preventing marring of the numbers when thej'dreeten of the arrows, the discs are rotated from one position to Figure '3 is a face View of one of the discs. aIlOheI'. 4 Figure 4: is a detail Sectional View of a, P01*- Tl'le CllSCS 3 tre lll their IOtatlOl'l 80 tien 0f the device,v by means of stops 12 and 13. The stop 12 Corresponding and like parts arereferred `iS partly Cut IOIII the back 2 and bent forto in the following description and desig Wardly. The stop 13 consists of an ear formnatedf in the several views 0f the drawing ed upon the outer edge of the disc 3 and bent by like reference Characters, f rearwardly to be engaged by the stop 12 as in- 85 The device contemplates,V e bese which ie dicated most clearly in Figure 4 of the drawprovided upon its face withV a list of articles ing. When the stops 12 and 13 are in ento be ordered. This base may be of any digagement the discs are positioned so that a mension dependent upon vthe number of arblank space thereon comes opposite the open- 450 ticles to be listed.v Y ing 7 It is thus possible to set the indicator ,99 The base includes a front 1 and a back 2- in the dark because as each of the numbers which are spaced apart to receive between appears oppositethe observation opening 7 a plurality of discs 3. The parts 1 and 2 usuthere is a perceptible click due to the snap- V ally consist of sheet metal and one of such ping 'of the projections 11 into the openparts, as the frontn1,vis formed with a rim ings 10. e 95 4` which is recurved as indicated at 5, to em- An opening 14 is formed in the upper porbrace the edge of the back 2 and thereby hold tion of the base to admit of suspending the the parts in proper position and present a indicator from a tack or other projecting n, finished appearance.v Pairs of openings 6 point. A clip 15 is provided at ythe lower t ,50 and7 are formed in the front 1 for each of end of the base to admit of tickets, notes 'or 100 coin being conveniently positioned to be taken up by the party making delivery of the goods j ordered.

The indicator will be exposed to the weather and to prevent moisture accumulating in the lower portion and freezing in cold weather 'andrusting the-parts, drain openings16,` and are formed in the lowerportion thereof for the escape of moisture thatvmay 'nd'its way into thecspace formed-,between the front 1 and back 2. v

K Having thus described the invention,k I.v n claim l c n* 1, Anr indicator comprising a Ybase,"discs rotatably mounted upon the base, indications on the ldiscsY and base, stops "projecting'fori I wardly from the base, and stops on the respectivediscs arranged to engagethelstops v on the' base to limit rotation of the discs.

2. An indicator comprising a back, a front havingk a rim with a'portion rebent to embrace theedge of the' back and provide a `nish andl hold the front and back in place,"

said front bearing alist of articles and prol vided with pairs yof, openings, andi-having projections pressed inwardly therefrom,v

o discs disposed betweenfthe front and back and provided with knobs which pass through Y an opening ofthe several pairs of openings, an openhelical spring within each of the knobs and engaging thesaid back and nerf mally urging thediscs forwardly, said discs bearing numbers and formed with openings i to receive the projections of the' front, and

coacting stops between the discs and the back *Y to limit rotation vof the discs.

' Intestimony whereof I affix my signature.


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U.S. Classification40/495
Cooperative ClassificationG09F11/23