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Publication numberUS1776983 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 30, 1930
Filing dateJan 18, 1929
Priority dateMar 30, 1928
Publication numberUS 1776983 A, US 1776983A, US-A-1776983, US1776983 A, US1776983A
InventorsRotherham Bryan
Original AssigneeRotherham Bryan
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Combined seat cushion, foot muff, and carrier or receptacle
US 1776983 A
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' Sept. 30,- 1930. B. RO HE H Q 1,776,983


Ml. M aai,-

Patented Sept. 30, 1930 UNrrED sures P5ATE T OFFFICVE' IBRYAN ROTHERHAM, OF LONDON, ENGLAND COMBINED SEAT cusnion, room IVI'UFE," Aili1' D"ARRIER on nncnrrhctn Y Application filed January 18, 1929, Serial No.

This invention relates to anew or improved article of manufacture which'is capable of use for such Widely difierent purposes,

as a seat cushion, or as a foot-muff or as an 5 emergency hand-bag, carrier, or holder.

' Exteriorly, the improved article when closed, has all the characteristics of an ordinary seat or back cushion and can be of any desired shape in plan such as circular, D- shaped or the like. It can moreover be made of or covered with leather, fabric or other appropriate material. 7

Interiorly, the article is lined with some suitable soft and warm material such as sheepskin, the top and bottom parts being only connected with'each other around their edges.

Access to theinterior when it is desired to use the article as a foot-muff, bag or container, is obtained through a peripheral mouth or opening of substantialwidth, the formation of which is such that the upper part be raised and turned back to facilitate the insertion of the feet.

In order to facilitate a clear understanding of the invention reference is made in describing the same to the accompanying drawing, wherein, 1

Figure 1 is a general view of the new or improved article of manufacture when in use as aseat cushion.

Figures 2 and 3 are front and side views respectively of the same when in use as a foot-muff.

Referring to the drawing, it will be seen that the improved article of manufacture comprising the subject matter of this invention is distinguished from an ordinary pad or cushion, which is one of the purposes it is intended to serve, in that there is no independent filling, the two main parts a, 7), constituting the upper and lower portions or elements of the article being lined on the inside with some suitable soft and warm material, such as fur or sheepskin, and only permanently connected together around a part of their peripheries, the remaining part being detachably connected together to provide a mouth or opening 0 so that when required the articl'e serve $33,485, has Gr ater-ham March 30,;19as.

connected portion 'ormouthfc terminates at each end, as shownfator-near-the junction of the upperpart ct with the peripheralwall d" so that the latter does not interfere with the turning back of theupper part when them'outh is opened, as shown 'in Figures 2 The bottom part b may be provided at the mouth with a 11p 6 which is normally tucked insidethearticlebut which when'the article is useda'sa foot mulfycan be pulled outwardly into a positi'on inwhich it encloses'the heels and ankles as shown more clearly in Figure 3. This lip, which maybe made of 1eather,"is preferably also lined with furor some" other soft and warm material, and may be-made elastic-by incorporating within it an indiarubberband orspring so that after the feet are inserted in the muff the lip conformsclosely around and effectually encloses assum s." 1 The mouth can be retained in the closed position in any suitable manner as by means of-the Kynock lightning fastener f, or by dome or snap "fastenersf In the former case the mouth may be openedor closed'bymeans of a single slide gas shown, or by means of a pair of oppositely movable slides in which case the saidjslides may each carry a stra adapted when'th'emouth or opening is close to be joined together to form a handle whereby the article may be carried as when'in use 7 as a bag or container. Alternativelmthei handle h'm'ay as shown be permanently secured to the upper part of the article in the immediate vicinityof the mouth. a

Instead of a fastener of the type shown, one or other of the edges of the mouth or opening can be formed or provided with a flap adapted, when the mouth is closed, to be secured by a strap attached to the other edge and passed through slits in the flap, its other end being secured by a buckle, snap fastener, button or the like. The portion of the strap between the slits forms a handle. As already mentioned, when the improved article is not required for other purposes it can be advantageously employed as a receptacle for various kinds of goods, either for the purposes of storage or transit.

I claim:

1. As a new article of manufacture a hollow casing of flexible material lined on the inside with soft and warm material and having a peripheral mouth or opening furnished with a, withdrawable lip and with means for opening and closing said mouth.

2. As a new article of manufacture a flat hollow casing comprising upper and lower members of flexible material lined on the inside with some soft and warm material and permanently secured together only around a part of their edges, a withdrawable lip carried by the unsecured part of the edge of the lower member and adapted when the article is used as a cushion to be tucked in between the upper and lower members, and means for releasably securing together the unconnected parts of said edges.

3. As a new article of manufacture a flat hollow casing comprising upper and lower members of flexible material lined on the inside with some soft and warm material secured together only at the edges and having a peripheral mouth, a withdrawable lip arranged in said mouth and having an elastic free edge and means for opening and closing said mouth.

4. As a new article of manufacture a fiat hollow casing comprising upper and lower members of flexible material lined on the inside with some soft and warm material and connected together at the edges by a peripheral wall having a mouth or opening terminating at each end at the junction between said wall and the upper member, a withdrawable lip arranged in said mouth and having an elastic free edge, a handle for carrying the article and means for opening and closing said mouth.

5. As a new article of manufacture, a hollow casing of flexible material having a peripheral mouth opening, means for closing said opening, a flexible lip adjacent said mouth opening, and means extending about the free edge portion of said lip for drawing the latter snugly about a body member inserted in said mouth opening.


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