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Publication numberUS1777224 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 30, 1930
Filing dateApr 25, 1929
Priority dateJan 29, 1929
Publication numberUS 1777224 A, US 1777224A, US-A-1777224, US1777224 A, US1777224A
InventorsReuther Johann Wilhelm
Original AssigneeReuther Johann Wilhelm
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Packing device for automatic sack-weighing machines
US 1777224 A
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7 Sept. 30, 1930. J. w. REUTHER 1,777,224


The present invention refers to a packing device for automatic sack weighing machines of the type described in the U. S. Patent No. 1,730,295 (application Serial Numher 266,778) comprising means or packing members arranged to coact with opposite sides of a sack and means for actuating said members to alternately effect simultaneous engagement with opposite sides of the 1 sack at different heights. The packing members hereby effect a bending of the sack to one side. In double acting devices of this kind, in which two double-armed oscillating levers having each two pressing heads are provided, the sack is bent alternately in opposite directions.

With this packing device the upper and lower packing members engage the sack in such manner that they exert pressures at 0pposite inclinations, that is to say the upper packing member acts in a downwardly inclined direction and the lower packing member in an upwardly inclined direction against the sack. Thus the directions of pressure of the upper packing member and the lower packing member cross each other.

In the preferred construction of the double acting device naturally the two lower packing members act at an inclined upward direction.

It has been established that the good packing results secured by the said packing device are still improved, if the lower packing member (or the lower packing members) also strikes against the sack at a downwardly inclined direction. In such case the effect of the upper packing member will be continued by the lower packing member with respect to the directions of pressure; contents of the sack displaced by the upper packing member will not be pushed back again by the lower packing member but will be worked upon in the same direction.

The action even of the lower packing memher in an inclined direction against the sack can be secured with the single acting packing device in this way, that the lower packing member is also arranged upright and is connected by suitable means with the upper packing member on the other side of the sacks In double acting. packing devices every lower upright packing member is mounted on: a special axis and connected correspondingly with the'upper packing member on the same side.'

By the alternate action of the upper and lower packing members on the sack packing is effected by both members in the. same inclined transversal direction.

Owing to the improved action the time of packing is shortened, and thus a very important increase of efiiciency of the weighing scale results. The equal directed packing movements of the packing members moreover have the advantage that less dust escapes and therefore annoyance and loss of material are avoided. Even a saving of sacks results thereby.

In the drawing a construction of the invention is shown by way of example.

On the axes a and b journaled horizontally on opposite sides of the sack at about half of its height the one arm packing members 0 and 0? respectively are mounted standing upright. The levers e and f, also fastened to the axes a, b, are so connected by links is, Z with cranks e on the driving shaft g, that on the latter rotating the packing members 0, d strike alternately opposite portions of the sack at the same height. At the bottom of the sack on both sides the axes a and b are horizontally journaled on which the packing members 0 and d are mounted. Moreover levers 0 and p are attached to the axes a and b and levers r and s to the axes a and b. The lever 0 and the lever 1 and so the lever p and the lever s are linked to the pack- 7 ing members 0, d by the rods 2? and u respectively, so that on the shaft 9 rotating alternately the packing members (Z and 0 and on g bars 0', (1' may be carried out in any convenient manner. V

I claim:

1. In a sack packing mechanism spaced packing members arranged to ccact with opposite sides of the sack to be packed, both packing members being constructed and actuated as to effect pressing engagement simul taneously at different heights and at inclined 10 downward and transverse directions.

2. A sack packing mechanism such :as claimed in claim 1 characterized in this that both packing members, which are oscillatory journaled on opposite. sides 10f vthe sack, are a 15 arranged upright and that the lower packingmember is'connected by linkage with the uper-packing member on the 0p osite side;

a the sack, in such manner that 0th packing members strike the sack simultaneously 20* in downward direction.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification. 1


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U.S. Classification141/75, 141/77
International ClassificationG01G21/00
Cooperative ClassificationG01G21/00
European ClassificationG01G21/00