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Publication numberUS1777261 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 30, 1930
Filing dateMay 17, 1928
Priority dateMay 17, 1928
Publication numberUS 1777261 A, US 1777261A, US-A-1777261, US1777261 A, US1777261A
InventorsEdward Grainger James, Gerrard Dixon Wentworth, Montague Shadbolt Samuel
Original AssigneeEdward Grainger James, Gerrard Dixon Wentworth, Montague Shadbolt Samuel
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US 1777261 A
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to an im- Figure 1 is a ysectional elevation ofthe valve.


The body of astop 'valve 1- of any suitable `form is provided with a detachable seat formed of a ring piece 2 screwed into the usual web 3 of the valve. rThis ring piece 2 has a horizontal valve seating 4 which stands up away from the web piece 3, so that dirt and light material cannot accumulate upon it, and further is shrouded on the inside by means of an upstanding vertical flange 5, which is adapted to pass-into a recess 6 in themovable valve member 7, which member 7 has an external ange 8, the lower surface 9 of which is formed as a horizontal valve seating co-operating with the seating 4. These seatings are as shown, at right angles to the direction ofdisplacement of the valve part 7 by means of the threaded spindle `10, and hand-wheel 11, so that they can be easily ground. Y

The valve member 7 is provided with a hollow cylindricalextension 12 sliding within the annular seat member 2, and is provided with a notch opening 13 of inverted triangular section, the apex 14 of which lies at some distance below the plane ofthe valve seating 9. It is preferred that the vertical distance between the apex 14 andthe valve seating 9 be greater than the depth of the ange 5, so

Figure 2 is a detailed view on an enlarged,

1928. Bcrll N0. 278,497.

It Willbe seen by this construction that seatings on valve and body can be easily s the seatings are protected against the-erosive action of fluid at high velocity passing across them b means of the protection flange 5.

We eclare that what we claim is A valve comprising a body, a partition in said body, a removable annular member seated in said body and having a horizontal seating upstanding from said partition so that dirt cannot deposit on said horizontal seating, and having a vertical flange on the inner side shmuding said seating and upstanding therefrom, a valve member having aA hollow cylindrical portion adapted to it and slide inside said verticalflange and a 'horizontal valve seating to cooperate with said first horizontal seating, said valve member being provided between said horizontal valve seating and saidcylindrical portion with an annular recess to receive said upstanding liange, said cylindrical portion having a V notch therein with an upwardly directed apexV located at a greater distance below said second horizontalseating than the depth of said upstanding ilange so that in closing the V notch entirely enters within the vertical ange and thereafter said seatings are brought together for a seal, and means for displacing said valve member with relation to said annular member to open and close the valve.

In witness whereof, we have hereuntol that the seat elements 4 and.9 are' Well sepa.

rated from one another, and this latter seating separated from its protective flange .5

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U.S. Classification251/210, 251/121
International ClassificationF16K29/00
Cooperative ClassificationF16K29/00
European ClassificationF16K29/00