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Publication numberUS1778282 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 14, 1930
Filing dateOct 23, 1928
Priority dateOct 23, 1928
Publication numberUS 1778282 A, US 1778282A, US-A-1778282, US1778282 A, US1778282A
InventorsStewart Robert W
Original AssigneeJohn M Walton
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Toilet-paper-roll holder
US 1778282 A
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oct. 14, 1930. v1/.STEWART 1,778,282

TOILET PAPER ROLL HOLDER gwvemtoa oefer N, Sra/WHT- Oct. 14, 1930. R. w. STEWART 1,778,282

TOILET PAPER ROLL HOLDER Filed Oct. 23, 1928 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Patented Oct. 14, 1930 7 )UNITED STATES PATENT oFFlcE Rosana* W. STEWART, oFNEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, AssIGNon or ONE-HALF 'ro JOHN M. WALTON, or NEW ORLEANS, LoUrsrANA i TOILET-PAPER-ROLL HOLDER This invention relates to toilet paper roll holders, one object of the invention being the provision of a device which permits the easy introduction of the roll in the holder,

Y and which after being introduced and swung in to place for use will not become accidently released, but requires a definite movement in opposition to the supporting position to permit release for removal and renewal.

Another object of this invention is the provision of a fixture that is readily hung for use, which is ornamental in appearance, which is simple, inexpensive and durable in construction, and which is thoroughly efficient and practical in use.

With the foregoing and other objects in view and which will appear as the description proceeds, the invention resides in the combination of parts as hereafter set forth, the in- '20 vention being limited only by what is claimed.

In the accompanying drawings Figure 1 is view in front elevation of a holder made according to and embodying my invention with the parts in the position they assume when supporting a roll, dotted lines showing their position when removing or introducing a roll.

Figure 2 is a side elevation of the holder.

Figure 3 is a top plan view thereof with the holder empty.

Figure 1 is ya detached perspective view of the meeting ends of the holding arms or members.

Figure 5 is a front elevation of a modified form of' roll holder.

Figure 6 is a side elevation thereof.

Figure 7 is a section on line 7-7 of Figure 5.

Figure 8 is a top plan view of the holder shown in Figure 9.

Figure 9 is a front elevation of still another modification, and

Figure 10 is a side elevation of the support and the upper end of one of the arms thereof.

Referring to the drawings, and more particularly to Figures 1 through 41 thereof, the numeral 11 designates the metal plate or base member, which has struck up therefrom the two apertured lugs12, and the intermediate place. These knobs enter the ends of the hollow supportforthe'roll R, shown in` broken lines in Figure A1, and thus form trunnions therefor so that the roll can be rotated to release the paper as desired. The longer ends of the arms are rotatably and longitudinally rockable in the apertured lugs 12,` so that'they` can assume'the several'positions as shown in F igurel, their inner ends being reduced as at 18 and 19, respectively and aperturedl to receive the pivot pin 20. By this arrangement, as the arms 14 and 15 are swung upwardly, until the flat faces of the ends 18 and 19 can be freely flexed, and are not engaged by the stop or cleat 13, the arms can be swung .outwardly7 to separate the knobs sothat the'roll R can be introduced, at which time the arms are moved inwardly and with the rolllowered so .that the ends 18 and 19 are within the cleat 13 Vand guarded against flexing.

As shown in Figures 5 through 7, the plate 11', hasfthev struck up aperturedflugs 12, whilefinstead of the cleat as formerly described being formed from the lower' edge ofthe platefthe two recessed lugs 13 'are struck up from the plate and the recesses aligned to receive the meeting ends of the arms 14 and 15", the ends 18 .and 19', not beingzpivot-edv together, but being normally held aligned by the coiled spring 21 which embraces bothinterengaging ends between the lugs 13. The terminals 16 .carry the knobs 17 andthe spring normally holds the knobs into rollengaging position, permitting however, the spreading of the arms when the same are swung upwardly and the lugs 13 permit such movement. y y

In the structure shown in Figures 8 to 10, the plate 11,`has the apertured lugs 12, but

in lieu of the stops 13 and 13, the two angular plates 22 are each provided with an angularly disposed slot 23 in which the inner ends of the arms 14 and l5 are guided, a spring 24 normally holding the ends seated in the lower ends of the slots, but permitting the arms to be flex-ed when swung upwardly so that the knobs 17 carried by the ends 16 of the arms can receive the ypaper roll,

Thus in all instances, there is provided a.

pair of roll receiving and supporting arms,

thaty when `inulow'ermost position are held f against outward swingingk or. spreading movement.

What is claimed, yas new is Y 1. A toilet paper roll holder, including a minals of the arms is provided, the latter assisting in holding the short terminals aligned when the L-shaped members are in roll holding position and permitting the short terminals to be moved out of alignment when the L`shvapedmembers are swung upward-ly and substantially parallel with the base member.

In testimony whereof I afiiX my signature. ROBERT W. STEWART.

supporting base member,"two"L-shap"ed roll receiving andy holding members the, shorter terminals of which are mounted upon said basemember so that said shorter rterminals constitute hinging elements *to permitthe members to /berotated when the terminals are alignedy and rocked away from each other to separate thelonger terminals for the introduction and `removal of a roll of paper,

and means for holding saidshorter terminals l aligned. Y

'2. A toilet paperroll holder, according to claim l, in which the meeting ends of the -v base, two spacedapertured lugs struck np therefrom, two L-shaped arms,:1the shorter terminals vof which are journaled'in said lugs to ermit the arms being rotated with the Yterminals Valigned and. to be longitudinally rocked in said lugs to permit .the longer terminals to incline outwardly, and means oarriedby the base and adjacent the inner Sil endsrof the, shorttermin'als of the arms to prevent .longitudinal rockingl of theV arms. when the, arms are in roll suspending-posi# tion. v l v e y5. A toilet paper roll holder, accordingto claim 4, in' which the meeting ends of the short terminalsofthe arms are reduced and A overlap, so that the short terminals of the'. arms can be non-aligned when'the arms are rocked longitudinally. v

A toilet paper roll holder,raccording to claim 1,*in which a spring surrounds the inner ends. 'of thefshort terminals'of the hold*- ing members to resiliently hold them aligned.


7. A toilet paper holder according to claim f v `l, in which the base has two apertured and spaced lugs struck .upv therefrom, and inz which-a separate intermediatey supporting means for the .adi Dining Y@11de ,oi thel Sherman

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U.S. Classification242/596.3, 242/596.7
International ClassificationA47K10/22
Cooperative ClassificationA47K10/40
European ClassificationA47K10/40