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Publication numberUS1778568 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 14, 1930
Filing dateMay 11, 1929
Priority dateMay 11, 1929
Publication numberUS 1778568 A, US 1778568A, US-A-1778568, US1778568 A, US1778568A
InventorsWalter B Schulte
Original AssigneeBurgess Battery Co
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Hand-lamp holder
US 1778568 A
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Oct. 14, 1930. w U E 1,778,568

HAND LAMP HOLDER Filed May 11. 1929 INVENTOR W5. 50/) 1/ Te.


This invention relates to holders for small articles and more particularly to holders for small hand lamps of the so-called flat type and especially a hand lamp of the type described in the Zook Patent'No. 1,701,093,

granted February 5, 1929.

It is an object of my invention to provide a holder into which a flat type hand lamp may be readily inserted and removed.

It is another object of my invention 'to provide a holder for a flat type hand lamp which may be attached to any one of a variety of supports.

Other and further objects of my invention will become apparent as the following description progresses, which is to be taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings. In the drawings Figs. 1 and 2 are perspective views of various modifications of my improved holder, and Fig. 3 is a front elevation of a telephone instrument illustrating another form of the invention in use.

In Fig. 1. I have shown the simplest form of my holder. It may be formed from a 5 single piece of sheet metal and may comprise a substantially flat rear body portion 14 which is preferably shorter than the hand lamp to be supported. The side portions 15 are preferably arc-shaped to fit the hand lamp. They approach each at the front but do not extend far enough to meet. A bottom support or stop 16 comprises a short extension to the lower end of rear portion 14 which is bent forward at substantially right angles.

The holder is adapted to be fastened to a cylindrical support. A substantially are.- shaped supporting strip 17 is integral with rear portion 14 and extends from the top thereof and curves rearwardly. A portion 18 near the end of strip 17 is bent back upon itself to bring it into parallel relation with rear portion 14. Rear portion 14 may be perforated and the metal adjacent the hole depressed so that screw-headed bolt 19 may penetrate and its head be substantially flush with the plane of the surface. Portion 18 of strip 17 may be perforated and the hole aligned with the hole in rear portion 14 and of the proper size that, upon turning of Serial No. 362,262.

bolt 19, portion 18 of strip 17 will follow the thread. Bolt 19 may have a nut 30 threaded upon its end portion. Thus, by turning bolt 19. strip 17 may be caused to tighten or release its grip upon a cylindrical support.

In Fig. 2 there is illustrated a holder somewhat similar to that shown in Fig. 1 but which is designed to be fastened to a special support. as a desk telephone. Side portions 20 are practically as long as rear portion 21 while stop 2:2 is similar to the stop in the form heretofore described. Arc-shaped supporting strip '23 has a longitudinal rib 24 impressed outwardly therein to engage a similar rib upon a telephone instrument. The strip 23 may extend eccentrically from rear portion 21 so that when strip '23 engages its support. the body of the holder is moved to one side and will not interfere with the operation of the telephone set. as. for instance. the movement of the receiver hook. This form of holder may also be adapted to receive a screwheaded bolt 25 for the purpose of tightening or releasing the grip of supporting strip 23 upon the desired part of the telephone set.

Fig. 3 of the drawings shows the invention applied to a telephone instrument 26. As shown. strip 23 is secured to the standard or upright support of the instrument by tightening bolt 25. The body portion 21 is extended at right angles to strip 23 and when in position is arranged parallel to the standard 26. The hand lamp may then be arranged inverted in the holder to direct its rays downwardly toward the dial (not shown) of an automatic telephone instrument.

The forms of holder illustrated and described are not meant to exhaust the number of forms the holder may take but merely to indicate the manner in which structural details may be varied to adapt the holder to different supports.

I claim:

1. A holder for a flat type hand lamp comprising a shaped sheet metal blank having a flat rear portion shorter than the hand lamp to be received therein, side portions of reduced height curved to fit said hand lamp and failing to meet at the front, an int/egrab stop member comprising an extension at the bottom of said rear portion extending substantially at right angles to said rear portion, and an integral substantially areshaped, ribbed supporting strip extending from the top of said rear portion, having a reverse bend in said strip to bring a portion near the end thereof into substantially parallel relation with said rear portion, said reverse bend and said rear portion having aligned openings adapted to be adjustably connected by a bolt. Y

2. A holder for a flat type hand lamp comprising a shaped sheet metal blank having a flat rear portion, side portions curved to fit said hand lamp, an integral stop member comprising an angular extension at the bottom of said rear portion, and an integral substantially arc-shaped, supporting strip extending from the top of said rear portion, and arcing to the rear thereof, a reverse bend in said strip bringing a portion near the end thereof into substantially parallel relation with said rear portion, said reverse bend and said rear portion having aligned openings adapted to be adj ustabl connected by a bolt.

In testimony whereo I aflix my signature.


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