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Publication numberUS1778850 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 21, 1930
Filing dateJun 2, 1928
Priority dateApr 13, 1928
Publication numberUS 1778850 A, US 1778850A, US-A-1778850, US1778850 A, US1778850A
InventorsDuisenberg Georg
Original AssigneeDuisenberg Georg
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Roller skate
US 1778850 A
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Qt 1 cs. DUISENBERG 1,178,850

ROLLER SKATE Filed June 2. 1928 roller fan Patented Get. 21, .1939


' noLLnR sxarn Application filed J'un'e 2, 192$, Serial 1 To The object of the present invention is to producea roller skatewhich is particularly suitable for figure skating, and the invention j consists in providing the skate with a ground situated in a substantially"central pos1t1on under-the arch of the foot. Preferably ers mounted at the ends of the foot plate in alignmentwith the ground roller and car- 10 riedin an elevated position relative'to the latter, the auxiliary rollers being adapted to swivel like casters so as to adjust themselves Fig; 3, a topviewshowing. a modified'arrangement of the auxiliary rollers, I

of the main ground rollermount,

Fig. 5, a top vlew of Fig. 4

' 4, and

' features of claims 3 and 4a. 7 c

The roller skate is provided-with the usual footplate a and is fitted with a ground roller 5 arranged. substantially in a central position so as to-be situated under thearch'of the foot.

In addition to the main groundroller, the

' skate is preferably provided with auxiliary rollers c and a? arranged in alignment with the roller Z), one at the front and'the other-at the rear end of the skate. The auxiliary rollers are on. a higher level thanthe roller 6 and do not normally touch the ground.- They are preferably of smaller diameter than the roller b and mountedlike castors soithat they can adjust themselves to the curvature in which the skate is running.

i rollers 0 and d being mounted in swivelled' forks 6 with the rollercentres outsidelthe vertical axesof the swivel pins f V A modified arrangement, s shownin Fig;

- I 3 wherein the roller is mounted loosely onia spherical hub h which in its turn is mounted the skate is also provided with auxiliary roll- Fig.4, aside view showing a modification Fig.7isatop View otaskatecornbiningthe j a-The roller is mounted by means of a ball v bearing on an axle hand projects through;

1 shows suchlan arrangemenu the'f "2. A roller skate as claimed in claim 1 by means ofa shaft g'inthefork e, the roller 232,439, a in Germany April 13,1928.

being adapted to turn about the hub and to be deflected thereonfto follow the curvature 1 of the path. To enable the roller to be mount- 1 ed on the hub it is provided with a detachable center portion extended through half the." S5 1 thickness of the roller.

in Fig. 1, be held between permanently fixed supporting arms. As an alternative, a bear- -1ng bracket Z (Figs. 4 and 5) may be used, V

the position of which can be adjusted accord ing to requirements. The footplate; a is formed with a longitudinally elongated aperture n, and the bracket Z is formed with lips 0- adapted to engage-the plate edges within the aperture so as to connect the bracket'to .the'pla'te'and allow it'to slide thereon. A 4 plate extension'm on the bracketZ is formed withfan elongated slot "7' forthe reception of a fastening screw 10 secured to thefoot [plate a. I A wing-nut q on the screw is used 1 r i V for'fastening the plate m and 'thusthe roller Fig. 6, a section on th l' n'e'VI-VI of Fig. Y

screws "or other fastening members maybe bracket Z in adjusted position. Additional resorted to.- r

the aperture 11' so as tocarry the. foot'plate in'as low a position'aslpossible. 1

' The connection of the skate to the footwear I 1. .A roller skate comprising a foot plate having acentrally disposed longitudinallyelongated aperture, a bearing bracket having lips engaging the. plate "edges within'said apertureso as to connect the bracket'to the plate and allow its position thereon .to be adjusted longitudinally, means for, securing the is efiected in any suitable known manner. v

bracket to the plate in adjusted: position'fa' i (ground roller mounted in said bra'cket, and casters mounted at the ends'of the plate in an elevated-positionrelative to said roller. wherein the means for securing the bracket wing. nut. r j v roller skate having three rollers ar ranged in the same vertical plane, the end 'masso? The main ground roller 6 may, as shown 7 fin adjusted-position comprises a screw and a v v I r r 1,778,850

dle roller, the end rollers being deflectable 7' and adapted to adjust themselves automatisally to. the travelling direction.

44A roller skate having three, rollers ar-f ranged in the same vertical plane, the end 7 rollers being on a higher level than the middle roller, and spherical hubs whereon the r end r'ollersare mounted so as to allow of being deflected in a horizontal plane.


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U.S. Classification280/11.222
International ClassificationA63C17/08
Cooperative ClassificationA63C17/08
European ClassificationA63C17/08