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Publication numberUS1779057 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 21, 1930
Filing dateNov 5, 1929
Priority dateNov 5, 1929
Publication numberUS 1779057 A, US 1779057A, US-A-1779057, US1779057 A, US1779057A
InventorsTolmach Samuel
Original AssigneeTolmach Samuel
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US 1779057 A
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Oct. V2l, 1930. s, TOLMACH 1,779,057

TOOTHBRUSH Filed Nov. 5, 1929 BYMm/9LM v TToRNEx/.s

Patented Oct. 2l, 1930 SAMUELY'TOLMAci-,

' Application ledNovember This invention relates to improvements in tooth brushes and especially to the kndinV which the brush may be adjusted relatively tothehandle to facilitate access A'to all the V `f5 surfaces ofthe teeth vfor thorough and propj anyv suitable linanner `;}tlie"fhandle posed offany Vjsuit'abl'e'rnDin-'metal er cleaning. Y

An object of the'invention is to provide a brush with means to afford av maximum range of adjustment so that it may be set to 110 numerous positions relatively tothe handlev vhandle may `always extendl substantiallyA perpendicular to the aceirre?y and so that the spectiveof the position of the brush thereon.

Anothery object of the inventiony 1s to pro.-

V"51'5 vide a toothbrush` having a universal .ad-j

justment, which yis strong and simple in con# structionV and which may be vmanufactured economically. j

Features andV advantages will'hereinafter V20 appear.-

- In theidrawings.- n n Fig. 1y isa side` elevation of myV tooth brush. i.

Fig. 2 isla detail sectional view, on a larger "'25 scale showing construction of the universal joint;

Fig. s is L Side view, partly in sacabanlustrating another form of the invention.

Fig. 4 is aV` side view of still another :form

I "30 of the invention. y l .y

1 f Fig. 5 isjaitop plan viewofv the brush7` shown in'F'g.' 4, removed from Aits holder.

Fig. 6 is a top plan view of the brush part shown in Figs. v1 `and 3.4 Y Y K Fig. 7 is a still further form of the invention. V'

Similar reference characters: .represent similar parts throughout the-several views. j

' A brush 10 is' supported on va handle 11 by means of a universal joint 12;` the.` uni--r versal joint' including'aloall 13 and a socket Y A 5 V',ball@.1l1;1"10.1f1gli'.the'Opening The ball 18 is preferably securedtof the f brush 10 sovvthat the, latter may readily? 45 ibe removed from the?A holder *forsubstitution Y by a new one. In order to secure the loall to the brush it `may loe, provided with a stem 1 "I y .'15 secured vto a-platey lf3-embedded in the v back 17 of the brush nlany convenientman-l i 14 into which the ball lits.

improved oFnEW YORK, if*

tionf20: and adaptedvto engage tapered 'shoul dersy 24C on thejaws' 18'`r and 19l tovforceisajd jaws ltogether fand vthus. Clamp Vthehall suf j iciently tightto prevent accidental4` displace 1 ment' 'of' the brush relativ ly :t thef han universal joint ,'12 the lnut'r fed towards:i saidjoint. To yprevent accidentalloosenk.; ing'ofthe shank 21 whilethe .universal f y loein'g4` tightenedthe' thread 'on' "said "10V shank may. be in a directionfwhi'ch, tends to'l 'screw4 said shank further "finto". tlieljbru' 1 By @inspecties 'of' ings? 1 salia twin i f loe understoodthat the "stemfv v151 is fperpendic.y '115;y ular, tothe" brush and thatthestemv may not onlyV be rotatedaho'utits'axissbiit' that' said .stem linaybe.; adjusted inf. anyV -V radial posi tin relatively Vto'fjthe .centeito'i the 'loa'll 135,

receiving: 'end .vof-1v said. j jaws? rAccordingly the-,brush mayfbe rotated @totally iangfilar may be set with .its-facein any angular-.pos'i- Y ball 13.?. nl

l-Injorder to-rem0vel-the i YVtion v2.() far enough. topermit the jaws 41:8 llm;

and`19` to be swung apart while pulling fthe-r ,f

tol ornithe handle Fig withinl the. range of the iopening-25-atfthe 80. v'

I' so 23a is threaded on to the holder 2 9 andis provided with inclinedv shoulders 24a to engage the socket portions of the jaws to clamp saldjaws against the ball 13 and thus holdl the brush against accidental displacement;

To give a wider range of adjustment of the brush the free ends of thejaws rnay extend perpendicularly to their stems 20a and the jaw 19at may be cut out at 30;`

' to preventadisplacement Y In the form of the invention stem 15h-provided with a threaded end 31 shown in Figf- 4 the brush 10b has secred thereto Ta `bent dinally thereof, the free end of said sleeve engaging the socket forming portionof said jaws to hold the saine in clamped position against theball. i

VIn testimonywhereof I have aiiiX'ed my signature to this specification. 3

j sAMUEL ,TQLMACH by which it may be detachably secure'dtoa stem 15c extending from.ball{13li Theball is located in a socket 14a suitably secured to Vthe handle V-11b,`fand an Vinturned end. 341:` lof alnut or coupling threaded on the stein coupling that the ball'may be iirrnly gripped formsdby a may' Y 32in'the end of a portion 33 which may be of the brush 10b.

portion V33'. Itwill I i readily be understoodthat by means ofthe VIn-Fig. `'7 the invention includesatubular brush holding element 36 whichmay besecured to aireducedv portion 37 of theffhandlev 11c byrpressing portions38 of theelernent 36"into 'depressions 39,0f the handle portion Vbodiments Vshown in the The is slightly tapered and is provided that the-'jaws maybe tightened against the ball byv nut 239 threadedfontothe-stein 20c.V l

Y if v"It-ivill beunderstood that in any. form theV nut is utilized totighten the jaws sufficiently Y on the ball'to hold the brush'against acci-V dental; displacement but that the position of the brush may be changed atl will `withcjmt loosening the nut,v being also used to take up `wear ofthe ball in its. socket; It will also be understoodfthat in cert-ain forms of the invention the `nutinay bescrewedbalrfar enough toienable-the jaws tolbe sprung apart, "suliciently-V to permit A.of removal and i'ns'er# tion of therball relatively tol/the socket when' vreplacing ythe brush'element. Y Having thus described the invention Ifdo not desire to limit myself to the specific ern'- illustrati-ve and there `being other variations that fall withinthe Ascope of` thevrappended vIn a tooth brush', the 'cornbinationioaitriotliA brush,V afhandle therefor, a V univers'al joint Y interposedF between `s aidb l ments5 jawsV Acarried by the rushangdghadi f comprising aball carried by one :ofsaidele` V V otheroffsaid ele'- drawlngsythese being Y f1 12o -n1`ents,rsa-id' jawsforminga socket forsaid Vball,*^orie ofisaid elements threaded iSleeve A .A having "a thread? i i v "edjshanklandaninternally Y 5 Carried by: fsaid shank( andi Vmovabler l'ogi'tw"

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