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Publication numberUS1779236 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 21, 1930
Filing dateOct 4, 1927
Priority dateOct 4, 1927
Publication numberUS 1779236 A, US 1779236A, US-A-1779236, US1779236 A, US1779236A
InventorsHoegger Joseph A
Original AssigneeHoegger Joseph A
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Bracket and shelf
US 1779236 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Oct. 2l, 1930. J. A. HoEGGER BRACKET AND SHELF Filed Oct. 4. 1927 & ,21 Z8 Patented ct. 21, 193() UNITED STATES g'PJrENT oFFicLEQ JosErH A. HOEGGER, F JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY l BRACKET AND SHELF Application `iiled October 4, 1927. Serial No. 223,871. i

My invention relates to improvements in shelf supporting brackets and the combination between a shelf and a bracket. My 1nvention relates more particularly to brackets v n preferred way without 6 and shelves which are of an ornamental nature and in which it is desirable to have'the shelf firmly supported, but in such a way that it may be removed readily when desired. I

The invention is further intended to produce a simple, useful and handsome structure.

The invention is also especially applicable for use inconnection witha glass shelfwhich is supported by the bracket in such a way that the edges of the shelf are grasped between complementary abutments of the bracket arm so that the shelf is held against displacement,

but one member of the bracket arm is movable against astrong'tension, however, so

that when desired the shelf can be removed.

Reference is to be had to the accompanying drawings forming a part of this specification, in which similar reference characters refer to similar parts throughout the several views.

Fig. 1 is a front elevation of a shelf and supporting bracket arms embodying my invention. y

Fig. 2 is a vertical section on the line-2 2 of Fig. 3.

Fig. 3 is a longitudinal section on the line 3-3 of Fig. 2; and y if Fig. 4 is a detail of parts of the apparatus. The shelf 10 while it may be of any desired material is usually of glass as my whole structure is intended primarily to be ornamental and a glass shelf lends itself to this idea. The shelf has beveled edges and it is supported on the bracket arms 12. Each of these arms has an horizontally extending portion 13 to carry the shelf and base 14 which is intended to abut with the supporting wallor the like. In the drawing I have shown the base recessed as at 15 and the arm provided near its base with a socket 16, with the idea of providing a support in accordance with the disclosure of my application for Letters Patent of the United States, Serial No. 619,549, filed February 17, 1923. In such case the supporting stem enters the socket 16'and the member-,13. is fastened by a set screwflg?. Howevei s o far as this particular invention is concerned the bracket arm 13 can be supportedl in any' affecting the unovel featuresof the structure.' f

Onthe upper lside theV bracket arm has near the base and near the outer end `beveled abutments 18. and 1.9,.which` arefcomplementary tothe beveled edges 11 ofthe Yshelf 10 and which are arranged sofas Ito graspfthe .shelf edges and preventthe accidental displacement lof, the shelf, as clearly shown inFig.-2. The abutment 19 is formed f vv-onthek yface Opf-"the lug or hook 20 Awhich hasv a shank 21 slidably in and out in the bore 22 at Vthe outer end'of the bracket arm v13. This lshank21'has at its end extensions 23 (seerFig. 1) which enter a guide `slot 24 in ythe abutment and aiguide`25. This isa cylin-` YO drical member screw threaded toe'ngage the internal thread'v in the'bore 22, so that.y by screwingl the member 25 to its vseat itv forms a support andguide for the pull-rod 27. ati` ltached to the shelf 21 andan abutment forf' `the `spring 30 presentlygreferred to. The

guides 23 prevent the shank 21 `and the lug 20 from turning. vThe member 25 has a'bore 26 extending longitudinallythrough it Aand the guide rod and pull-rod extend throughco this bore and the outerV end of the rod is'w. threaded in the shank 21 vas shown at 28 in Fig. 2. The inner endof the rod 27 lies in a reduced part 22 of the bore 22 and has a head. or collar 29 betweenwhich and the ff abutment and guide 2,5 isvastif coil spring 30 lwhichy is wound around the rod. Thus, it'will be seen that the pressure ofthe spring 30pulls the rod 27 and the shankV 21 inward, so that the abutting face 19 of the lug 2() SO is in'constant and firm contact with the edge l11 of the shelf 10, but if it is desiredto .re-

move the shelf the member 21 can. be pulled rkout against the tension ofthe spring ,30 Lso l,

as to free the shelf edge and permit the easyv ,0d removal of the shelf.- It will be noted that a manner as to prevent it from turning out of contact with the shelf edge.

It will be further noted that the particular structure for guiding and horizontally supporting the engaging member 20 of the bracket can be changed Without affecting the principle of the invention.

I claim:

1. A shelf supporting bracket adapted to be secured to a Wall, comprising a horizontally projecting shelf supporting arm, means carried by said arm adjacent said Wall adapted to grip the edge of a shelf resting thereon, said arm having a hole longitudinally entering at the extremity thereof remote from said Wall, an internal thread in the said hole, an externally threaded plug adapted to be threaded into the said hole, a rod islidably carried in the said plug, a spring abutment at the end of said rod, a spring intern'iediate said abutment and said plug, means adapted to grip the outer edge of a shelf resting on said projecting arm, rigidly connected to a uide piece adapted to reciprocate in the said gole and rigidly secured to the said rod whereby the said gripping means is firmly held against the edge of said shelf and may be manually retracted from contact therewith When removal of the shelf is desired.

Q. Apparatus according to claim 1 in which the guide piece for said gripping means carries projecting pins Which mesh with recesses in the said plug whereby the said guide piece, plug and tensioning means may be threaded into operative position.

3. A shelf supporting bracket comprising an arm having means for rigid attachment to a Wall, said arm having a fixed external shelf engaging abutment and an intern al bore at its outer edge, an extei xible element adjustable Within the aforesl d bore compris ing a lug With a shelf engaging abutment thereon, a plug in which the lug has a guided movement, and a spring disposed to draw the said lug into the said bore.

4. A shelf supporting bracket comprising an arm having means for rigid attachment to a Wall said arm having an external shelf engaging abutment thereon and a bore at its outer end, a lug slidable in the bore of the arm and having a shelf engaging abutment thereon, a plug adjustably secured in the bore of the arm, guide members connected to the lug and fitting the complementary part of the plug, and a spring pressed rod extending through the plug and connected to the aforesaid lug.

In testimony whereof, I have signed my name to this specification this 3d day of October, 1927.


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European ClassificationA47B96/06B