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Publication numberUS1779936 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 28, 1930
Filing dateOct 26, 1925
Priority dateOct 26, 1925
Publication numberUS 1779936 A, US 1779936A, US-A-1779936, US1779936 A, US1779936A
InventorsHess Arthur
Original AssigneeHess Arthur
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Adjustable floor drain
US 1779936 A
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oct. 2s, w30. A. HESS 1,779,936`


7k/M* H655 BY @Ww/7%@ A TTORNEYS.

Patented Oct. L28.1930

UNITED; s'1.A.Tl5f:slaan;maGITE-m13]i g,

Altmann, nnss, F 4Los ANGELES, chfrrormrn, p

ADJSTABLE 12noon.v nanny ,Y y y j Application mea vocmw aaaiaaay V,senin No. e4,e17. Y Y

Thisinvention relatestoa drain suitable for disposition in aiioor yor other similar location.y Ity is now common pactice to iii: the body of a drain ina building structure such e that adjustment of the drain inletlaterally cannot be effected after'in'stallation. Such drains arecommonlyformed of a body having a basin Vorshield to collect seepage and invention illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which on the line 2 2 of Fig.` l, parts being shown in elevation and broken awayto betterillustrate the invention; and Fig. 3 is asection as' 3o seen on! the line 3 3 of Fig. 2,7on anenf larged scale showing a fragment of the structure. f

' Referring moreparticularly to the ldrawing,'a trap `basin indicated by 5 is provided with a leg V6 to whicha drain pipe maybe connected.V A panV or shield projects from the basin and is provided vfor-the purpose of receiving seepage from around the head and delivering it to the chamber of the basin. A

40 rport 8 connects-the pan withthe body of they basin and is controlled by -a check valve 9 mounted withina suitable cage secured in the y pan. f

' of liquidfrom the pan vvinto-the basin but to prevent back flow, asjthe ballV will seat in its cage l0, thereby closing the inlet port. The

flange vof the"Y pan. Vis yundercut to receive a flashing `ring 11, wherebyk a flashing-,12 may These objects together with other objects F ig. l is a vertical section through a drain i installed in a floor; Fig. 2 is-a section as seenbe rsecured theretol -An annularlrecess is formed Vat the opening nof the-basin and seated therein isa holding Vring `lfMwhi'ch Y may be' securedl in position by suitable screws l5. Extending inwardly from the Wall of the-basin arejlugs larranged :to engage,a f

ball foot laterdescribed-.

The head ccnnprises a. tubular sectionil' internally Vand externally threaded land ending in 'a ball' shell ,18.v `Mounted 4upon' the tubular section isa flange ring`l9 vso that it y may be vertically adjusted.v Mounted within the tubular portion so as to be vertically adjustable is a head member havingv a' kperrforat'e dome inlet 20 through which `liquid 'to be drained may pass.V Itisalso provided withja ring21 extending therefrom'. The

construction is suchas to permit the Vertical adjustment of the' inlet 20";r` The ball shell V18 isf-seatedin a socket iiange-'22'inball foot, :23. Holding the shell inposition is la. holding ring 24.: yHolding ring 24 is secured tothefbase 23 by Vmeans of screws 25.

In Fig. l, the drain is shown embedded in cement indicated by 26. `The floor of a urinal is lndicatedby 27 and is provided with a drain-opening ,28, in which the drain head should set. The foot 23'Vmay be turned in the basin so as to dispose the drain head at any desired position.A Rocking ofthe footmay not dispose the tubular portion of the head in ann upright or vertical position. The ball and socket connection ,of the head with the foot 'permits the head to beturned to'an upright position. YAn adjustment is thus provided whereby the drain inlet opening may be ad'- justed laterally of the basink and maintained in an upright position. i The threaded connection between thetubular portions of the head lpermits a vertical adjustment.

WhatI claim is e i l. A drain comprising a body adapted to of said basin being'adapted to .be connected ,Y

f Y e y,be connected to a drain pipe, a ball foot,'said j Y l It` will be noted that the ball'of the check b 45 is in" such a position as to permit the flow to a drain pipe and forming a ball socket, a head having a ball foot mounted in said socket to provide a ball and socket connection within said basin, with the inlet of said head projecting from said basin and adjustable in every direction laterally of the axis of said basinT and means toadj ust the vertical height of said head.

3. A drain comprising a body having a chamber adapted to be connected to a drain pi e and forming a ball socket, a head having a all foot disposed in said socket so as to forma ball and socket joint connection whereby to provide a universal connection so that the inlet of said head maybe adjustably positioned-laterally, said chamber having a latnml ange -or lmounting on a ysupporting structure, and said head having a lateral for mounting on said supporting structure. Y 4. A drain comprising a body having a chamber adapted to be connected 'to a drain and forming a ball socket, a head having Y ll foot mounted in said socket to form a ball `and socket connection therewith whereby n universal connection is formed so that the inlet in said lhead may be adjustably posi- Ytioned laterally, a lateral fiange on ysaid body for mounting on a supporting structure, universal joint means between the inlet of said head andsaid ball vfoot yto enable the inlet of said Vhead to be maintained in an upright position. y i f j j In witness that I claim the foregoing I day of October, 1925. f


have hereunto subscribed my name thisj12th 2;; eine

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U.S. Classification285/263, 210/163
International ClassificationE04D13/04
Cooperative ClassificationE03F2005/0414, E04D13/0409, E03F2005/0413
European ClassificationE04D13/04B20