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Publication numberUS1780558 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 4, 1930
Filing dateAug 21, 1929
Priority dateAug 21, 1929
Publication numberUS 1780558 A, US 1780558A, US-A-1780558, US1780558 A, US1780558A
InventorsIra Kavanau
Original AssigneeIra Kavanau
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Hosiery package
US 1780558 A
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l. KAVANAU HOSIERY PACKAGE Filed Aug. -21, 1929 2 Sheets-Sheet l Nov. 4; 1930.

11--./ s E E l. KAVANAU HOSIERY PACKAGE Nov. 4, 1930.

2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed Aug. 21, 1929 vPatented Nov. 4, 1930 IRA KAVANAIL F NEW YORK, N. Y.

Hosma PACKAGE Application leil August 21, ,1929. Serial No. 387,315.

' The object-of my invention is to provide a package which will display hosiery or any other suitable article, in a desirable and attractive manner, completely protect thesame,

and facilitate record keeping, so that it is easy for a customer to duplicate orders by mail. These and other objects are accomplished by my invention, one embodiment of which is hereinafter set forth. i,

For a more particular description of my invention, reference is to be had to the accompanying drawings, forming a part hereof, in which Figure 1 is a View showing the outside of the blank;

. Figure 2 is a corresponding View, in reverse, showing the inside of the blank; l

Figure 3 shows theyblank with an article,

preferably hosiery, about. to be enclosed therein; y Figure 4 is a lon 'tudinal section of my im roved blank, with glassine paper attac ed;

Figure 5 shows the samepartially foldedabout a package of hosiery; and

Figures 6 and 7 are bottom and top views, respectively, of the complete article, showing the blank completely folded about an inner package of hosiery.

Throughout the various views, similar reference characters designate similar parts.

My improved package 1 has a cover 2 which is composed of a blank which will be described below, an inner package cover partially encasing an article and preferably made of a translucent material, such as glassine paper, designated generically by the character 3, and an article of hosiery or any other suitable thing 4, which is inside the other two covers, and visible through a stocking shaped opening 5 in the blank 2. The blank 2 is also provided with a record tab 6 and a return post card 7 in a flap 8 as well as other flaps which fold so as to secure the package in a manner described below.`

The article 4 is preferably made intoa form suitable for the blank 2, and for convenience, ahosiery-package will be described as C3 this is the preferred embodiment of my insires to re vention, although it may be embodied in any suitable way.

This hosiery is folded into substantially rectangular form' as indicated in Figure 3 and placed on glassine paper 3 which is se- 55 cured to the outer cover or blank 2 in any suitable manner and opposite the opening 5. This glassine paper is then folded to the position indicated by the dotted lines in Figure 3. Thereafter an end flap 8 carrying the return 60 post card 7 is folded over the hosiery 4. Thereafter the side aps 9 and 10 are folded over. Each of these aps has a diagonally disposed slot 11 adapted to receive a tab l2 as described below. The flap 10 carries the 65 stub 6 on which a record of the sale is kept. The name and address of the purchaser is on one side as indicated at 13 and the color, style, size, store and clerks name appear on the opposite side at 14, after the blank has been filled out. This stub keeps a perfect record of the transaction and enables the house selling the goods to fill repeat orders which may be sent 1n on the post card 7 Where the face 15 has the address and the back 16 has data 75 with regard to various kinds of stockings which may be ordered and a blank for the name and address of the person sending the order. After the side flap 9 has first been folded over and then the side flap 10, the end 80 flap 17 is folded over and these tabs 12 put in the slots 11 leaving anintermediate tab 18 which may be asped by fingers when the packageis opener In viewof the foregoing, the use of my ima5 proved package will be readily understood. Hosiery is placed, stored and displayed throng the glassine paper 3 and the openin 5. The package is a neat and small one an easily manipulated. Once the sale is made, ne the tab 6 is torn from the blank 2 at the line 19 after a complete record has been made of the sale. The package is then delivered to the customer along with as many others as have been bou ht. When the customer deat t e order, she tears out the post card at t e dotted line 20 and fills out the card as. shey desires and mails the same and thereafter receives the ds C. O. D. and

-pays for them, so that 1t is easy for her to 10o duplicate orders, and the tabs 6 are always available so as to furnish the house selling the goods with full information as to what the' 'purchaser has actually' bought. These tabs may be useful because they give the names and addresses of good prospects who may be reached by advertisements om'time to time with a view to stimulating business.

While I have shown and described one embodiment of my invention, it is obvious that it is not restricted thereto,-`but that itis broad enough to` cover all structures that come within the scope of the lannexed claims.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim is:

v1. A blank for display purposes having a main' body portion, side and end flaps, each vof said side flaps having a slit therein, one of said end flaps being substantially of the same area as said body portion so as to entirely cover the back of said display blank when folded and tongues upon said last mentioned end iap adapted to be inserted in said slits in said side flaps When said blank is in folded condition enclosing an article.

2. A blank for` display purposes comprising a main body portion, side and end iap's upon said body portion, each of said side flaps havingaslit therein, one of said end flaps having tWo parallel slits therein defining two end tongues and a central disengaging tab wherebyl said end tongues may be inserted in said slits to maintain said blank in folded condition when folded to enclose an article.

3. A blank for display purposes comprising a main body portion, side and end flaps upon said body portion, means integral with I my hand this 15th day one of-said end flaps and both of said side. iaps for maintaining 'the blank in folded condition when enclosing an article and the other end flap having a weakened line ex-` tending therethrough thereby deining an order card and a space for additional indicia.

4. A blank for display purposes comprising a main body portion, side and end flaps upon said body portion, means integral with one of said endflaps and both of said side flaps for maintaining the blank in 'folded condition when enclosing an article, the other end Hap having a weakened line extending l. therethrough thereby defining an order'card and a space for additional indicia and Said last mentioned flap also having a weakened line extending part Way along the line of fold of said flap to assist in detafching said order card. 5

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set of August, 1929. IRA KAVANAU.

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