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Publication numberUS1780876 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 4, 1930
Filing dateMar 8, 1928
Priority dateMay 12, 1927
Publication numberUS 1780876 A, US 1780876A, US-A-1780876, US1780876 A, US1780876A
InventorsCarl Grosse
Original AssigneeCarl Grosse
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Vibratory apparatus
US 1780876 A
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Filed March 8, 1928 r 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 s m w M Patented Nov. 4, 1930 UNITED I CARL GRossE, or BERLIN-transpose, Germany y mean er nutmeg Application filed March a, 1928; Serial no. 2 60,1 2 9','and;in- Germany May 1;;4527.

ratus is connected by a flexible inflow tube toawater'cock and by a flexible outflow tube to any suitable drain for the Water; V

'sueh appliances have the disadvantage, that the vibrations: of the diaphragm prod'uced by a vibratory apparatus ofthis kind give relatively hard blows; so that the appliance cannotbe used for massaging sensitive parts of the body. Furtherm'ore'ithe down- Wardly flowing operating medium sets up such oscillations in the outflow tube that is. difficult to hold the massaging apparatus steadily and, What is even more" important, it becomes impossible to treat sensitive parts of the body in a soft and gentle manner. These oscillations may at the best be r'educed by means provided for this purpose, in-Tthe outflow tube.

These disadvantages are eliminated by'the present inventinn, according tov which avibrat'ory' apparatus is' provided; With-Which it .is possible to prloduce'besides heavy bl'ovv's slight and gentle vibrations of the diaphi-agrmvvhich will still be felt as havinga {beneficial 'efiect when sensitive parts of the 5 body, such as the nose, the ear and the tern ples are being treated and when massaging 'cavities in the'bodyL The invention is 'illustrated bywa of an a'n' p'le in the accompanying drawings, in

' Fig. 1 is a side elevation of the vibratory appa a u Fig. 2 a View from above with the diaphragm "removed, V 45 F ig. 3 a longitudinal section on line Figs. r nd asimilar partial longitudinal sections as in Fig'...3','but through difierent constructional forms,

50 Fig. .6 a longitudinal section through the .terior of the fiubua-lfr pape s is-in communication with the bore 6 tor-the; outflow of the operating medium To the bore 5 a: Q ible main part of the vibratory appar-atuslofan; 3'

other constructional; form, I a r ya Fig.- 7 a View partlyin elevation and-partly in longitudinal sect-ion through the I attaching pieceof the vibratory apparatus,

Fig. 8 a longitudinal section through bod-yof the Vibratory apparatus in a some What .dili'eren't'constructional form; g

F ig. 9a cross-sectionthroug-ha detai-Lbelonging to the apparatus shown in Fig. 8,

ferent diaphragms for the vibratory apparatus, a Q

Fig. 13- a-- view ofawdetail and j Fig. 14' alongitudinal section through the body 'of a vibratory apparatus of d-ifierent constructionalform.. I -;-l

The vibratory apparatus according; to the invention consists'ofa-cylindrical-basing 1 and a handle 2 mounted thereon.

9. Figs. 10 to 12 cross-sections; through dif bottomoft'he cylindrical casing rises-a tubu- 'lar piece ,3; preferably abovet'he' top rime of the cylindrical casing. ,An annular space A is thusproducedi In the handle. 2 is/a bore- 5 forlthe inflow ofthe; operating edium and a greater bore 6 for'the outfiow'of the same. The bore. 5 is ,incommpni'c-ation I through a relatively, small opening '1? yvith the bottom ofthe annular space A, Whilethe in tube 8 of corresponding diameter is connectedandto theboref 6 a fle xibl'e tube 9 of corresponding; diameter. The tube ,8 is JCOII- nected in any suitable manner to the cockl'ior the operating medium, for instancea Watercook, whilerthe Waterflows avvay through the tube 9. l-h'e annular space A isclosed to the outside by a diaphragm 10 which held on. t the caslng. lby an annular cover 11':a-nd'-rests edge 12 of the tubular Athrottling device 13 is preferablyprovided on the-side of the vibratory apparatus lying remote from the diaphragm; biitinay alternatively be located many other place,

for instance in aflinelnentwi'ththe handle .2

as indicated at 13. g t v I The essential';feature is thatthe diaphragm is stretched so as to bridge over a space, for

instance an annular space and is put in m0- tion by thewhole mass of water in the annu c the Casing 1 asiin Fig. 3.- This constructional s form has the; advantage that expansion bodies, for instance in the form of anannual V b may bOlIltlOdllCGd 'intoithe lnterior'of the" lar space; The annular space may be made relatively deep so that the dimension Bwill be large as "compared 'withzthe'diameter of lar member 14 or of a,closedtubularhelix15 space A. A further essential feature is that,

the internaldiameter C of the t ubularpiece 3 shall be,gi'eater than the internal-diameter ,D of the bore 6 for the escape of the operating medium and that the said bore 6 shall impart a definite change of direction-tothe outflowing operating'inedium, for instance shall branch ofl as inthe example shown in vthe drawingat right angles to the tubular piece'3;

v T-he handle' 2 of the vibratory apparatus .is preferably made with'fiat sidewalls, so as the'bocly to'be massaged.

to ensure the diaphragm being held in the correctposition with respectto the parts of In the example shown in' Figfifi a separate cover 16 is provided for the diaphragm 10,

the cover forming a guide for the. shank of a'separate massaging plate having a convex surface. The shank' is' suitablyprovided ,duced. v 1 In the example shown'in' Fig: 7 the attachwith a disc 19 which rests against the'dia 'phragm'10 and between thesaid disc and the casing cover a spring 2O=ispreferably-"intros --ing piece of thevibratory apparatus isisoconstructedthat the tube 8 i'or the supplyaio f operating medium" is attachedto-a nozzle 21- within a second tube '22 for" the outflow of the operating medium, which tube somewhat wider forthis purpose.

For connecting this double tube tothe g g s "tercock an attaching piece'23-is employed,}in

the upper part of-whic'h is aghollowfspace'24,

Into this hollow space thereextend a sealing sleeve 25, for instance of -rubber,lwhich is heldin positionin a' known manner by a cap nut 26 or the like. When the attaching piece'23 is'slipped overtheend 27 ofawatercook, the sealing sleeve presses' ag'ainst the outlet end of the 'watercockl 'As soon i as the xwate'rcock is opened, pressure will be"- 'produced in the interioriof the hollow space 24,

' struction of the body of the vibratory apparatus, whereby the weight Oftlleflatter :22 made {may be reduced to a minimum. The annular space, in which'the water acts on the diaphragm is in this case made relatively' small and constitutes a space having a triangular cross-section, see the space E in Fig. 14. The space is given this shape either by a short nozz'le29 extending beyond an otherwiseflat surface 30 ot-the body 31 of the Vibratory apparatus,lor by abody 32 having an entirely ,fiat surface 38 and aboss'36 being provided 6n the insideof the diaphragm 34, *which closes the; outlet 35; In the constructional example shown in Fig. 8 a short tubular piece "37 or a plurality of such pieces is provided which can be slipped over the nozzle 29, so

that with the samelb'ody 31 of the vibratory apparatus, the diaphragmmay be'given dif ferent tensions, fort-he purpose of varying the strength of thebl'ows imparted by the diavFig. 10 shows'a diaphragm 38 with a boss 39 for local massage, Fig. 11 adiaphragm' 40 Y with a suction cup andi'Fig. 12 a diaphragm 42 with a suction cup 43 which may also be used forthe insertionof a massaging ball 44. s In a special constructional formof thevi-f bratory apparatus the body of the vibratory apparatus .is made of. non-heat-Lconducting, V l ght, non-metallic material, forinstance from acondensation product of phenol and formaldehyde, such as is procurable under the name ottrolite, bakelite and the'liket Such a construction has theadvantage thatthe hand .'working with the apparatus cannot become fatigued through ,the'weight being f'tOO great,

not be transmitted to-the'hand or to the parts ,of the bodybeing massaged, f'which is of fparticularadvantage'whenfjusingthe viv bratory apparatus in the winter,

WhatI claim is:"

' Fluid-driven vibratory; apparatus 101 massage purposes comprising in combination' a casing, a; duct for. the inflow of [the fluid, a ductforthe outflow-of the fluidya handle preferably havingflat sidewalls "and having an outflow and an-infiow duct :communicating with the aforesaid ducts, both diaphragm for receiving the fluid stretched freely 'moyabl'e' 7 over the annular space, said diaphragm shutting oil? the spacejexternially :and also thatthecoldnessof the water will a duct sin the handle being connected to the ducts in the casing with a sharpchange of directionpreferably a right angle, the cas 1ng forming anijannular space,' a yie1ding and adapted to be simultaneously influenced V by the entire fluid contained in the annular space, and tubes connected with thejducts of V the handle. ,u 2. A fluid-driven vibratory apparatus for massage purposes including a casing, a duct for theinflow of the fluid, a duct 'forthe outflow of the fluid, ahan'dle having inflow and outflow ducts communicating with'the first mentioned ducts, both ducts in the'handle being connected to the ducts in the casing with a sharp change of direction, said casing forming an annular space, a yielding diaphragm for receiving the fluid stretched freely movable over the annular space, the portion of the diaphragm overlying said annular space being freely movable in- Wardly and outwardly. V

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification.


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