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Publication numberUS1781282 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 11, 1930
Filing dateSep 5, 1928
Priority dateSep 5, 1928
Publication numberUS 1781282 A, US 1781282A, US-A-1781282, US1781282 A, US1781282A
InventorsHulett Ralph M
Original AssigneeHulett Ralph M
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Mail chute
US 1781282 A
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R. M. HULETT A Nom-11, ,1930.

MAIL CHUTE Filed Sept. 5. 192B Patented Nov. 11, 1930 i PATENT OFFICE RALPH IVI. HULETT, OF CLEVELAND, OHIO MAIL CHUTE Application mea september T he objects of the invention are to provide an improved practical and efficient form of construction for a built in mail chute, in which are combined the features of an external transparent illuminated swinging door over an opening for the receipt of mail which is of suliicient size to expose also the house number or name of the resident thereon, the device also includes a transparent illuminated door located at a lower level inside of the wall to which the mail chute is attached, and through which the mail is removed. Adjacent to the casing of the inner and lower door is provided a control switch accessible only from within the house, to the occupant thereof, which will regulate a light placed in the upper part of the mail chute for illuminating the house number, this light will also illuminate the vestibule or porch in the wall of which' the mail chute is attached, and which is electrically connected with an electric circuit in which the door bell is included. A pleasant, and diffused light which will uniformly and clearly outline all the figures on the number plate is obtained by introducing a transformer in the house cir- 'cuit.

ln this manner is provided a constant porch light, an illumination for the house 3.0 number, and an illumination for the lower portion of the chute, thus indicating to the occupant of the house that the light is in service.V

The illumination of the lower door will 35. also indicate to the occupant when there has been mail deposited in the box.

Also a second bell in the electric circuit may be connected with the upper door in such a manner that the bell will ring whenever 40C mail is deposited in the box.

Also a baille plate may be transversely positioned across the chute to prevent mail from being withdrawn from above from the chute.

452 Further, a separate flexible magazine holder is provided whichmay be filled out to introduce magazines or newspapers therein, and will automatically return to place.

The invention is hereinafter `more fully ldescribed, illustrated in the accompanying s, 192s. serial No. 304,145.

drawings, and specifically pointed out in the claims.

In the accompanying drawings Fig. l is a perspective of the device, Fig. 2 is a vertical section thereof inplace in the house wall, Fig. 3 is an enlarged section thereof.

In these views, A represents the mail chute which is inserted between the sheathing B and *covering C of the wall and is preferably attached to a cross beam D.

` E is a front metal plate secured to flanges F on the open front of the chute.

\ This plate is provided with an opening Gr over which a door H is hinged at Ljthat is provided with a transparent insertion J, upon which thehouse number or name of the owner is placed, so that it can readily be illuminated at night by means of an electric light bulb, K, within the chute.

This lamp is small and hence of lowvoltage and is connected in the house circuit through a transformer` M. A switch N inside the wall adjacent to the frame of the door Oat the bottom of the chute is employed tolight the lamp under `the control of the house owner. j

VThe lampilluminates `the house number with amodified glowthat will not dazzle the eyes.g

The lower door is employed for access to the chute to remove the mail therefrom and also has a glass panel Z inserted in its frame to permit` the owner of the `house to know that Vthe lamp is illuminated. A bell P is connected in the battery circuit with termi! nals Q, Q, that close the circuit when the upper door is opened, so as to inform the occupant of the house when the mail has been deposited.

Anexternal plate lt is employed having a recess R revealing the name of the occupant, and the electric lamp is attached thereto, and, also a push button switchR2 is employed` by meansof which the door bell S is sounded.

This bell may be in the same' electric circuit with the lamp.

By means of `this construction the bell, button, lamp, and transformer may be accessible at any time for adjustment or replacement of the parts.

lili! l im adj acent to said lower opening, and

a switch in said Screws T may be used to secure this plate in place.

A looped cord V passing over the pulley W is employed to hold a newspaper or magazine, this is fdrst pulled out and the paper or package is placed in the loop and a spring` X or weight pulls the loop tightly against the chute and retains the package in place. ,y

A flexible baille plate Y is inclined across the mail chute and has preferably aserrated edge. This plate will yield Ato permit mail to descend but the hand cannot pass it from above to remove inail.

Having described the invention what I.

claim as new and desire tosecure by Letters Patent is: y

l. In a mail chute, a hollow body having oppositely directed upper and lower yopenings, a plate covering the upper opening, ,a

swinging door in said plate, said door having a transparent portion. for the reception of the house number, .an external plate detachably securedto said covering plate,ank electric lamp secured to said detachable plate f and extending into said chute, a suitablel source of power providing a circuit for said lamp, and a swltchforjsaid circuit adJacent providing an electric circuit for saidlamp,

and a control switch therefor adjacent to said lower door.

5. A built in mail chute having an upperY outwardly directed portion and a lower inwardly directed portion, a plate covering the outer portion, a transparent door therein,

a Yhousenuinber in said, door, a 'detachable second plate secured thereto having an opening` through which to observe a name upon the irst plate, an electric bulb attached to the inner surfaceof said second plate and *detachablev therewith, a suitable source of power providing a circuit therefor, and a switch therein adjacent'to said lower openino". l ,Y Y

In testimony whereofV I aiX myy signature. RALPH' M. HULE'IT.

to said lower opening, said switch beingfaccessible only to the occupant vof `the building y: in which said chute is situated.

`2. In a mail chute, a .hollow body having oppositely directed upper and lower openings, ,a closure for the upper opening, a swinging door in saidclosure, said door having a transparent portion for the reception of the house number, an external plate detachably secured to said closure plate, an electric-lamp` ing into said chute, a suitable sourceo power providing a circuit for said lamp, la source ofv electricity therefor, a switch for said circuit a transparent door' for said loweropening.

3. A vertical mailchute provided with an' upper opening inits front wall andjwith a secured to said vdetachable plateY and extend-y 'l lower opening in its rearwalh'a plate overv 'l the upper opening, ya swinging door in saidplate, lsaid door having Va transparentportion,` a :door inV vsaid loweropening provided with a transparent portion, an electric lamp in said chute, the transparent portion` ofl said upperdoor being adapted to receive the house Y upon the upper door, an electriclamp within Saflhute, Said lamp Serving to illuminate Ybeth said openings, a suitable source/,of power fmoV ics

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