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Publication numberUS1781372 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 11, 1930
Filing dateJun 5, 1929
Priority dateJun 5, 1929
Publication numberUS 1781372 A, US 1781372A, US-A-1781372, US1781372 A, US1781372A
InventorsDenecke George
Original AssigneeDenecke George
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Light support
US 1781372 A
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Nov. 11, 1930. e. DENECKE 1,781,372

LIGHT SUPPORT Filed June 5, 1929 y g wai 60/76 ,5 g

Patented Nov. 11, 1930 v UNITED STATES GEORGE DENECKE, or MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin LIGHT SUBPORT Application filed June 5, l929fesei'ial No. 368,583.

This invention relates to new and useful. improvements in light supports.

One of the objects of my invention is the provision of a light support which can be quickly and readily attached to a stationary support and is so constructed and arranged as to readily support the light in various adj usted positions and the light bulb and shade is loosely mounted so that in case the main support is attached to an object receiving chattering or jarring movement, there will be no jarring or shaking of the light itself.

Another object of the invention is the pro? vision of an adjustable light support which is particularly adapted for use on sewing machines and especially machines which are used by tailors and garment makers, so that the lamp can be adjusted to move the same toward or away from the work being operated upon, and the support is so constructed as to prevent any shaking or arring movement of the machine during its operation from being conveyed to the lightbulb,

Another object of the invention is the provision of an adjustable light support which comprises a base carrying a clamping member adapted to engage over the edge of a table or stand and rising from the base is standard having a lateral supporting arm pivotally connected to its upper endwith a brace member pivotally connected to the supporting arm and adj ustably engaged with the standard whereby the lamp is loosely supported at the outer'end of the arm and can be raised and lowered to different heights according to the machine to which the device is applied.

With the above and other objects in view,

the invention consists in the novel features of ment of parts hereinafter more fully set forth, pointed out in the claim and shown in the accompanying drawing wherein:

The accompanying drawing illustrates in elevation the application of my improved adjustable lamp support with parts thereof broken away and illustratedin cross section.

V In the accompanying drawing, I have illustrated my improved lamp attached to a sup port 1. This support may be the edge of a construction, the combination and arrange- P supporting table of a sewing maczhine orany otl'ler'typeof support.

[The lamp proper comprises a base member 2 to the lower side of which isattached one arm of a substantially U- shaped spring clamp 23. ,The;other arm of the' spring clamp is slightlyjinclined or bowe d so that it v will yieldablyl bear against lithe underside ofthe support holding the base 1neniber2 in position onfthesupport. Rising from the base is a standard 4, the lower an of which formed with a cylinder reduced part 5, at]- tached to be fitted intofa central; opening in thebalse2." j The upper end ofthe standardris bifurc atedjto form spaced ears ('3, receiving there between the inner end of the adjustable arm 7. The pin 8 is extended through the earsfi and through the inner end of the arm 7 for piv tally mounting the arm tothe upper end of thestandard; a i The outer; end of the arm Tis formed with ajperjforationfi adapted to receive therethrough one end ofen S-shaped hook 10, The other 1 end of the hook; supporting the lamp llwhich is atit's upper end, aloop 12 adapted to engage one end of the hooklO. Tlielampll maybe of any wellknown type and is connectedby means of a conductor 13 [hich isslidably mounted within the guide bands 14- carried by the arm 7. j W

It will be-apparent fr-em this structure that the lamp l l may be disengaged from thefhook l0 and the cord extended by pulling the same through'the guides 14;. In passing the cord baokwardly from thejlamp 11, it is preferred to eirtend the same between the ears 6 $0 as to prevent the same from drop mg down invany manner between the standard andfthe lamp. j j i it Thels tandard i providedupon oneside thereof with a diagonal cutaway portion; 15 which adjustably receives the lower endjfof diagonal brace member 16,the upper end of the brace member being pitotally conf nec tedv-tothe armJZ between its ends as shown at 17. Thelower end of the arm 16 1S provided with a plurality of apertures 18 and 1n order to adjustably connect the arm 16 to the standard 4, a removable pivot pin 19 is provided which isadapted to be extended through any one of the openings 18 and engage with the standard. It may be found desirable, however, to have the pin 19 carried by the standard 4 and the arm 16 detachably engaged there-with.

It will be apparent from the foregoing I that using my improved light support in the arm 7 may be raised or lowerediin order to bring the lamp 11 in proper position for clearly illuminating the work.

-'While I have specifically 'set forth the T i I fact-that the device isparticularlyadapted' foruse in connection with sewing machines and the like, it can'be used .equallyas well injvarious otherplaces;

ferred embodiment of my invention-pit will beappaent thaslig changes maybe made in the construction when putting; the inventtion into practice-without departing from I the' spirit of the sameor the scope of the v appended 'claim Also in somejinstances itv p may be desired to eliminate the use of the at tachingcla-mp, in which case itlis' merely necessaryto'f provide an opening in the sewp ing machine. or supportiffor reception; of the shank '5.

'7 ht support including llprigh. I standard having a diagonal out awayfipolu V,

' -tionadjacent its upper end,=ispaced ea-rsat the upperend of the standard, arm hav i ing'one endpivotally mounted between the ears and adapted to project-laterally from the standard, a brace member having one end pi-votallylconnected tothe arm and the 7 other 'end movable through the. diagonal cutout portion and'providedwith a plural- 1 ity of spaced openings, a removable pivot pin carr'ied by the standard and adapted'to be positioned in any one of saidopenings for' maintaining the arm in various; positions .frelativeto the standard,"jspace,d guidefloops I c carried bythe-arm and alightfsuspended from the outer end of the ar m and having V ajicord projeetingtherefrom adapted tofbe passed out through the guide'loops and be- V tween the spaced ears' onthe standard for maintaining the cord in position above the light and 'to prevent the same ,from dropv ping down onto the worlr'beneaththe light,

v ln'testim'ony'that' I claim the foregoing I have hereuntosetmy hand at Milwaukee, in'ithe county of Milwaukee and'iState" or f Wisconsin;

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U.S. Classification248/125.3, 473/274, 362/427
International ClassificationF21V21/26
Cooperative ClassificationF21V21/26
European ClassificationF21V21/26