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Publication numberUS1781752 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 18, 1930
Filing dateSep 16, 1929
Priority dateSep 16, 1929
Publication numberUS 1781752 A, US 1781752A, US-A-1781752, US1781752 A, US1781752A
InventorsFisher Anna M
Original AssigneeFisher Anna M
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US 1781752 A
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V Filed Sept. 16, 1929 I N VEN TOR. fl/ma 1'7. Elsfier i ATTORNEY.

Patented Nov.'18,1930 r i i UNITEDHSTATESY 'PAT r Yo FIcE ANNA M. rIsnEn, or tos ANGELES, CALIFORNIA MESSAGE HOLDER Application filed September 16, 1929. Serial No. 393,107;

vT his invention relates to a cake ornament 5, a fragment of which is broken away at 6 support intended for use upon various kinds to show more clearly the frosting 7 with of cakes and which is intended to be employed which the cake is covered. at birthday parties and various other occas- Referring now to the ornament support,

ions of social gatherings, i 111 the illustrated embodiment thereof, the 55 A bj t f th i ti i t vid rectangular base plate 8 carries a circular a r t rt ada t d f r b ing railing 9 which is supported above said base mounted upon the cake and which will be P in vertically spaced relation thereto by suited to supplant the candles which it is, eans of the posts or upright arms 10.

10 at present customary to mount upon birthday W'ithin said railing 9 is the mast-er object 11 0 cakes using a number of candles equal to'the which, in the present instance, is a doll number of years of the persons age who mounted upon Wire posts 12 the lowerends birthda is b ing celebrated, B thi inv nof which are secured to the central portion tion a pleasing substitute for such candles Of the base plate 8. I r

15 is provided, a number of small attractive From the railing 9 are suspended a plu- Ornaments b i i t ad u ort d u n th rality of subordinate objects 15, these objects cake and the minds of the guests being thus in the present instance being miniature dolls diverted from the practice (sometimes emch are Suspended from the railing by barassingto the hostess or guest of honor) nw ns 0f hooks 16, each ofsaid dolls carof counting the candles to ascertain the ag rying a small paper roll 17 upon which is f th r o wh birthday i bei l lnscrlbed somesuitable message, slogan or mat d, motto. Theseminiature dollsare intended Among the social occasions When it is cusf0! distribution among the guests and the tomar to erve cakes and for which my matter inscribed upon the rolls 17 conveys newly invented ornament support is suitable e de ed messages the g est are: weddings, card parties, stag parties, As has already been stated, the master obchristenings, anniversary parties, and holiject need not be doll but may be aflag, day occasions; also on special advertising ocflower, candle, or other attractive object, and ea i n v the miniature dolls 15 may be exchanged for 30 With th 'f i d th r bj ts a d miniature pipes, cards, lanterns, caps, valadvantages in view, as will hereinafter apentines, etc. 7

pear, the invention comprises an ornament T e ep at 8 m yb made thiIlWOOd support having a railing which is adapted and maybe slightly embedded in the frostto be supported upon a cake in spaced relamg 5 before the frosting has hardened. As

35 tion to the top surface thereof, and which inan additional means for stabilizing said base 35 cludes a master object within said railing plate upon the cake, pins 20 are provided and a plurality f subordinate related obwhich project downwardly from the base jects supported by said railing. Themaster plate into the plate. object will usually be of an ornamental Char- The tag 21 is attached to an object such' acter and the subordinate objects will ordias a horn 22 carried by the master object narily be cards, miniature toys, or other small 11, said tag havlng thereon any suitable adarticles suitable to be presented to the guests vertising or other subject matter correspondas souvenirs. j I ing to the message 17.

Referring to the accompanying drawing, Claims- 1 c P which illustrates a preferred embodiment of 1. In a cake ornamentsupporua railing,

the invention, upon aplate or platter 3 is means to support saidrailing upon a cake in shown a cake 4, in'the present instance a a spaced relation to the top surface thereof, rather large circular cake such as would be a master object within said railing, and subconsidered suitable for a birthday party. ordinate related objects supported by said This cake has a substantially fiat top surface railing.

2. In a cake ornament support, a wire railing, legs to support said railing upon a cake in a spaced relation to the top surface thereof, a master object Within said railing, and

subordinate related objects supported by said railing. v 3. In a cake ornament support, a platform adapted to rest upon a cake, a master object 7 mounted upon said platform, a railing surm rounding said master object, means mounted upon said platform to support said railing, and subordinate objects related to said master object and supported by said railing. In testimony whereof I affix my signature. ANNA M. FISHER.

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US4330060 *Apr 14, 1980May 18, 1982Thornton Craig ECake plate with message concealing compartment
U.S. Classification428/7
International ClassificationB44C1/00, B44C1/18
Cooperative ClassificationB44C1/18
European ClassificationB44C1/18