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Publication numberUS1781891 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 18, 1930
Filing dateJul 6, 1928
Priority dateJul 6, 1928
Publication numberUS 1781891 A, US 1781891A, US-A-1781891, US1781891 A, US1781891A
InventorsBorton George W
Original AssigneePennsylvania Crusher Co
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Hammer crusher
US 1781891 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

. W. BORTON HAMMER CRUSHER Filed July 6, 1928 Nov. 18, 1930 INVENTOR George WBOrton,

Patented Nov. 1 1930 A UNITEDYSTATES GEORGE w. non'roi orivnw LISBON, nEwaEns Y. AssIG voRro rmxs mm cnusnmt commun on NEW YORK, 1v. x, a oon-PonA'rIoN ornnwyonx i Application fll ed iuly 6,

1 lsgMy' .inveni iml relates to the. adjusting means for the cagesor screens of'h'ammer crushers,whereinlsuchcages or screensare x pivotally mounted at one end and are sup 5 ported atthe opposite end by flexible or pivotally connected means, such as chains passing over toothed wheels, or the rack bar construction illustrated inthe patent of Hart- 7 mana nd Borton, No. 1,361,05 .1 the shaft 0' carrying said toothed wheellalsohaving a gear wheel-adapted to mesh with a pinion suitably mounted in proper relation thereto, whereby motion-imparted'to'said pinion effects movementofsaidchains, rack bars,

otherelements to m q jlower the cage,

or'sc'reen. The pinion-icarrying's'haftis provided with a hand wheel whereby'it maybe turned andsaidshaftalso carries a ratchet w heel with which a pawl engages. The screen or cage'is adjusted relatively to the 3 path-of the hammers by"turning thehand wheel whose motion is imparted to the chains for other supports fonthe cage by the "gearing indicated andwhen'in the desired posi- ,6011 it 'i'sheldbythe pawl engaging said V ratchet wheel. 7

In all crushers of this type there is great liability of foreign bodies accompanying the material undergoing crushing c oal, ore,

0 stone, or the like and unless provision is made forreli'ef there is great danger of damage to themachine from such foreignbodies "that can not be crushed by the hammers,

i The object ofmyinvention is to reduce the danger of damage and P V readily breakablemeans which will release the cagesup'porting means fat onef end of the same "and permit the-cage to drop away from the 1 rotor structure carryingthehammers should -;uncrushable materialf'be present withthe material undergoing treatment,

To this endthe awl arranged to engage the ratchet wheel 1s mounted upona shear I pini'resting in suitable bearings; such shear 5 pin being so dimensionedthat its section at certain points where it. may. or maygnot be reduced in diameter, i's-weakerinrelation ,togthe sustained stresses than any part of the -.;cage or screen or its supporting or adjust- 5 'ing means, whereby 's'uchpin mayjbreak or 1928." fseriiu m. 290,801.

shear under excessive load before the other i v i'operat n'g partsreach their breaking stresses.

This arrangement permits adjustment oft'he cage or screen in a simple and. d1rect*man-.

ner without detaching any machinery part;

or the shear pin itself. except when lowering the cage or screen at which time the. pawl must be displaced from its engagement with the ratchet wheel. 1 i

' These and other.

"ence being had to ings,-;-in= which? structure to which plied.

Fig. 2 is anenlarged view in 'e'levation of a portion ofthe, structure shownv in Fig.v 1, i r r V Y W and, I Fig. 3 is a viewlooking in'the direction-of the arrow, Fig.f2, and partly in'section on the line III-TIL features-of my invention: are more fully described here1nafter;-referthe accompany ng draw Figure 1 is a vlew in elevation, m'ore* or v less d agrammatic, of'onei form of crushing my 1nvent1onmay'be ap- Hammer crushers of-this type comprise a suitable frame or casingv indicated generally at 1, in which is mounted arotor structure comprising a shaft2, d sks 3, supporting rods 4 uponwhich'ware hung-hammers 5;

suitable means being provided to rotate the shaft so that the hammers driven. thereby may' act upon the materialto be crushed which is introduced into a suitable hopper for passage to the path of the hammers whereby it may be crushed against'the bars of the cage or the screenfor. discharge through the spaces or apertures thereof. 1

The cage or screen, whichmay be madeup of a series of bars or other foramina 'supof the crusher structure, carriesai ratchet wheel 21 and-a pawl 22, pivotally ,mounted in said bracket 20, is provided for engagement with thisratchet wheel; In order that the shaft '19 may be turned, and with itthe ratchet wheel 21 and pinion 18, such shaft is provided with a hand wheel 2 When it is desired to; change the position of the screen or cage with reference to the path ofthe hammers for fine orcoarse'crushing, or when, due to the wear on the ends of the hammers it is IIGCGSSZIIZY tQ adjust the screen relatively thereto, motion is imparted to the shaft 19 by the hand wheel 23,'and the pawl is reset-in engagementwith the ratchet -wheel when the desired ad ustment has been effected. In order to prevent the pawl accidentally releasing the ratchet wheel, it is- ?preferably connected to the bracket by a spring 24, which may beconnected atone I end to the bracket 20 and at. the opposite end to a pin 22 projecting'from the face of the pawl. 1 s v As may be readily-understood, the whole weight of the screen is dependent-for its support upon the pin supporting the pawl 22, since if this gives way the ratchet: wheel is released; permitting the shaft 19 with the pinion 18 to run free thus releasing the gear wheel on the shaft 16 which also runs free by reason of the weight of the screen or cage causing the chains to react upon thelchain wheels (or the rack bars to react upon pinions meshing therewith). 7

Unless some provision is made for releasing the screen, there is great danger of damage to the machine should uncrushable material accompany the material undergoing treatment, and in order that the cage or screen maybe-released uudersuch circumstances, I provide a shear pm as the support for the pawl 22. "This pin is clearlvshown at 25. Fig. 3; being supported in "the arms of the bracket 20. Intermediate the ends of the shear pin I may provide the same with weakened portions; the grooves 25 for instance. preferably V -shaped as indicated,

and :these grooves are preferably disposed.

in line with the side faces of the pawl; This shear pin is so dimensioned that its section at the point '25, where such pin mayor may not be reduced 'indiametenis weaker in relation to the 'Sustainedstresses than other part Iof the cage or screen; or its adjustiiig means, whereby such 'pmma breal;

or. shear under excessive floadlhefore the other operating breakable pin support for said ed in said yoked extension.

parts reach. their breaking the cage or screen in a simple and direct manner without detaching any machinery part or the shear pin itself. When lowering the cage or screen, the pawl will be disengaged from the ratchet wheel in the usual manner. The spring 24L may he employed to hold the pawl in either oftwo positions; in mesh with the ratchet wheel or disengaged therefrom. To prevent dislodgement oflhe pawl should it be released byfruptu're of the shear pin, I provide-small chain 26 which may be. connectedat' one end to the pawl and at the opposite endto the bracket 20.

1. The combination, with a crushing machine having a 'framejan adjustable screen mountedtherein, adjustable asupporting means for one endof said screen, geari'ngincluding a driving and-a driven element for actuating said adjustablesupporting means; :3

and mechanism for holding the driving 'element' of said gearing against movement including aratchet wheel and .a'ipawl in engagement-with said ratchet wheel, of-a shear pin support for said pawl, and abracketsup lf port carried externally of the wall of. the

crushing machine frame in which the ends of saidshear-pin are mounted. 2. The combination with a crushing'machine'hav'ing a frame, an adjustable'screeii mounted therein, chains and chain-wheels supporting one "end ofsaid screen, gearing ineluding a driving and a driven element ;for

actuating said chain wheels, and mechanism for holding the driving element. of said gear ing against movement including a ratchet wheel and a pawl in engagementwith said ratchet wheel, of a shear pin support for said pawl, and a yoked bracket mounted exterof the hammer mill type having a frame,,an

nally of the wall of the crushing Iiiachine adjustable screen pivotally, mounted thereeg in, and means-for raising and lowering the opposite end of said screen including a gear train having a driv ng and a (IlI'lVGIl element operatively connected to said rais ng, and

lowering ,means, of a bracket carried :exter-i a 15 nally ofthewall of said crushingi machine frame, a shaftmounted in said bracket-and carrying the drivinginember of said'qgear train, a ratchet 'wheel also secur'ed to said shaft, a pawl in engagement with said ratchet i wheel, a yokedr'extension carriedby said bracket and projecting above said ratchet wheel in which said pawl is mounted, and a P i-mi e 4; The combination, in a crushing machine of the; hammer mill typehaving a frameyanadjustable screen pivotally mounted therein, andmeans forjraising and'lowering the opposite endofsaid screen includingchaiiis: con-" "ed to'said' chain nected thereto, chain wheels over which said chains pass and a gear train having a driving and a driven element operatively connectchine frame, a shaft mounted in said bracket and carrying the driving member of said gear train, a ratchet wheel also secured to said shaft, a pawl in engagement with said port for said pawl mounted in 'saidyoked ratchet Wheel, an

said ratchet wheel, anda breakable 'pin supextension. r 1

5. In a structure such as set forth in claim 3, a shear pin supported at each end in the yoked extension and upon which said pawl is journaled; said shear pin-being weakened by annularly grooving the body of the same intermediate its ends and adjacent their support in said yoked extension.

In witness whereof I have signed this speca ification.


wheels, of a bracket carried externally of the Wall of said crushing maintegral yoked extension carriedby said bracket and projecting above a

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U.S. Classification241/32, 241/89
International ClassificationB02C13/00, B02C13/282
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