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Publication numberUS1781938 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 18, 1930
Filing dateOct 4, 1926
Priority dateOct 4, 1926
Publication numberUS 1781938 A, US 1781938A, US-A-1781938, US1781938 A, US1781938A
InventorsZundel Eugene A
Original AssigneeZundel Eugene A
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Closet chair
US 1781938 A
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E. A. ZL JNDEL CLOSET CHAIR Nov. 18, 1930.

Filed Oct. 4, 1926 ATTORNEY. I

Patented Nev. is 1930 .QEUe-nNE-A; zu'NDEL; F cHIcAGqILLINoIs Application filed October 4,1926; sear 110,139,445.

The invention relates to closet chairs and more particularly to the type'of chair 8111-.

19 Another object of the invention is-to provide a closet chair construction which will.-

facilitate assembly and reduce the cost of n'ianufacture. p The invention further consists in the several features hereinafter set forth and more particularly defined by the annexed clain'is.

In the accompanying drawings: Fig. 1 is a side elevation of a closet-chair constructed in accordance with the intention and mounted over a closet bowl, both seats of the chair being in their lowered positions; Fig. 2 is a rear elevation thereof, parts of the closet bowl being broken away and parts being shown in section;

Fig. 3 is a sectional view of the on the line 33 of Fig. 1 p

F ig. 4: is a similar View showing a modified form of the chair structure: I

Fig. 5 is a bottom View of the chair; and Fig. 6 is a detail perspective view showing a seat hinge for the chair.

In these drawings 10 indicates a water closet bowl having the usual spaced apertures 11 at its rear portion opening at-the upper surface of the bowl. A seat frame 12, preferably of'heavy sheet metal, includes a horizontal rear shelf 18 for disposition above the rear portion of the bowl and having depending flanges 14 at its sides which extend chair taken m are mounted in the upper ends of the loops.

' forwardly to form laterally resilient arms 15' Apair of hinge plates are each secured to the outer side facesofthe rear legs 18 by screws 23 to forihforivar'clly' projecting arms;

A chair seat 24 is provided with aligned pins '25' at opposite sides of its rearporti'on piv 'otally mounted in the hinge plates 22, and a subjacent closet seat 26 has the opposite sides 'of its rear portion provided with upwardly projecting ears 27 secured to the seat screws 28 and pivotally suspended at their upper ends on the pins 25. r A back 29 is secured to the .upperends of the rear legs '18 Y by screws'30. The seats 24 and 26 and the back29 may be made frointhe same pattern to facilitatemanufacture the seat 24 and back being substantially identical and preferably caned for greater anceim The forward end of the closet seat 26has secured thereto acurved ldepending apron '31, which is provided witli' ears 32 at its upper edge" receiving screws 33 driven into the. lower surface of the seat. Thef'apron 31 and arms 15 conceal the upper 'rim of the bowl and together present the appearance of a continuous ci'irv'edba-nd. The seat frame and apron maybe white enameled or other wise suitably finished.

comfort and better appear- "In the modified form of the-invention shown in Fig. l theseat frame 12 has its resilient arms 15" extending forwardly and meeting integrally to form the apronSl, in which case the front legsQO of the seat? are mounted insho'rt tubes or sockets 16. welded I tothe inner face of the arms.

Theshelf 13 ofthe seat frame 12 has se 'curedtheretO depending pins 34 which register. with andfenterthe apertures ll in the seat bowl so asfto properly position thechair thereover and render it rigid. The s'helfof the seat frame is preferablyspaced some "what from the upper face ofthe'bowl to pro-' vide accessibility for cleaning, In placing the seat over the bowl the forwardends of the arms 15 are sprung apart and thereby add rigidity to thechair irrespective of the removab'ility of the frontapron; which provided for sanitary reasons. "The'juseiof cross bracing-for the legs is time rendered danc 'essary,wvh1ch simplifies the constri'iction'of A back of the chairand the bowl accessible for cleaning, which 1s a very great sanitary feature.

What I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent 1s:

1. In a closet chair, the combination, with a closet bowl having apertures at 1ts rear portion openingupwardly, of a chair frame disposed over said bowl and having supporting legs, and depending members at the rear portion of said frame entering said-apertures to position said frame with respect to the bowl and to support said frame against lateral movement.

2. In a closet chair, the combination, with a closet bowl, of a chair frame including legs and having resilient side membersengageable with the sides of the bowl, and means carried by said frame engageable with the bowl at its rear portion for positioning said frame thereon.

3. A closet chair comprising a chair frame adapted to be disposed over a closet bowl and including supporting legs, and depending members carried at the rear portion of said chair frame and engageable with the rearward portions of said bowl for positioning said chair frame on said bowl against lateral and forward displacement.

4. Acloset chair comprising a chair frame including resilient side portions adapted to enclose and engage the sides of a closet bowl,

supporting legs carried by said chair frame, and a closet seat mounted on said chair frame.

5. A closet chair comprising a U-shaped chair frame including laterally resilient arms adapted to engage the sides of a closet bowl, depending pins carried by said frame for engaging the rear portion of said bowl, supporting legs. carried by said frame, and a closet seat mounted on said frame.

6. In ac'loset chair, the combination of a chair frame including forwardly projecting bendable metal side members having loops formed at their forward portions to provide downwardly-opening leg-receiving sockets, and front legs carried in said sockets.

7. In a closet chair, the combination, with a closet bowl, of a chair frame including legs and having displacealole side members simultaneously engageable with and urged against oppositesides of-the bowl,a nd means whereof I afix my signature.


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U.S. Classification4/234
International ClassificationA47K13/00
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European ClassificationA47K13/00