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Publication numberUS1781983 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 18, 1930
Filing dateJan 14, 1930
Priority dateJan 14, 1930
Publication numberUS 1781983 A, US 1781983A, US-A-1781983, US1781983 A, US1781983A
InventorsKoch Edwin W
Original AssigneeKoch Edwin W
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Dice box
US 1781983 A
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Nov. 18, 1930.

E. w. KOCH DICE Box Filed Jan. 14, 1930 Q fig A itomey Patented Nov. 18, 1930 UNITED STATES EDWIN w. x0011, or 'rnrmon'r, ILLINOIS men 1302 7 Application filed January 14, 1930. Serial No. 420,727.

This invention relates to improvements in dice boxes, and has more particular reference to glass dice boxes, in which'the dice are Confined but always visible, and the pril mary object of the present invention, is to provide a simple and inexpensive'dice box for the shaking of dice and handling of dice in Bunco and other similar dice games;

V A still further object of the invention 1s 10 toprovide a dice box which can be manufactured at a nominal cost, and wherein the device is of such a structure as to step or rest on the table, in such' a manner, as not to rubber base within the confines ofthe recep tacle which heavy' flannel covering will reduce to a minimum, the sound of the moving dice within the container. 7 1

Other objects and advantages of the invention will become apparent during a study of the following description taken 1n connection with the accompanying drawm s-: p H I L Figure 1 is an elevational view of my improved dice box.

Fig. 2 is a vertical 'cross sect onal view therethrough, a a v Fig; 3 is a horizontal transverse sectional view therethrough.- V i Fig. 4 is a perspective view of the flannel 7 disk. a

With reference more indetail to the, draw ings, it-will be seen that my improved dice box consists of a relatively thick base 5" formed of rubber or any other suitable material, and provided inwardly 1 from its periphery with a relatively deep annular groove 6. A container? of transparent ma terial, such. as glass, or the'like, is as shown,

. in the nature of an inverted cup being closed annular groove inwardly of the peripheral at'its top and open at its bottom, said coni V taine'r"? at its bottom having the walls thereof, received within the groovefi as shown to advantage in Fig; 2.

The base 5 within the confines ofthe groove :5: i

6 at'itstop is reduced as at 8, and disposed over the reduced portion 8;,of the base, is. a

circular or disk like' sound deadening mem-- her 9, of: an area" greaterthan=.the area of I the-reduced portioni 8,lthe' peripheral edge, i6)v V of the disk 9 being turned down. about the reduced portion 8 and confined between-said reduced vportion of the base and the adjacent; 7 portion of the lower or bottom end of the receptacle 7 as shownto advantage in Fig. 2. The disk 9' is preferablylformed from I heavy flannel as is apparent, will reduce to a minimum, the sound of the moving dice within the receptacle 7, the dice being desig-, nated by the referencecharacter 10. I

In use, the device may be held in the hand I and shaken to thoroughlyagitate the dice 10- confined therein, after which the device may be depositeduponthe table, withthe base 5 resting flatly on the table, at whichtimethe r75 dicewill come torest or: assumeaastationary- "position. 1 V 1 f Manifestly with adice box of this characs J i ter, the dangers of the boxresting upon the a table or like surface, being tilted, or knocked r 3 j over is practically eliminated, as 'wellas the danger ofmarring'the highly polished surface of thetable;

Even though I have herein shown and de- 1: scribed the preferred embodiment of my in- Iyention, it-is to be understood that the same 1 is susceptible ofchanges, fully comprehended by the spirit of the "invention as herein described," and the scope of the appended claim. I

I-Ia'vingthus described my invention,'what 1 .I'c1a1m as new is:- Y r dice .box comprising a receptacle; of

transparent"material' closed' at its top and open at its bottom, a supporting base for said 7 a receptacle normally closing the opened :bot-

tom of the receptacle, said bottom being of substantially relatively flat disk like formation and having on the top face thereof; an

edge thereof for receiving the-lower edge of EDWIN w, KOCH. e

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U.S. Classification273/145.00C, D21/372
International ClassificationA63F9/04
Cooperative ClassificationA63F9/0406
European ClassificationA63F9/04B