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Publication numberUS1782015 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 18, 1930
Filing dateApr 3, 1929
Priority dateApr 3, 1929
Publication numberUS 1782015 A, US 1782015A, US-A-1782015, US1782015 A, US1782015A
InventorsWilliam B Sachs
Original AssigneeWilliam B Sachs
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Flash light
US 1782015 A
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Nov. 18, 1930. w. B. SACHS FLASH LIGHT Filed April 3, 1929 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE WILLIAM B. SACHS, or JAMAICA, NEW YORK FLASH LIGHT Application filed April 3,

My invention relates to a new and improved fiashlight.

One of the objects of my invention is to provide a new and improved compact flashlight which can be the size of an ordinary fountain pen and which can be provided with a spring clip so that it can be carried like an ordinary fountain pen.

Another object of my invention is to pro- W vide a device of this type having a simple and compact switch device. 1

Another object of my invention is to provide a simple device of this type having a switch device which can be either held in operative position by the user, or which can be locked into position to give astea'dy light.

Another object of my invention is to provide a flashlight having a simple and efiicient device for concentrating the rays of the bulb, so that the device can be used by physicians and other persons who require a powerful concentrated beam of light.

Other objects of my invention'will be set forth in the following description and drawings which illustrate a preferred embodiment thereof, it being understood that the above general statement of the objects of my invention is intended merely to generally explain the same and not to limit it in any manner.

Fig. 1 is a side elevation. Fig. 2 is a sectional view along line 22 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a bottom view.

Serial No. 352,075.

The member 3 is suitably connected to insert 1. i

The other contact of the bulb 2 abuts the adjacent contact A of the adjacent battery or dry cell B.

Any number of said dry cells B can be provided, three ofthem being shown in this embodiment.

The batteries B are held in operative position by means of the coil spring 5. This coil spring 5 has a tapered form and the narrow bottom thereof is shaped so that it can be screwed into the central opening of the washer 6, which is made of bakelite or other suitable insulating material.

The inner wall of the insulating washer 6' is threaded so that it engages the adjacent turns of the holding spring 5, in the same manner that a nut engages a bolt. The washer 6 is located within a metalinsert 7, part of whose outer wall is threaded to engage with corresponding threading of the adjacent inner wall of the casing T. A metal plunger 8 is slidably mounted in the bottom insert 7. This plunger 8is provided with an enlarged head. so that it cannot drop out of the insert 7 A compression spring 9 holds the plunger 8 in the normal position shown Re 4 m elevation of e p ne in Fig. 2. The plunger 8 is provided with g- 5 1S a dta11 n p fi y 1n $651011 an enlarged head 10v by means of which the W g T lleht-c9ncentmtlng devlce said plunger 8 can be pressed inwardly to i 6 ls .an'elevatlon of the hght'concen contact with the narrow end ofthe spring 5. 40 gi deYlce or This closes the circuit of the batteries B bee device comprlses a tubular casing T which can be made of any suitable metal decorated in any-suitable manner. The cas-' ing T may be provided with the ordinary clip 0.

One end of the casing, which may be called the top end for convenience,is provided with an insert 1, part of whose outer Wall is threaded so that it can engage a corresponding threading provided .upon the adjacent interior wall of the tube T. The electric cause the metal parts 7 and 8 serve to complete the connection between the metal casing T and the holding spring 5. Since the washer 6 is inwardly movable, the spring 5 is compressed by the inward movement of plunger 8.

This device provides light as long as the finger of the user presses the head .10 inwardly.

As shown in Fig. 3, the bottom of the head narrow end of the holding spring 5,thus pro-' -viding a steady light. In order to move the plunger 8 into the inoperative position shown 35 in F1 2, it is merely necessary to turn the same y means of its knurled head 10, until the members 12 release the wings 11. In order to provide a concentrated beamof light, the focusing tube 14 is employed. This focusing tube 14 has a lens 15 which is held in place by a cap 16. The focusing tube 14 has an outer end which is held frictionally within the insert 1. The interior of the focusing tube 14 is smooth and polished so that it serves to reflect light. I have found that the use of a substantially straight or cylindrical tube 14, having a bell-shaped inner end, ,1 is superior to the ordinary conical tube.

It is immaterial if parts of the casing '1 so) are cut away for ornamental or other purposes as long as current can flow from the insert 7 to the insert 1. While I prefer to connected to the other contact of said bulb.

2. In a flashlight a casing adapted to have a battery located therein, a coil spring located within said casing and having an inner end adapted to contact with the battery, a

support for said spring, the outer end of said spring having its coils inthreaded engage ment with the internally threaded inner wall of a hollow washer, and a switch adapted to make contact with said outer end of the spring.

3. A flashlight device comprisinga metal casing having a first metal insert, an electric light bulb located in said insert and having one contact connected to said insert and having a second contact insulated from said in-, sert, a second metal insert located at the other end of-said casing, said second insert having a hollow insulatlng washer locatedtherein, .an axially directed coil spring having its outer end in threaded engagement with the threaded inner wall of said washer, said spring being adapted to operatively hold battery means between it and said contact, and a switch located in said second insert and comprising an axially. movable plunger operable from the exterior of said casing to contact with the outer end of said spring.


In testimony whereof I afix my signature.


havethe member 7 fit within the tube T and to be held therein by means of cooperating as threading, I do not wish to be limited to these details, since the end member 7 could be connected to the end of the tube '1 in any suitable manner. An important feature of the invention is that all the parts can be made of metal, save for the washer 6, and that the circuit is completed by an inner axial move-' ment of a metal part which is in conductive relation to the metal tube or casing '1. Likewise, the invention is not to be limited to the specific assembly of the parts illustrated herein.

I have shown a preferred embodiment of my invention, but it is clear that numerous changes and omissions can be made without departing from the spirit of my invention.

I claim 1. A flashlight device comprising a casing having a first insert located therein and also having a second insert located therein and spaced from said first insert, a bulb located in the first insert and provided with contacts, a spring located adjacent the second insert and adapted to hold a battery so that one of the contacts of said battery touches one of the'cbntacts of said bulb and the other of said contacts is electrically connected to said holding spring, and a plunger movably located in the second insert and adapted to contact with the adjacent end of the holding spring, the second insert being electrically

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U.S. Classification362/206, 200/60
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