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Publication numberUS1782217 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 18, 1930
Filing dateJun 8, 1929
Priority dateJun 8, 1929
Publication numberUS 1782217 A, US 1782217A, US-A-1782217, US1782217 A, US1782217A
InventorsStoddard Beatrice M
Original AssigneeDorothy Dewey Comstock
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Play pen
US 1782217 A
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PLAY PEN This invention relates 'to portable cribs" or play pens of .f the foldable and extensible type disclosed'in the patentto'Dorothy'D. Comstock No. 1,463,459 dated July 31,y 5 1923. The principal object of the invention is v are disposed in parallel juxtaposition.

to provide, in association With a baby pen of this class,a sheet or cover member constructed and arranged` to serve as a bottom pad for the extended pen during use as Well as a cas# lo ingadapted to enclose the folded pen for transportation.- Further objects reside inthe structural features of the devices hereinafter described and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in Which:

Fig. 1 is a top view showing the sheet mem ber attached to the bottom of the erected baby pen'and illustrating, in broken lines, the folded pen in position to be enclosed Within the sheet casing; Y j v;

Fig.r2is a top view of the collapsed pen;

Fig.' 3 is a perspective View of the folded Y pen partially enclosed Within the casing; and Fig. 4l is a similar'view shoWingthe casing fastenedy around the collapsed pen. f y

As more fully describedin said Comstock patent, the'baby pen'or crib may comprise six pivotally connected, sections 11, 12, 13, r14,

15 and 16, each including longitudinal top and bottom rals'17 connected by transverse- 30 rods 4or spindles 18'; but any desired even number of sections of approximately the same length maybe employed, andthe individual sections maybe formedvof any lsuitable materials as desired. 'When `extended to form an erected pen, these sections-'are so placed and interconnected as to form a rectangular enclosure preferably twice as long as it is Wide, the long sides comprisingtwo sections oined endto end. i f

The sections are suitably hinged at three of thev corners and midway of the sides, as by hinges 19 applied at the abuttingends of the rails 17, Whiley the separable cornerof the erected frame is .provided'with detach'- able locking fastenings, as indicated 'at 20 in Fig. y1. v Separable fastenings 21 similar to the fastenings 20 may be provided yat the abutting ends of-the side sections, to lock said sections against relative angular movement. 50 The hinges 19 are so arranged that the frame maybe folded in zig-zag fashion `lby separatin'gthe fastenings 2O and 21 and Swinging ad- ]acent sections against each other. Thus, the

folded or collapsed pen (Fig. 2) comprises a compact bundle in Which the hingedsections The sheet or cover ymemberf27 Which functionsy as a combined bottom mat and casingk for the baby pen may be made of any suitable iexible' material preferably Waterproofed upon itsouter surface by aj layer or coating of 'Water-repellent material; and its main body portion is preferably*rectangular` outer sides of said rails andbe detachablyV fastened thereto as by the cooperating stud and'socket members of suitable snap fasteners 28,'the stud members of which arepreferably affixed tothe rails With the socket ele- `ments attached atthe sheet margins. Thus,

the sheet 27 may readily be attached beneath the lower rails of the erected frame to serve as a bottom pad for the pen. The side fasteners are vusually adequate to prevent displacementJ of the pad, but additional fasteners may obviously be provided at the ends 'of the 'frame yif desired.

In orderthat the sheet may also function as an enclosing casing for the folded pen, opposed extensions `or side Wings 29 are preferably provided to fold over the opposite ends of the collapsed frame. These Wings extend transverselyl of the pen when the sheet `is utilized as a bottom mat, and are provided at their respective margins with stud members 30 Which cooperate with the socket elements of the fastenersl 28 to provide the casing fastenings 31 of Fig.r 4, when the sheet is folded over the collapsed pen to envelop the juxtaposed sections.

Aligned stud `members 32 are provided near one end of the sheet to cooperate with complemental socket elements 33 arranged along the opposite margin thereof.` in fur# nishing the separable fasteners l311 for uniting the overlapped ends of the casing (Fig.

4). One of the center sections of the colla ased crib frame for exam ale end section 1 2 1 1li, may be provided Witn an upstanoing handle and the casino' ma*7 have a com` s 1 b J 1 plemental, marginally reinforced slotV or aperture 36 through Which the handle extends to aiford ease in transporting the encased pen. Y i

In` order conveniently to enclose the pen Within the casing, the folded frame may be laid VflatWise upon the extended sheet, substantially in the position shoivn in broken lines in Fig. 1. The side Wings or flaps 29' are then folded over the ends of the juxtaposed sections, the longer end of the sheet y is turned over and upon the upper `side of the structure and attached to the Wing por` tions by some of the cooperating fasteners 31 (Fig. andthe shorter end of the sheet is folded upwardly and over Ythe opposed sheet edge, and then attached to the Wings by other fastenings 3l and to said opposite sheet edge of the fasteners 34 (Fig. et). The

penis accordingly entirely enclosed With-Y in the casing, and the encased pen furnishes on the ground or Vupon a porch or platform, or may be erected indoors upon-.a bed or on the door. The fastened sheet provides a smooth bottom pad which protects the infant from dirt, dampness or insects when out of doors, and also guardsagainst damage to the Vfloor or bed coverings When the pen or crib is used in the house. An infant playing Within the pen cannot move the frame off the mat or push the pen along the floor, and is Yless likely to tilt the sides of the frame While standing upon itsattached bottom.`

The sheet member is simple and economical to manufacture and because of its double purpose is useful at all times; and the provision of common fasteningelementsfor securing the pad to the pen frame and attaching the overlapped margins of the casing obviates the necessity of duplicating fasteners and consequently encumbering the sheet or the pen with separate fastening` elements for the respective uses.

FromV the foregoing, it will be evident that characteristic features of the invention consist, in that the cover has transverse and longitudinal dimensions at least substantially equal to corresponding dimensions of the erected pen, as shovvn in Fig. l; in that the length of the cover is s Ties-ff approximately equal to a circumferential dimension of the collapsed penso that it may be Wrapped without` inconventherearound as shown in Fig. 3; in that the cover has'lateral portions to fold over the ends of the collapsed pen, these portions preferably being in the form of extensions or flaps integrally connected with the sides of the cover; in that the transverse dimension of the cover is approximately equal to the length of each of the collapsed sections;

in that the longitudinal dimension of the cover is approximately.equal to the length of the erected pen and twicerthe lengthof each section and to the aforesaid circumference of the collapsed sections; and in that said extensions correspond in length to thethickness of the collapsed sections and in Width to the height of each section.

- I claim: Y i

1. In combination With a portable pen comprising a plurality of thin, rectangular vsections pivotally interconnected to form an upright, rectangular enclosure When erected and Vto fold into parallel juxtaposition when overlapping each other completely to enclose the foldedpen therewithin, cooperating fastener elements spaced along said margins for` securing the casing about the folded pen, and fastener' elements spaced along the bottom of the sections at the sides of the erected pen, cooperating With the fastener elements at the side margins of said body portion for attach- -ing the sheet to the bottom of the erected pen.,

v 2. A combined bottom mat and casing for use with a portable pen havinga plurality of rectangular sections pivotally interconnectedl to forman upright enclosure when erected and to fold into parallel juxtaposition when closed, comprising a sheet of flexible material having a substantially rectangular body portion shaped approximately to underlie the bottom ofthe erected pen and to folo over the bottom, sides and top ofthe folded pen, and having a pair of oppositely disposed substantially rectangular side Wings, the Wings projecting beyond the sides of the erected pen when the sheet is used as a mat and being longer and Wider than the respective ends of the. closed pen, so that the Wings cover said ends and overlap the top, bottom and one side of the erected pen When the sheet is used as a casing, fasteners at the side margins of the body portion for attaching the sheet to the bottom of the erected pen,

mami# v Cooperating fastener Ineinbers at the opposite Y pen, thereby completely to enclose the folded l ends `of the Vbody portion for separably con at the side marginsfof the body portion for l detachably securing said margins together `When the vsheet is enveloped about the folded pen. r

Signed by mek at Boston, Mass. this;v 16th day of May, 1929.


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U.S. Classification5/99.1
International ClassificationA47D13/00, A47D13/06
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European ClassificationA47D13/06B4