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Publication numberUS1784588 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 9, 1930
Filing dateJun 17, 1929
Priority dateJun 17, 1929
Publication numberUS 1784588 A, US 1784588A, US-A-1784588, US1784588 A, US1784588A
InventorsAzaria M Green
Original AssigneeAzaria M Green
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Mop holder
US 1784588 A
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De .:.9,1930. A. M. GREEN 1,784,588

MOP HOLDER Filed June l?. 1929 2 sheets-Sheet 1 l zu 3 37 34 35 sa a Y l5 l?. Y ,4 lf 5 0 e 9 .lo l I3 j l a2 /a i 'i le sa II 3e I Ihn Z6 Figi l 29 *ga I' l5 30 I t 25 34 /zl a4 35 Il l 1 )3 1 a sl a ze El .3 I8 /o/ I l \EO ,t a lf" /4 I9 2/ s, e


MOP HOLDER Filed June 17, 1929 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 INvENToR AZAR/A M. GREEN ATTORNEYS Patented Dec. 9, 1930 UNITED-. STATES' 'PATENT FFCE AZARIA M. GREEN, 'or MiNNEAPoLrs, MINNESOTA Y Mor nonnen Application filed June 17,

This invention relates to a mop holder more Y especially adapted to the purpose of housing an oilmop head.4 m

. An object of the inventionis to provide a mop holder which will be adapted to retain `the head of a mop -in'such manner that the mop holder, together with thermop, can be moved about from place to place by the mop handle. Y

lo A fur-ther object is to provide a mop holder 2o vention will appear as the full description thereof proceeds, it being understood that the disclosure herein is merely illustrative and not intended in a limiting sense, slight changes in details of construction and ar-` rangement of parts being permissible so long as within the scope of the claims which follow.

part of this specification,

Fig. 1 is a vertical transverse sectional view of a mop holder in which the features of the invention are incorporated, the section being taken on line 1 1 in Fig. 3, but the hinged cover being disclosed in open position;

Fig. 2 is a view corresponding with the disclosure of Fig. 1, showing the hinged cover in closed position;

gig. 3 is a top plan view of the mop holder; an

Fig. 4 is a vertical longitudinal sectional view of said mop holder, taken on line 4 4 in Fig. 2 or Fig. 3.

Vith respect to the drawings and the numerals of reference thereon, 10 designates a -45 box or casing, desirably of metal, having a cover 11 hinged thereto as at 12.

A horizontal rockshaft 13, rotatably mounted, as at 14, upon the front wall 15 of the box or casing, includes an arm 16 at each 50 of its ends situated adjacent an end wall 17 of xoppositeend of each link beingpivoted, as indicated at 24, to .one of a pair of brackets @25 upon the inner `face o f the hinged-cover. Coil springs2`6, one for each arm 16, having In the accompanying drawings forming a 11` when the latterl is moved to its closed to engage the upper surface of the cover f dotted lines in Fig. 2) and thus released from 1829. YSerial No. 371,437.

said b ox or casing. A foot lever 18, secured to the shaft 13 as indicated at 19 and projecting through'an opening 20 in the front wall 15, is for the purpose of swinging the` arms V'16 from their positionr asin ig. 2' to their 55 positionv as in Fig. 1. V

The outer end of each arm 16 is pivotally attached, as indicated at 21, in an elongated slot v22 in the adjacent end fofa link 23, the

their lower ends secured in the box or casing, as at 27 and their `upper 'ends lattached to the arms 16, asat 28, normallyurge said arms "to theirI position asin Fig. 2 to .retain the cover 11 in closed position.

A latch element 29 is pivoted,fas atv 30, upon .each end `wall 17 of the box or casing,l and has a dependingportion 31 vurged into engagement with agpin 32, one in each arm 16, by means ofa coil spring 33 securedto the'upper portion of saidlatch element, as

lat 34, and to theboX or casing, as at 35. The upper end portion of each latch. element projects above the top lof the box or casing, and isadapted to :pass through an elongated slot 36, one for each latch element, in thel cover position. `The coil springs 33 urge the up* n per portions of the latch elements toward the rear ofthe box or casing as disclosed, anda catch V37 upon each latch element is adapted 5 adjacent the rearward end of the corresponding'elongated'slot 36 when the cover is in yclosed position andfthe foot lever 18 is elevated as disclosed in'Flig. 2, to thus fasten said Vcover down :upon the box or casing. The lower end of each depending portion 31 is shaped to provide a camming surface 38, and v the pins 32 upon the arms 16 -of the rockshaft 13 are adapted to ride over said camj ming surfaces when the footlever 18 is depressed, cause the depending portion 31 to be moved rearwardly and the catches37 to be moved.y forwardly '(as disclosed' in saidcover. u 10 A slot 39 in the cover 11, situated intermediate the ends of said cover, preferably at the midlength thereof, and opening to its forward edge, is for the purpose of receiving the handle of a mop (not shown) the head of which is adapted to be situated in the boX or casing. Desirably, the slotor opening 39 is of dimension not much greater than the diniension of a mop ordinarily intended to be housed by the present holder, smaller thanV the mop head, in order that the mop will lbe permanently held in the boX or c asing so lon as the cover 11 is in its fastened down position.

Supposing the mop holder cover to be fastened down as it is disclosedy inV Figs. 2, 3 and 4, depression of the foot'lever- 18 will first cause the pins 32 to engage the camming surfaces 38 to move the latch elements 29 to their unlocking position, as will be evident, and will thereafter cause the cover to be lifted toopen position as disclosed in Fig. 1. The elongated slots 22 inthe links 23 permit movement ofthe arms 16 to actuate the latch elements 29 before the commencement of the lifting movement upon theV cover. lVith the cover open, the mop can be freely removed from the holder. n When the foot lever 18 is released, the'coil springs26depress the arms 16` to move the cover 11. to its `closed position, and to release the latch element 29 to the action of the coil springs 33 which act to draw the catches 37 into locking relation with the surfaces of said cover adjacent the inner ends of the elongated'slots 36, as `will be understood.

If desired, 'a small quantity of oil may be placed in the box or -cover 10y in order that a mop when notV in use may absorb oil, to


possess a suicient quantity of oil' requisite' -to the use of anoil mop. I claim as my invention:

1. A :mop holder comprising a vcasing `adapted to receive the head of a mop, a

hinged cover upon said casing and `having an openingtoallow passage of the handle of saidimop, fasteningmeans for retaining the `cover in closed position upon the casing, and

devices for releasing-'the cover from said Acasing. and for `moving said cover to open position.

2. A .mop holder comprising a casing adapted to receive the head of za'mop, a

'hinged cover upon said casingand having a slot opening to its free edge to allow passage of the handle'of said mop, saidlslot having dimension ysmaller than the dimension of ysaid mop head, fastening means for retaining tlie cover in closed position upon the casing, and devices ada ted to be actuated to first release the cover rom said .casing and .to then move said coverto open position.

fcasing andfad'aptedtov engage said cover, a

catch upon said latch element, resilient means urging said catch into holding engagement with said cover, and means upon said arm for releasing said catch from said cover when said 'foot lever is actuated.

4. A mopy holder comprising a casing adapted to receive the head of a mop, a

hinged coverupon said casing and having an opening to `allow passage of the handlefof said mop, a. rockshaft upon said casing and having an arm, a foot lever secured to said rockshaft, la link pivoted to said arm and to saidcoveii? resilient means attached to said casing and to said arm for urgingfsaid cover to closed position, a latch element pivoted upon said casing and passing through .an elongated slot in saidcover,'a catch upon said latch element, resilient means urging said catch into holding engagement with said cover, means permittingfrelative movement between said cover and said arm, and

Ymeans upon said arm for releasing said catch from-said cover when said foot .lever is actuated. j f

1n witness whereof, I have hereunto Lset Vmy hand this 14th day of June, 1929.


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