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Publication numberUS1785313 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 16, 1930
Filing dateAug 23, 1928
Priority dateAug 23, 1928
Publication numberUS 1785313 A, US 1785313A, US-A-1785313, US1785313 A, US1785313A
InventorsMonroe Keener
Original AssigneeHoward J Hull
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Valve for miliking machines
US 1785313 A
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DEC. 16, 1930. M KEENER' l 1,785,313

VALVE FOR MILKING MACHINES Filed Aug, 23, 1928 l milking machines j. lriolygiitsl obj ect f sto pro-V vide-:a valvecup which willfbea-free of moving parts; and bygthe use, of `,which the ymilk .will be delivered into th`e' receiving paihwith n.

itsefatty eleientsjnibrbkeifandundisturbed l by unnecessary agitation, fThepresent invention' provides afvalve cup in which the inflowing milk Will be carrie'd'thr'ough a path j entirely free of the path followediby the air, passing into. or out of the cup` and will be.;` directed into the holding cup. with 'minimum agitation so that the fatty particles will be` unbroken. Anotherl object of the `invention f is to provide a cupwhich "may be-.easily", cleanedso as to be maintained in a sanitary condition at all times andinwhich the 'sevf- Y eral parts may be readily separatedl although.

they will be held -firmly together and leak-J age 'prevented While in'use.v 'The several 'stated objects; andother objects which will i hereinafter incidentally appear,V are attained in such a device` as is illustrated in the ace companying drawing, and the invention lrevsides 1n certain novelfeatures which will be` l particularly defined in Jthe appended claims.


v In the drawing:

k Figure 1 is a vertical section throughthe` valve cup showing the same A1n positionupon a pall;

Fig.`2 is a section on l, and

4the line 2-f2 vof portion yofthe discharge valve. l

In carrying out the present to pass throughan opening .in 'the'rcover 3 of the receiving pail 1-and be supported by the rim resting onsaid cover. The cup is tapered downwardly,` as shown in Fig. l, and

at its lower end is closed by a disk valve 5 which* seats against the lower edge of the*- cup and covers the entire bottom areafof the ing therefrom and provided with `adiametri'- f Liemeer-12R; PE.

On the under side of'this valve dislrV 5 is a boss 6 having a central stud 7 depend?` forms: an :effectual etween the `lug. "t

`The annularrimorffiangeiwhich circums'cribesizthe upper; end of the loup is provided 'with an 'annularrinternal shoulder 15in which kisse'atedfa ring or cylinder 160i glass or other suitable material, this ring beingpreferably transparent orftranslcent soythatltheow of -millrthere'througlr fmay be observed.i` is L alsorjdesirable.; :thatnitfibeqof some.` material will f present v a perfectly l smooth inf f fternal surfaceandwhich maybe .very 'easily VFig-'3 is a detail bottom Jplanview of a 1.

l sanitary conditionand .will--avoidagitation v invention, lthere is provided a cup l havingan4 annular rim 2 at its upper' end whereby it is adaptedl placed uponthe upper edge of the ring or cyl- {"inder Restingftmthe upper edge ofthe ring is agvalve block 19V which constitutes afcover `forthering andthe' cup. 'lhis valve block is formedgwith a diametrical passage 20 there- 1 through and therendiofthemilk delivery tube l231; fis "fitted in said p assage. i Thislinilk vinlet passagafas shown clearly in Fig. y 2, extends entirely u-filfiro'ugh the'.v block and i is inclined Vdow-nw.ardly from the outer -sidexof the block ftothe innergside thereof softhatthe-infiowing fmilkfiwillbe, directed vagainst 'thefinner sur- 10U `(i5 heri'peasom slightlylooseningfthe setv screw f' `will permitits detachment from the icup,

,Y ace of the ring 16, and it is to bepartieularly noted that the block has a depending'portionv22 Which fits Within the ringand, has 1ts .peripliery,'tl1rough Whichthe vpipe 21 opens closetothe inner, surface of thering so that the inflowingmilk` will imp inge-against rthe Tinnenv concavesnrface oftlierng andfwill p ,flow down .and around the same in a verlyg. Vthin stream.: Inasmnchas they inlet tube, is.

v kw directed downwardly anddisclfiargesjagainst',jV

the concave surface of the lring`,'.tl1`e`4V agitation .of the-milk and consequent disrliptigno thef ffiiiy globules iiieieiii win be iiiiiiimizeii so Y that a Very high gradeyo butte-r may-befpro-'- duced therefromg Extending y .,vertically th-rough the valve block 19f" atene sidefo'f thel 'milk inletl passage iS an air tube .23,- the ,outerV lendofwhicl'is to befconnectedpwith a: hose stood'iiiiiiiheiiiiei-pipetenis ki150- fiiied intheendof ai hose`2i4-leadingrfromthete'at cups. Uponthesic'tiony stroke 'ofthe' pump, the

` iiiiilkwillfV be, consoquentlyidifaw through 'fj/j f Y the` inlet pipe.;V Upon thei reverserstrokeof "ifi Y -thepumpgairWillenter the cpthroughthe f f tube@y 23 and' thefvalvefwill then beop'ened f of the same.v l K y 2.v A valye cup for milking machines comprising a cup,varing resting on thecup, a

v passage through kthek block eccentric to the milk inlet passage and remote from the outlet Y projecting `:beyond the-'ring andhaving diaf metricallyv oppositel notches in its Vedge, a

inilkzinlet'passage ektending, ,diametrialIy j .and the ini'lklcollectedtheieon-discharged` 4;* i

intothe receivingfpail;v It willbe reaclily seenthat the airtube isdisposed entirely Vont 'Y c prisiingaa-joupga ring :resting on Y the upper of -the'path followedl)y` the" infloiivin'gI milk Y and, thereforefthemilik not enter the nib@ the-:necessity foremoving parts -to f avoid the entrance of milk nto` J thelairftnbe 'The 'valive block' removaikiip `lout Yfirmly 'heid-fifi position by eye-bolts having .their eyes 2o engaged over'y hook: In'gsQZ formedon iiiiiiA pfoieeiing: iiceiniy iioiiiizihe iiiiii 0i l i fftage 2 of 'the'cnpwhile their'upper' ends are Y l 'passeclthroiighnotcliewifformedinthe pro- `Ajeetiig'1i-g!.iedgeportionfoi the' fifalveffbloek.V YWing mit-s .291.are,engage-d'on'A the upper tli'ije'aded ends ofrtheieye-boltsan aietumed i homeY against the projectingmarginaigporf tions* of: thblock, as will be understood-upon miei-'entero Fig; mind it will. be obvious `iiiiii Y i jlo'ylslightly looseningthe nuts the bolts'may 'be readilydetache'dffrmtheflugs 27so'that the valve block adgtlie ringjlomaybe sepa# -raptedvfor el@anfing` -x- I claim:

1 f-.zHavi' g 'thi'is desciriloed; I l

1.j A@ valve' cup-for-inilkiigmachines-Golfiy i edge ofthe' ciipya'valife block :vestingen the ripper edgeof tl1e.ring,familk inletfpassage 1 across said-block anddownwadly Y the'iethroiig'h1fromtheppei edgoportijon thereof to theopposite lower edgeportion' llt-hereof. andfterninating-in proximity vtothe I inneifoocave suffaceofthe ring; mtv an airv sesY .Y 70 Valveiblock:restingon'thering-With its edge i

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