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Publication numberUS1785404 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 16, 1930
Filing dateSep 8, 1927
Priority dateSep 8, 1927
Publication numberUS 1785404 A, US 1785404A, US-A-1785404, US1785404 A, US1785404A
InventorsEdgar Blackman Albert
Original AssigneeEdgar Blackman Albert
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Mail box
US 1785404 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Dec. 16, 1930. A. E. BLACKMAN Filed Sept. 8, 1927 Patented Dec. 161-930 Yif.;

. ALBERT EnGARnLncxiviAm isaiolIN'I2'viennois,Nnwvoiiia; f

" Appiicatipnl med september s, ies?. serial 21`z `19ij"-"Hf This invention `relates to'mail-boxes for one or two-family houses. 'Itis of a typeto beset in the vestibulefwall vofa house. Boxes is deposited.

of this kindare `usually provided witha slot in the front face ofthe box in ,which the mail -easy for unauthorized persons toI withdraw `the mail throughthe slot without opening the box.

-which can be opened without a key anda In my construction there san-upper door lower door which requiresfa key to open it.

AThe upper door isprovided with an inwardly; extending hood, the top of the hood having.A

a slot extending diagonally across it.` VMail is deposited by the postman through the slot,

and falls down into the box opposite vthe lower and locked door where it is inaccessible unless one has the key. lVhen the upperdoor isl pulledopen, magazines and other packages too large for the slot can be laid upon the top ofthehood. w. j;

Certain features of the construction shown herein but not claimed form the subject mat# ter of my copending applications Serial Nos. V 168,632, and 196,254. v i

Other objects and advantages will become apparent upon a further study of the' description and drawing which-:

Fig. 1 is a front elevation of my box, Fig. 2 is an end elevation, the dot and dash lines showing theV doorin open positiomFig. 3 is a plan looking up at the bottomof the box, Fig.`

4 is a front elevation of thehood yremoved from the upper door, Fig. 5 is a side eleva'- tion of t-he hoodpandFig. 6 is a planviewof vthetop of the hood showing theV diagonal slot. Y

In the particular embodiment of my invention illustrated herein, a mail-box Ais shown with two compartments, said box being suitl able for a two-family house. The same gen-V eral construction can be, followed in a one compartment box suitable for a one-family house. Y The box comprises side walls7 and 8, bottom 9, back 9a andtop 10. A front frame 11 is fastened to flanges12 formed onthe front` of said top, bottom and sidewalls. v

For the two-family mail-box, a partition They, are shallow and itfis' 19 iare provided 'fori lower doorsfl "-5;

ment.l p t Y The upper rear edge of hood 20V acts as a stopk for limiting the opening of'd-oor 14. 100

wall 13 i'sf'provided for11dividirlg'f the" box "into l i tenan'tf 'doors .ljclose the front" ofthe' lower f coinpartmentsj4 V"I he upper doorf14 is formed `w-itha hinge'loopll at.` its lowerfen'd which comesfabo'uta hingerod 1,( not" seen) `the ends ofwliichvv are pivotallysupported in the-upf i perportion of socket pieces 17".` 4T Socket-:pieces 1'? jarefastened to front framev Theflower '.-doorsl/ are formed each 'with' ahingef'loop 1Samu-y @appease 'liniaal ieweifprtienfef c socketpieces 17. ,Individual.ortenant #su parador `iris',1p malefici iwan tw@ rimas denoted4 generally the" .numeral 20,'i`o`ne hood` adapted toifcornr-i into-'each compart- V.ment when said'door is'closed." Each hood 20. comprises-a front portion 21V which is welded orvotherwise fastened tothe back of upper door 14. Extending from front portion 21 are triangular wings 22 forming the side portions ofthe hood. The top portion is provided with` a diagonally extending slot 24vfor theinsertion of the mail. A knob 25 is provided on the upper door for convenience in opening and closing saiddoon f When thepostman wishes to: depositfmail in the-box, he swings down upper doorV V14 by means fof knob 25, exposing slot 24,

V,through .whichVv he inserts the mail. Door 14 Vis shown by dot and dashed lines in open positionfin Fig. 2. If he hasa magazine,.such asdenotedby the numeral 26, which is too large to pass through slot 24,- he lays it upon` the'top 23 of hood 20. Itis to'be'notedf that `top`23vis below the .upper edge of door 14. i This'enables the upper portion of door 14 to keep magazine 2 6 from falling olf top page ma (Dorsten) ,the @ni-stoffl whichfafe f1- two .full'depthfcompartments? ``An upper, or y f masterdeo1""14'"e'xten'ds substantially for the wifdthff the twofcompartments'and closes the front ofAj said"fcompartmentsg,I Individual: or


2e. maitenant 'has @key met .his 1001;,

19 on the lower door 15, by means of whichl he caILropen-his door 15 and remove whatever mail has beenv depositedl in his compart- 2, In a mail-'boxhaving.a-partition Wall form dividing the box into. compartments open on fone aQe,-a door movablymounted' upon thebox for closingthe 'open face, spaced gj'- hoods-mountedupon the insidefof said door, 1 .I keachfhood having a top andside'portions in'A of `ixejd relation,v a hod corresponding to each 1 compartment and adaptedto come Within its corresponding compartment when the door is closed,said partition coming in between-the t f- `space `betweenl the hoods, each hoodbeing ,o

I claim l Y 1. "In a mail-box having a lplurality of compartments open at thefront, a master door', for closing theupper portions of all of said compartments, a plurality of hoods extending inwardly of the box andy lixed` upon thevmaster door, a hood corresponding Y v to each Acompartrnent and adapted to come `Within its corresponding compartmentwhen o Y the door is closed, each hood having a topY A and `side portionsy in -eixe'drelationtoeach f other landl being provided with a slot .iin its@ top for theintroduction of mail, said hoods,Hw

except fortheir slots,l obstructing `access lto .e

the interior of their corresponding 'compartinents When-the master door is open.

` "Provided lwith @S1015 mits top forme-introduction of mail, said hoods, Vexcept for their,` slots,jobstructingaccess-to the interior-fof"` ,l their: corresponding compartments when said door isopen..4 i i f p New Yorkcity, in the county ,of Bronx andState of New York, thisvth Y signedl ,at

day ofSept(a A. D.-1927. r


U.S. Classification232/21, 232/27
International ClassificationA47G29/12, A47G29/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47G29/1201
European ClassificationA47G29/12M