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Publication numberUS1785406 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 16, 1930
Filing dateJan 23, 1930
Priority dateJan 23, 1930
Publication numberUS 1785406 A, US 1785406A, US-A-1785406, US1785406 A, US1785406A
InventorsCornett Robert M
Original AssigneeCornett Robert M
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Screw-thread cleaner
US 1785406 A
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Dec. 16, 1930. R. M. CORNETT SCREW .THREAD CLEANER Filed Jan. 23, 1930 IN VEN TORI /0 Q6 1/ 7 Jam 27km.

' trates my invention, Fig. 1 is a plan view of an internally threaded machine member engaged a I screw, shown in crosssectiomand two 'ofimy improved thread cleaners mounted on". said .member and engaging the screw, the screw thread cleaners.

Patented Dec. 16, .1930

nosnnrr 1:. co umn, or KANsAs cm, ivirssounr .scnnw-rnnnanormnnn Application 'filedlJanuary 23, 1830ij$ria1i No. 422,964. i

My invention relates to improvements in screw thread cleaners. w

It is adapted for'useon-machines which; i

are subjective to use exposing them to large amounts of dirt, dust-or other matter which forms accretlonson screws of the machinesand makes them difficult to turn, or for nuts on them to-turn. .VVood' workng machines are particularly llable' to have such Taccre- .10 tions accumulate on their screws, such as screws used to p r vertically adjustable tables. V v

The objector my invention isto provide a simple, cheap, novel means-for automatically cleaning the threads of screws, which cleaning means is adapted for attachment to stationary or rotating parts fitted on stationary 'The novel features of inventionare In the accompanying drawing which illus- V threads being of the square type.

Fig. 2 is a side elevation, partlyibroken away of what is shown in Fig. 1. 7

V type threads. Fig. 5 is a top view screw and provided with twoofmy improved Fig. 6 is an enlarged elevation of (inter V the cleaning devices shownlin Figsfl-to 3; Fig. 7 is an enlarged'side elevation ofYone' of the 'cleanin'gdevices shown 'in'Fig. 4.

"inFig.7. a 7

Fig. 9 is an enlarged side elevation of the cleaning device having a-cylindrical-shank and adapted for use with square threads.

Fig. 10 is a side elevation" of the device tatable, orthe -:member.

gnated by 1:. 35 F'g. 3 1s a sectlon on the line OfF1g,-'2 Fig. 4 isa view imilar to Fig, 2, h i

of a nutmounted on a Fig. 8 is anend view of the device'shown having aicylindrical sha 'and adapted r01 V type threads.

in Fig. 10. K r Similar reference characters designatem slmilar parts'iin the different views.

l designates a vertical screw-fitted in an internallythreaded member 2, which may be r a part of a machine, and which may be, r0-

screw may be rotatable in "said In Figs'il', the threads of the screw and membery2 are shown as of the square type. TTwoholes 3 are provided, one in the upper and one in the lower side of the 'mem- Fig. 11is anend view ofthe-device'shown here,- the-outergend portions of said holes 3 'tionsthereof;

ing portionb adaptedto extendbetween the threads of the screw 1 and to travel-therebe- -being larger in diameter than the inner poror rotating screws. Myinvention also pro- V vides for nuts fitted withi my improvement 20 and adapted for general marketingseparatef "from screws with which they are adapted to] g V -slidably and rotatably fitted in one of-the be .used. a

holes 3. iX F ach cleaning device has at the g Y {outer end of the shank 4 aflaterally extendhereinafter fully described and claimed.

tween ior the purpose of cleaningthe threads.

The inner portion 5 is shaped to fit thegroove between the threads. In the. form shown in F igs. l'to' 3, the inner endfofthe portion 5 is square in crosssectionl In the form shown in Fig'. j 4, the corresponding portion, desige nated by 5 is wedge shapedto fit the V shaped groove between the threads of the screw, des- The shankt of each device is fitted'to slide and turnin theinner smaller endof the hole 3 in which-it is mounted. V l v The member 2is provided with two horiz'ontallthreaded holes respectively intersect- King the enlarged outer portions of the two holes 3,Figs."1 to e I v V v'V'Respe'ctivfely fitted in these two threaded holes-are two set screws. 6, the inner ends of p which bear respectively 7 against the adjacent shanks-'4, which are respectively provided ,with recesses: 7 inwhich the inner ends of thescrews 6fare' respectively disposed, and

30 V wedgeshaped,as-before-, stated, so as to fit,

' L ;between the threads ofth'e screw 1.

" screws from'accidenta l turning.

not i y b g against bear against the member 2 and hold the By having the shanks eslidable martia able in the holes 3, the -shanks are easily and quickly slid into or out of the holes 3.

1; Inapplying the cleaning devices, the;

shanks 4 are slid into the holes 3' and then turned until-theportions 5 enteribetween the :1

' -1, after which the lock nuts 8 are tightened, -Figs. 1 to13. 1 y ,4 1 In the-formishown in Fig. (4, the constructionis similar to that described and shown; 'turning on said member. v

threads of the screw 1, following which the; set screws 6 are turned so as to respectively force the portions 5 tightly against the screw 1 in Figs. 1 to 3, excepting that the screw 1 and the internally threaded member 2, in

which the screw 1 isfitted,-are provided with v is 'wedge shaped at The'screws 6 are re 'spectively provided with lock nuts 8 which hold them from slipping out of the holes in which they are mounted. V

In the form of cleaner shown in Fig. 9, the inwardly extending portion 9, is shaped to fitin'a'square type thread, and the portion 10 of the cleaner shown in Figs. 10 and 11, 7 its inner end tofit a V type threadj v ThQJClBflDGIS'ShOWIl in Figs. 9 and lOmay be substituted forthose shown in Figs. 2 and 4.- respectively, andare operable in a like manner.

Otherniodifications, within the scope of the,appendediclaims, may be made without departiiig'fromthe spirit of my invention. ".What I claimis;',; Y

' 1. In a screw threadgcleaner, the combination with a screw and an internallythreaded member fitted thereon, of a device rotatable on and slidably fitted-toand' adjustable inwardly on. said member to aithreadcleaning positionbetween. the threads of said screw,

, and means for forcing thelsaiddevice to said position and 'for holding said device from .2.v Inza screw threadcleaner,thegcomb nation with a screw and an internally threaded member-fitted thereon andhaving a hole, of

.. V type threads, and'the portions5 of the ;a device having a shank slidablydfittedginsaid thread cleaningdevices havetheir innerends- In the form shown in F igs ,5, ';7 and 8,

the member 2 is;a-nut.mounted on the screw :35

1", the-upper antlrlower endsiof the nuts".

hole,*said device being adjustable inwardly to a thread cleaning position between, the

threads of said. screw, and a set screw in .said

member bearing on'and adapted to force said device-tosaid position. 1 Ina screwjthread cleaner, the combina rh yingg ,ve cal'holes-3,corr p i g itionwith a screwg'andan internally threaded the holes 3 in the member 2=,' ofgF igs.-ljto in which are respectively fitted ,the shanks 4];

were not provided with the recesses 7,:WhlCh' ,could be eliminated,inthe formslshownin .52 5

respectivelyfitted in threaded holes in the nut and respectively bear on the shanks 4 of the cleaning devices, .andset screws 6 are for forcing the portions5 against the screw 1 between thefthreads of the latter, as has; been described with reference to the set screws bearing square in cross .section. j This permits the screws 6 to reliably hold ".the shanks from turning in the holes 3 even though .the shanks The shanks 4, as shown in Figsnlto 7 are.

Figs. 1 to 8, wit h the elimination, however,

' of the function ofholding the shanks 4 from slipping out of the holes 3', when the set;

"screws are not tightened sufliciently to bind: on the shanks, as before the screws 1 and 1 are 60 fitted in themembers 2 and 2 respectively.

- In the forms-shown in Figs. 9,10 and .11, the shanks 4' arecircular in cross section, so

"that the side recesses 7 therein are required for receiving the set screws, so as to'hold :the shanks 1' from turning, as wellas to,

member fitted thereon and having a hole, of a device slidably and rotatably fitted in said hole and adjustable inwardly to a thread cleaning position between the threads of said 5 screw, and a set screwinsaid member bearng on said device and adapted to force said device tosaid position and to.holdfsa1d;de-

vice from sliding orturningin said hole. V

1.. In a screw thread cleaner, the combination with a screw and an internally threaded member fitted thereon and having a,hole, of a device having a -ishank slidably androtatably fittedin said hole and having alateral recess, said devicebeing adjustable inwardly to; .afthread cleaning position between the threadsof said screw, and a. set. screw. in said meinber and enteringsaid recess and bearing on saidishank. tor-holding the latter from turning and from sliding andyadaptedtd force said device to said position. f 5. In a screw'thread cleaner, the combination with. a screw and an internally threaded me'mberlfitted thereon andhaving-a hole, of a device having a shank other than circular" in cross section slidably and rotatably" fitted insaid hole, said device beingadjustable inwardly-to a thread cleaning position between thethreads of said screw, and a set screw in said member bearing against one side of said shank and adapted to force said device to said position and to hold theshank from turning.

6. In a screw thread cleaner; the combina- ,tion with a screw and an internally threaded member fitted thereon and having a holehaving an enlarged outer portion, of a device having a shank slidahly and rotatably fitted in the smaller portion of said'hole, said device beingadjustahle inwardly to a thread clean- Y ing position between the threads of said screw, and a set screw in said member bearing against said shank in the enlarged portion of said hole and adapted to force said device to said position.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification.

ROBERT Moonnnrr. Y y 1

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U.S. Classification74/89.4, 411/427
International ClassificationB23Q11/08
Cooperative ClassificationB23Q11/0875
European ClassificationB23Q11/08H