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Publication numberUS1785449 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 16, 1930
Filing dateFeb 20, 1930
Priority dateFeb 20, 1930
Publication numberUS 1785449 A, US 1785449A, US-A-1785449, US1785449 A, US1785449A
InventorsKahn Louis E
Original AssigneeParisian Novelty Co
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Display device
US 1785449 A
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Dec. 16, 1930. L. E. KAHN "1,7 ,449; I

DISPLAY DEVICE Filed Feb. 20, 1930 i a I {Q 72' zowzm.

though not exclusively, to display devices LOUIS 'KAHr 'lor" oHIoAGdIIIQLINoIs r w j p w V CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, A CO PORAT ON oE rLLnvors .1 i U Patented Dec. V

j DISPLAY .Kpplication filed repruary 20, ea,

My invention relates more particularly,-

used more particularly for advertising purposes and comprising a series of plate-like members connectedtogetherin depending po-' sition, one abovethe other. and commonly supported from the. uppermost one of themembers, this type ofdisplay device being commonly provided for theready "separation of the various members one from the other, to permit of the addingtohor subtracting from, the display device of one or more of the,

depen dingly supported plate-like .members, or the re-arrangement of said members.

One of my objects is to provide a novel, simple, and economical construction of dis splay deviceoflthe general character above referred to.

Another object is to-irnprovethe appear-111 ance of such a device making itmore attrac tive, and particularly by providing the means 1 direction ofthe arrow.

vided of any suitable number, two only therefor supporting the plate-like members one from the other, ofjsuchconstruction-as to avoidan unsightly appearance and still render such means economical of construction.

Another object is to render the supporting 1 means for the members asiinconspicuous as.

from the followingdescription. J y I 7 Referring to the accompanying drawings 2; Figure 1 is aface view ofa display' device [5 possible; and other objects as willbe manifest" Figure 3 is an enlargedzbroken section taken at the line 3011 Fig. 1 and viewed in theclirection of the arrow; and w v Figure 4, an enlarged broken section taken at the'line 4 on Fig. 2 and viewed in the Referring to the particular illustrated construction, it comprlses a main, plate-1ike,[or-' placque, member 5 having a loop 6 at .its up'- for display; and a series of parallel platelike, panel, members 7 whichmay be pro:

of-being shown, dependingly supported oneabove the other from the-member 5. i The members 5 and 7 are Oflthe same construction, difiering from each other only in their ture at The e ,elets 13 and i s s,

Scrip 1g 3 mayzarMie@r sa s pe, e r s i paper. board and' --a front plate .1 portion- 5 9,

preferably ofmetal and .coveredi'by'aYsheet 056fi y b iilifii-r eii P a d h sheet .0, bein 'crim e e efin a nal edgefefth'e late 8-inlaccordancepwith co1i1- m'ori practicefthe displaymatter {to be. P ic; cat r n o {a po esfi es e- ,the' rearv oft'he pyroxylin' plastic coy e" accordance firs-smear 1 'Each of the'panels"? is showna's perma-' th. c m n L, o5 s own as a cord," t eki e e8fl re ldi p eim 'y or example by tyingfits, ends d di y j pl i rate panels- 7 from the i 2 member- 5% andf ithe freinainder of the panels from" theone above-comprise, in accordance with the preferred illustrated embodiment I of my invention, pairs of strips. 12 preferably y of,transparentmaterial such as pyroxylin 1 plasticanduncolored. a i

nently 'equipped with two ofth'ese support' ing strips which'are connected at their lower ends witheyelets'13 located adjacent theup- 1 per edges ofthe panels. The member 5 and: thepanels 7 are provided withj'a lowerseries of eyelets14,andthe upper ends of the strips portions they engage with the eyelets :14, the

slots 15 beingpreferablyof keyhole shape as shown thereby rendering. the; connection between the upper ends of the-strips12 and 12 are slotte'd as represented at 15"atj which i j j w the'platelike members above them, releasable,

' per end at which itis adapted to be supported;

permitting ,of.;the addition' to, orsubtraction I I and: the fshi ftin'g or the same intoxdifi'erent positions as desired-1' throughthe'iront portion (of any of the members 51am Tand thus vare concealed from w1&1 secured in w therear. plate-member S and do not extend 'viewywhile presentingthe desired stability,

Y i tending to limit it theretdas thesarne may of separate plate like niemberseach 'formed opposed, and means dependingly"s ip porting I, I one ofsaid members f rom the other thereof are-relatively long compared with the thic ness ofthe plate 8 thus presenting rearward flanged projecting portions serv'mglas means for attaching of the strips 12' to the eyelets v13 andithe r e sab e e lo k eithe s ip It will furthermor be afideistbbd ma by providing the strip members 12 of transparl ent' material and preferably. uncolored', the r V existence of thesestrips is hardly discernible fl I.

"and therefore the display device presents a a very desirable appearance. 3 w

' ,While I have illustrated and descrihed a.' it I Particular constructiolilenibody ng my "invention, I do not W is l 1toebe understoodlas be 'yariously niodified and 'alteredlwitliont departing from the spiritbf rny invention}; Q;

' rWhat l clai as new, and: desire to secure of separate plate like 11 mexnhje lig jand means dependingly supporting one, of-sjaid members from the other thereof comprisin ismpilik memb r' fi en area 'm terialr 2. Adisplay device comprising a plura iifiy Y ofaplurality of iplateglikeleleinents[fl'atwise 7 comprisingfeyelets secured-to jthose of. said 7 l element-s ther than' uieirm t ones t g qf, g

x and strip-like members-L ci terial-each connected at -1es niheoihei sei xm m ranspa .il f me idkWi PhfliQU eyelets on one of said'membersand releasably connected at its opposite endyvith; the eye-

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U.S. Classification40/617
International ClassificationG09F7/18
Cooperative ClassificationG09F2007/186, G09F7/18
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