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Publication numberUS1786420 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 30, 1930
Filing dateDec 8, 1928
Priority dateDec 8, 1928
Publication numberUS 1786420 A, US 1786420A, US-A-1786420, US1786420 A, US1786420A
InventorsBraly Norman Blythe
Original AssigneeBraly Norman Blythe
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Illuminated mirror
US 1786420 A
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Dec. 30, 1930. N. B. BRALY 1,786,420

ILLUMINATED MIRROR Filed Dec. 8, 1928 gvvowntoz Patented Dec. 30, 1930 UNITED STATES 1101mm ZBLYTHE BnaLY, or annwoon cI'rY, oauronma ILLUMINATED MIRROR Application filed December 8, 1928. Serial No. 324,677.

The present invention relates to mirrors The mirror maybe supported in any deof the type in which the user thereof is illuminated.

The object is to provide a relatively simple and very compact structure that is adaptable for domestic use and may be made of a portable character. i In the accompanying drawings: Figure l is a front elevation of the preferred embodiment of the invention, partially shown in section.

Figure 2 is a side elevation of the same, partially in section.

Figure 3 is a detail sectional View on the line 33 of Figure 1.

Figure 4 is a detail-sectional view on the line 4--4 of Figure 1.

In the structure disclosed, a casing is employed that is preferably of sheet metal, and consists of a back wall 5 and an annular side wall 6. The front end of the casing is thus open, and fitted across said open end and bearing against the front edge ofthe side wall 6 is a reflecting sheet 7 that may be an ordi: nary silvered mirror glass. The sheet 7 is held in place by a retaining ring 8 that surrounds the side wall 6 of the casing and is held in place by suitable screws 9. This ring has an inturned flange 10 that overlies the margin of the disk or sheet 7 and thus securely holds it in place.

The ring 8 furthermore has at its rear end an outturned annular channeled or dished flange llthat is faced forwardly and surrounds the mirrored body. In the channel is placed an electrical gas or vapor lamp '12 that may be of any well-known type. It is understood of course that the tube 12 is of glass and is filled with a gas of vapor which may be made luminous by an electrical current passed therethrough. To this end the terminals of the tube are turned inwardly as shown at 13 and extend into the casing where they are attached to electrode containers 14. A lead 15- to the electrodes in the containers may be provided with a plug 16 for engagement an ordinary electrical socket element. The-tube 12 is held in place b any suitabIe means, as for example, hooks 1. which pass through the channeled flange 11.

.outstanding forwardly faced sired manner. Thus in the present embodiment, a yoke 18 carried by a standard 19, has its terminals pivotally mounted at 20 on opposite sides of the flan e11.

With this structure, w en the tube 12 becomes a luminary by making the gas therein luminous through the supply of an electrical current to the terminals in the containers 14, the light will be thrown forwardly on .all sides of the mirror and to the face of a person looking into the glass. A handy, compact and attractive structure is thereby produced. From the foregoing, it is thought that the construction, operation and many advantages of the herein described invention will heapparent to those skilled in the art without further description and it will be understood that various changes in the size, shape, proportion and minor details of construction may be resorted to without departing from the spirit or sacrificing any of the advantages of theinvention.

What I claim, is: g 1. An illuminated mirror, comprising a casing, a reflecting sheet on the front thereof, a retaining ring for the reflecting sheet overlying themargins of the reflecting sheet and surrounding the casing and detachable therefrom and from the reflecting sheet, and illuminating means carried by the ring.

2. An illuminated mirror com rising a casing, a reflecting sheet located t ereon, a retaining ring for the sheet detachably fitted on and surrounding the casing and having an open front channeled portion, said retaining ring overl ing the margins of the reflecting sheet, an an illuminating means, in the channel.

,3. An illuminated mirror, comprising a casing having a mirror on its front wall, a retaining ring for the mirror detachably fitted to and surrounding the casing and having an inturned flange overlying the mirror and an channeled flange, a luminary of tubular form located in the channel, and means in the casing for causing the luminary to become active.

4. An illuminated mirror comprising 8. casing having a side wall, a reflecting sheet on the front of the casing, a ring fitted on and surrounding the side wall of the casing and having an outstanding flange on its rear portion, and illuminating means located in front of said flange.

5 5. An illuminated mirror comprising a casing having a side wall and an open front, a reflecting sheet across said open front, a ring fitted on and surrounding the side wall and having an inturned retaining flange at its front edge overlying the reflecting sheet andhaving an inturned channeled flange at its rear edge, and an illuminating means in the channel of the latter flange.

' In testimony whereof, I afiix my signature.


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Cooperative ClassificationA45D42/10, F21Y2103/02, F21S8/00
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