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Publication numberUS1786459 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 30, 1930
Filing dateJul 30, 1926
Priority dateJul 30, 1926
Publication numberUS 1786459 A, US 1786459A, US-A-1786459, US1786459 A, US1786459A
InventorsBurdick Simons
Original AssigneeBurdick Simons
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Baby-bottle holder
US 1786459 A
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Dec. 30, 1930. B, slMONs 1,786,459A

BABY BOTTLE HOLDER Filed July 30, 1926 A ff 2f z i291 l//l/l 23 za w especially necessary Where it is desired to havev Patented Dec. 30,1930

PATENT OFFICE BURDICK SIMONS, 0F DENVER, COLORADO BABY-BOTTLE HOLDER Application led July 30, 1926. Serial No. 125,941. i

This invention relates to improvements in baby bottlel holders.

here babies are raised on the bottle more or'l yss diiiiculty is always experienced in feeding the baby due to the fact that the bottle `will roll down among the bed clothes and this l makes it necessary for the attendant to retrieve the bottle and to again put it in possession of the baby. It is oftentimes neces- -sary for the attendant to hold the bottle continuously While the baby is`feeding. This is the baby go to sleep as it invariably Wakesup when it loses the bottle.

It is evident that a lot of labor and inconvenienceWould be obviated if some satisfactory means could be employed for holding the bottle in the proper position While the baby is feeding.

It is the object of this invention to produce a simple, convenient and satisfactory A bottle holder that shall be especially Well adapted for holding the bottle and which can be readily adjusted to any necessary position'.

My invention brieiiy described consists ina base member of heavy material 'to which a iiexible supporting arm is secured. To the end of this supporting arm a clip is attached which is so constructed that it will grasp and hold a baby bottle. This base can be placed on the top of the bed clothes and the arm adjusted to the proper position for the convenience of the baby. I also contemplate securing to the base a spring clamping device by means of Which the holder can be secured to the frame Work of the crib, so that either this last named position or the one first alluded to may be employed as desired.

ln order to better and more clearly describe my invention, reference will now be had to the accompanying drawing in which the preferred embodiment of the invention has been illustrated, and in which:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of my improved holder showing the same in one position;

Figure 2 is a section taken on line 2-2, Fig. l;

Figure 3 is a section taken on line 3 3, Fig. l; y

T Figure 4 is a section taken on line 4-4,

4ig. l

Figtire 5 is a perspective View of a crib showing the holder in operative position;

Figure 6 is apartial perspective view of a 55 crib showing the holder attached to the frame Work thereof and Figure 7 is a section taken on line 7 7, Fig. 6.

My improved holder consists of a base member 1 which must have considerable Weight and be of sufficiently large size to form a stable support for the flexible arm 2 one end of which is connected With the base l by means ofthe hub portion 3. Secured to the outer end of the arm 2 is a clip 4 which isformed of resilient sheet metal and is provided with tvvo opposed arms 5 and 6, which are substantially parallel and each of which has two opposite projecting portions 7. This clip is'` secured to the flexible arm 2 -by means of a clam-ping nut 8. Referring duced between theiingers.l The fiexible arm 2k isA oan old and w.vell 'known construction and isfofvthe type employed for a similar purposein connectionv With table and desk lamps. For this "reason I Y,tvill vnot describe its construction inrdetilfbut will merely call attention tothe fact` that arms of this type are, as a rule,.formed'from a flexible conduit 85 made from a metal strip which is Wound into a spiral. The inside of this conduit is fdled with a bundle of flexible nonresilient metal Wires 10. The conduit and the Wires are adapted to be bent into any desired position and since the Wires are not resilient but are soft and pliable, the arm Will remain in any position to which it is bent and will also have suiiicient strength to support the bottle 9.

When the bottle is to be used in the manner shown in'Figure 5, that is Where it is merely resting on some supporting surface like the top of the bed clothes, the structure so far described is sufficient to accomplish the function desired. It is often desirable, however, W)

to be able to attach the holder to the frame work of the crib and for this purpose I have provided the base 1 with a spring clamp which will now be described.

The spring clamp is preferably so constructed that it forms an independent unit that can be attached to the base by 1n `3ans of screws. In its present preferred form this clamping unit consists of a bracket member having a base portion 11 and two oppositely disposed parallel arms 12 that extend perpendicularly to the plane of the part 11. The part 11 is provided with two openings for the reception of the screws 13 by means of which it is secured to the base. The upper ends of the arms 12 are perforated for the 'reception of the pivot pin 14. A -movable clamping jaw is provided at opposite sides with downwardly7 extending parallel ears 16 that are perforated for the reception of the pivot pin 14 and are so spaced that they will fit between the arms 12 in the manner indicated in Figure 2. The clamping jaw 15 can therefore be oscillated about the pivot 14. A spring 17 surrounds the pivot pin 16 and has its ends 18 and 19 resting against-the adjacent surfacesof the jaw member 15 and the base 1. This spring is so tensioned that the arms 18 and 19 tend to move apart. From Fig. 1 it will be seen that the jaw member has an extension 20 that is curved downwardly towards the base and which normally rests against the upper surface of the base. The` other end 21 of the clamping jaw is provided with an opening 22 that surrounds the arm 10 and serves as a means to which pressure may be applied for moving the jaw about its pivot. When the holder is tobe clamped to any stationary member such as to the frame work of the crib, the end 21 is pressed downwardly against the upper surface of the base 1 an this moves the end 2O upwardly.

y While the clamping jaw is held in open position it may be put into place on the side of the crib in the manner shown in Figure 6.

The upper horizontal rail of the crib side has been. indicated by the numeral 23 and the downwardly extending parallel bars by numeral 24. The holder is preferably secured to the crib in such a manner that the end 20 of the clamping aw`comes directly over one of the parallel perpendicular bars 24, which prevents itfrom rotating about the horizontal bar 23. After the holder has been put into place the arm 2 may be curved so as to bring the bottle into any desired position.

l The weighted base of the holder is as shown 1n the drawing, oblong in form and the flexible arm is attached adjacent the end of the base rearward with relation to the direction in which the arm projects when it is in its normal or operative position. It will thus be observed that measuring from the point at which the arm is supported on the base, the longest dimension of the latter is forward with relation to the free end of the flexible arm at which the bottle is held, while its dimensions from said point in opposite direc- -tion and transverse to its major axis are considerably smaller.

The object of this arrangement is lo prevent the device from tipping in thc direction of the child which, obviously, is of great advantage since otherwise the child might be severely injured by the bottle or the arm falling upon its face or body. As it is, the device if displaced or tipped by the movements of the child, can fall only in a direction away from the face of the child vand all danger of possible injury is thus entirely avoided.

In the above description I have stated that the clamping member 4 has two parallel fingers 5 and 6. It is of course evident that the exact number of these fingers is immaterial and that three or more lingers might be employed if desired. Where two fingers like those shown are used and when they are properly curved in the manner shown in Figure 4, they perform the function for which they are intended in a very satisfactory manner and as it is simpler to construct a holder having two lingers than one having a larger number, the construction shown is believed to be the preferable one.

In the above description the arm 2 has been referred to as flexible It is, of course, evident that any suitable construction of arm which permits ready adjustment can be used as, for example, an arm formed from a plurality of sections connected by hinges or by ball and socket joints.

From the above description it is evident that I have produced a bottle holder of a very simple construction by means of which a baby bottle can be held in proper position for the baby while it is feeding and which will thercfore relieve the attendant of a large amount of work.

The above described construction is intended to be illustrative only and applicant does not desire to be limited thereby to a greater extent than is made necessary by the state of the prior art.

Hav-ing now described my invention what I claim as new is:

l. A bottle holder comprising a base. an arm attached thereto and bottle holding means on said arm, said base being of a size and weight suflicient to maintain said holder in upright position when said base is resting on a supporting surface, and having a clamping-member attached thereto whereby said holder may be clamped to a support.

2. A bottle holder comprising a base member, a suppor-ting arm extending therefrom and bottle holding means on said arm,'said bottle holding means comprising a plurality of fingers, and a connecting member therefor mounted on said arm, said lingers being concared to provide a generally cylindrical shape to said means and each finger being adapted to snugly fit lengthwise and transversely upon the lower portion of the bottle so as to conjointly hold the saine against longitudinal and lateral displacement.

3, A bott-le holder comprising a base, an arm attached thereto and bottle holding means on said arm comprising a plurality of l fingers projecting from said arm, said lingers being concaved to provide a generally cylindrical shape to said means, and each finger being adapted to snugly fit lengthwise and transversely upon the lower portion of the bottle so as to eonjointly hold the same against longitudinal and lateral displacement, and said base being of a size and Weight suicient to maintain said holder in upright position when said base is resting on a supporting surface, and having a clamping member attached thereto whereby said holder may be clamped to a sup ort.

In testimony wiljiereof I aix my signature.


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