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Publication numberUS1786605 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 30, 1930
Filing dateFeb 19, 1929
Priority dateFeb 19, 1929
Publication numberUS 1786605 A, US 1786605A, US-A-1786605, US1786605 A, US1786605A
InventorsGrover Durning Edward
Original AssigneeJ G Brill Co
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Axle-box lid
US 1786605 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Dec. 30, 1930. E., GA DURNING i i? AXLE BOX LID Filed Feb. 19, 1929 Patented Dec. 30-, 1930 EDW'ARD GROVER DURNING, OF PEILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, TO THE J'. G. BRILL COMPANY, OF PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, A CCRPORATEON Oli' PENNSYLVANIA AXLE-BOX LID Application filed February 19, 1929. Serial No. 321,166.

uniformly against the lips of said journal box.

An objectof the invention is to devise an axle box having a lid urged uniformly thereagainst.

Another object is to produce a journal box having a lid yieldingly urged uniformly thereagainst.

Another object is to devise means for unitormly urging a lid against the lips of a ournal box.

Still another object is to devise a journal box having a resilient spring mounted about the bolt pivotally securing the lid to the ournal box, having a coiled spring mounted about said bolt, and yieldingly engaging the lid to positively urge it against the lips of the journal box.

Other objects will appear hereinafter.

In the drawings which illustrate one exenplification of my invention,

Fig. l is a plan view of a ournal box showing the journal box lid in position;

Fig. 2 is a Vertical section taken on the line 2-2 of Fig. l, while Fig. 3 is a cletailed illustration of the spring eniployecl in my device.

At 1 is illustrated the usual form of journal box having vertical shoulders 2, and provided With a central aperture 3 for the reception of the usual packing. The opening 4 to this aperture is closed by a suitable closure or lid 5 preferably provided with a tab 6 for aotuation thereof, and also having a small central depression or aperture 7 forming a catch for a purpose which Will be described hereinafter.

The lid 5 is secured to the journal box 1 in any suitable manner as by means of a headed bolt 8, passing through an opening 9 formed adj acent one end of said lid, and also passing through a corresponding opening 10 in a fiange on one Wall of the journal box 1. It is to be understood that the bolt may be adjustable, ancl is secured in position by any suitable type of Washer 13. A cap 14 is carried on said bolt and rests against the headed end thereof. jhis cap has an annular, inturned fiange 15 adapted to retain a coiled spring 16 between the trough of said cap and the exterior of said lid to prevent binding between said spring and said bolt. A bushing 17 is mounted about the bolt and extends through the opening 9 in the lid, which is enlarged to accommodate it, to a point where itabuts against the outer face of the flange ll on the journal box. The spring 16 carries at its inner end an elongated extension 18 which is bellied slightly upwardly in order to avoid contact with the lid 5 at points other than the approximate center thereof.

The extension l8 Will thus be seen to bear against the lid of closure 5 at but a single, substantially central point, and to yieldingly urge the' lid against the ournal box in a substantially uniforni manner, the force radioting uniformly in all directions froni the point of contact with the lid. he pressure on the spring can be readily adjusted wi hin predetermined limits by means ofthe lool; nut 12. To insure a positive contact between the lid and the extension 18, said extension is provided with an inturned portion or lug 19 engaging with the prev'iously described aperture or opening 17. K i hen the spring is placed in position, the extension 18 will be secured in its pre er position by merely lo-- cating the lug 19 in the aperture 7. This serves the further useful function of insuring a positive, non-sliding contact between the pressure means and the lid which results in unvarying, uniform contact between the lid 5 and the journal box 1.

It is of course understood that the invention is susceptible to numerous nodications and adaptations, and it is intended that it be limited only by the scope of the appended claims.

I claim:

1. A journal box having an opening therein, a closure for said opening, said closure having a depression located substantially centrally thereof, means at one end of said closure for securing said journal box and said closure together in such manner as to permit pivotal movement of said closu'e in With said lid only at the approximate cent r its own general plane, and a ooiled spring mounted about said means and having an eX- tension with an inturned portion engaging said depression in said closure member, to yieldingly urge said member uniforn'ly against said journal box.

2. In a journal boi having an opening, a lid closing said opening, a headed bolt pivotally securing said lid at one end to said journal box, and a coled spring mounted between said headed end of the bolt and said lid and having an extension hearing substantially centrally against the eXterior of said lid to urgo it uniformly against the said journal box.

3. In a journal box having an opening thcrein, a closure member therc for, a bolt pivotally seeuring one end of said lid to said journal box, a coiled spring around said bolt, and an extension on said spring Contacting thereo', to yieldingly urge said lid nnitoruly against said ournal box.

%L In a journal box having an opening therein, a elosure member therefor, a bolt pivotally seouring one end of said lid to said journal box, a coiled spring around said bolt, said bolt being adjustable to permit adjustinent of the tension of said spring, and an Glitension on said spring Contacting With said lid only at the approximate center thereot, to yieldingly urge said lid uniformly against said journal box.

5. In a journal box having an opening thei-ein, a closure for said opening, a pivot bolt carried by the oui-nal box and extending through the closure adjacent the periphery thereof and a single means applying tension to the olosure'forein g it into engagement With the journal box, said means applying tension to the lid in surrounding relation to the bolt and at the center of thelid.


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