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Publication numberUS1787054 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 30, 1930
Filing dateSep 14, 1927
Priority dateSep 14, 1927
Publication numberUS 1787054 A, US 1787054A, US-A-1787054, US1787054 A, US1787054A
InventorsScheuer Jacob H
Original AssigneeHerman Scheuer S Sons & Co
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US 1787054 A
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SCHEUER AND HENRY LICHTENSTEIN WALLET Application filed %ptember 14, 1927. Serial No. 219,378.

This invention relates to a wallet having a holder pocket for car licenses, drivers licenses, etc. The object of the invention is to provide for such licenses and other data which must be carried in readiness for inspection at any time, a simple, compact holder pocket which shall protect them but permit them to be made visible on the instant, without removal from the protective pocket, and to be as readily returned to the concealed and protected position in which they are carried within the wallet. The nature of the construction will be apparent from the drawing and from the detailed description which follows.

Referring to thedrawing: Fig. 1 is a perspective of the holder pocket.

Fig. 2 is a perspective of the wallet showing a modified form of the holder pocket permanently incorporated therein, the holder pocket having been opened so as to display the licenses contained therein.

Fig. 3 is a view corresponding to Fig. 2, but showing the holder pocket and the wallet in process of closing.

Fig. 4 is a transverse section on the line i EV IV Fig. 3, and Fig. 5 shows in perspective a modified wallet parts of which have been broken away and which has a receiving pocket into which part of a separable holder pocket has been inserted.

The holder pocket shown separately in Fig. 1 and in a slightly modified form in Fig.

2, wherein it is illustrated as incorporated in the wallet has an opening at a along one edge (the top in Fig. 1 and the right-hand edge in Fig. 2) and a side 1, which maybe opaque, and a transparent side made up in two parts, 2, 3, which may be of celluloid or like transparent material. The entire pocket is foldable around the line AB which intersects its open edge, and the parts 2, 3 each able binding as indicated, the turned over edge of the back wall 1, serving this purpose along the secured edges 6, 7, and a doubled strip along the free edges 4, 5. The binding maybe stitched or otherwise secured, and may be continued across the line of fold, as

-at 8 in Fig. 2, or maybe omitted at this the line CD, its minor axis, the illustrated wallet being oblong and the holder pocket being wider than the lesser dimension of the wallet. This aifords room in the holder pocket for a document or documents wider than the said dimension of the wallet, so that the fullwidth of such a document may be displayed through the transparent wall of the opened holder pocket, which, nevertheless, being foldable within the confines of the relativelynarrow wallet takes up no additional space when closed. Escape of the contents of the holder pocket is guarded against by so relating it to the rest of the wallet that its line of fold AB intersects the line of fold C-D of the wallet and has its mouth facing and adjacent said line C]) and preferably at the left thereof. It is also preferred to superimpose the holder on the inside of the wallet at the lowerleft-hand corner, and to secure'the corresponding edges in place by stitching 14, 15 or otherwise, from a point adjacent the line of fold AB of the holder to the open edge of the holder pocket. Such stitching may serve also to fasten the walls of the holder pocket together. The back wall of the pocket may also be secured as by stitching 16 to the inside of the wallet up to a point adjacent the line of fold AB, thus providing a pocket 17 behind the holder pocket. As thus mounted the open edge of the holder pocket is on the right which facilitates 1 access to it and to both its sub-pockets.

Although a car license or a 'drivers license pocket may be separable from the rest of the wallet which may then be provided with a pocket 18 of suitable dimensions to receive one of thesub-pockets of the holder, or a tab fixed to its back, and to permit its removal therefrom. In allthese instances part of the holder pocket is free to be folded about the line AB to close it, whereupon the wallet proper may be closed upon it.

Claims: 1 1. A wallet having opposed parts foldable together on a line between them and having an inside pocket made up of communicating sub-pockets provided with transparent inner sides and having a common opening along one edge forming the mouth of the pocket,

said sub-pockets being foldable together on a line between them intersecting the said line of fold of the wallet and said pocket when open extending beyond the confines of the wallet but when closed being located within the wallet.

2. A wallet having opposed parts foldable together on a line between them and having on its inside to the left of said line when the wallet is right edge up a pocket having opposed parts whose inner side is transparent foldable together on a line intersecting the said wallet fold line, said pocket opening to the right adjacent the line of fold of the wallet, whereby the pocket when open displays its contents and the wallet when closed conceals the pocket and closes its open end.

In testimony whereof, I have signed this specification.


"as r

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U.S. Classification150/145, 150/139, D03/250
International ClassificationA45C1/06, A45C1/00
Cooperative ClassificationA45C1/06
European ClassificationA45C1/06